Sunday, April 19, 2015

It's a sick world. we need a cure. NUCLEAR!


Are we as a collective going to put a halt to these terror groups who are going around and with impunity murdering people?

I am beginning to believe that the “modern, civilised” world has created and funded these hooligans to perpetuate their own political agendas and industrial military complex!

Why has the West been so relaxed while these thugs run amok in the middle east pillaging and murdering at a whim? Why has America not taken giant frikkin steps to eradicate this scum from the earth? Why? Because it serves the master to have a “demon” out there to keep the American populace in check and yes even to desensitize them into the reality of having their minority population “trimmed” via cop shootings.

Brutalizing children is the worst war crime known to man and those who perpetrate this type of crime are not men. They are lower than scum. We have no place for heathen rubbish like this.

There have been more shootings of suspects both armed and unarmed in America in the last three years than any time before and those shootings have been perpetuated against the minority cultural groups . There have been more people killed by cops in America in the month of March than in Britain in 20 plus years. Social media has borne testimony to these acts and the government is taking serious strain in order to dissipate the sting of the shit they are creating. America is at war with itself and will not admit that the problem is a racially charged one, which it is. Just because the President is black does not mean that he is on the side of the minority who just happen to make up the majority of those incarcerated in American prisons. Yes the blacks or African Americans are the majority in prison in America as they are here in South Africa. Semantics but dangerous ones at that. Obama has his hands full dealing with all this terrorism bullshit and rednecks who cling for dear life to the constitution in order to bare arms. Every psycho who unravels and kills innocent people with his or her semi automatic weapon is immediately aligned to the patriot , crazy redneck brigade and labelled thus. Every black man killed whether armed or not is just swept under the political rug and hell the riot police get to practice their duties.

Obama is the biggest stool pigeon of the decade, he cannot wipe his arse without congressional permission. Everything he does and says has been okayed by the good old boys and he knows it!

The same goes for the tool in charge here in South Africa. Jacob Zuma is about as qualified to run a country as he is as qualified to service the Millennium Falcon’s hyper dive. Ask him what the Millennium Falcon is and you will understand my analogy. The idiot has left and right printed inside his shoes so he knows which foot the shoes must go on!

While we as a country are experiencing our second bout of Xenophobia in 7 years Zuma tells the people to pray for peace?!?!?! He was trained and moulded in Russia and has multiple wives so he does not have the qualifications to speak about matters of faith in the least. Added to that he is the only South African president that was dragged to court on a rape charge that stemmed from an encounter he had with an HIV positive AIDS activist that he shagged! She called it rape, he called it rough love. In truly typical African form he did say that he practiced safe sex by taking a shower after he doinked the Aids infested person. Good fucking golly it is good to know that a shower can cure AIDS, why has the medical world not told us about this revolutionary remedy yet?

Look Africa is a shit pot and will always be one, people will suffer unimaginable horror at the hands of their own kind and it will not stop. This notion of Ubuntu( a kind of mythical love and brethren based respect) is just a farce created by some do-gooder white person and is in no way followed by the majority of the insidious uneducated hating racist ethnic blacks out there.

This brings me to the new world problem of ISIS. Why are governments spending so much time trying to stop their citizens from leaving and joining ISIS/ISIL/IS/AL SHABBAB/ BOKO HARAM/AL QAEDA? Hell it is for the better of the state to let these idiots go and leave America, Australia, England etc and take their hatred with them. Why spend tax payers money to keep these ingrates at home under surveillance because of their sociopathic tendencies? Let them go to Syria and then simply target them and their new cohorts. One thing is for sure is that they will be on social media as long as possible and try recruit their stupid ass friends which is a really nifty way for the security forces to track and target the group. The security forces could send a drone with a real big bomb and obliterate them. We as a society don’t really need these extremist wanna be’s anyway and if we can slot a pile of ISIS dildos at the same time well that is just the jam on the toast so to speak.

However,,, America seems to pass this opportunity over for some or other reason and I am wondering why? Is it because they want to perpetuate the “war on terror” and keep the war machine going? We all know that peace is not profitable. However we are at a crossing point where something has to give, ISIS cannot be allowed to run rampant as they are killing everything they come across without any measure of punishment. If they do then it is clear that the west are conducting a hand in glove cupping the testicles of the bad guys approach. It is wrong and people are dying horrendous deaths at the behest of western governments policies. ISIS ARE THEN THE DE FACTO HIT SQUADS OF AMERICA, KEEPING AMERICA IN BUSINESS so to speak.

Of all the presidents of America, none have been so war mongering and so easy to mould to the industrial military complex than Barack Obama! Shit not even that dolt George W Bush was so in the pocket of the big players as Obama is. Under his president ship more Blacks have died at the hands of white police officers than under any previous “good old white boy” president. Makes you wonder don’t it?

America and South Africa needs a major change of power, we need to stop the lies and passing of the buck, we both need to start fixing what is wrong at home and kick out or let go those who want to go and commit murder. ISIS is a creation a Frankenstein of the American secret military industrial complex and it must be dealt with quickly and with much irradiation. Let the losers pilgrimage to the desert to join Al Baghdadi and his cronies and then make the “hard” decision and Nuke the shit of the area. Yes there will be “collateral damage” but we can all breathe easily in the knowledge that those poor suckers went real quick as opposed to being butchered, beheaded, shot by young kids and burnt alive on the internet Youtube videos. If a 15 year old girl has decided she wants to be an ISIS whore and surrogate then let her go. When the air fuel bomb comes or nuclear device detonates she will be in her pre set paradise as opposed to smouldering and hating while in custody in the country she turned her back on. Why should a country spend money monitoring people who want to be terrorists? Let them go and kill them when they get there, its fucking simple really! The desert sands can bury them……..

The world is a very lost place where we dabble in pseudo archaic religious dogma and silly beliefs that humans are inherently equal and good, however the blatant truth is a smack in the mouth and this is repeatedly shown to us via coverage of the mindless religiously zealot atrocities committed by the so called “Gods people” on both sides of the spectrum. I have divorced myself from religion and all its lies across the board. More wars and misery have been fought in the name of some or other god over the millennia than any other cause. Humans in general will always find some or other way to “blame” a deity for their war mongering ways and need for blood lust. The best part is that the old Testament is always quoted when people need to justify their need to murder and only quote the hippy Jesus when it suits them. Yes Jesus was a hippy that strolled around preaching acceptance and love and being an all round kind cat whereas the old Testament was all fire and brimstone that condoned the flogging, murder, torture, misogynistic practices and oppression of free will.

Apparently God in the old testament was a Samuel L Jackson styled bad mofo that just wanted to kill every mother fucker that stepped in his way! On the other hand Jesus was the antithesis of this God of fury and just wanted to chillax and get jiggy with Mary Magdalene and feed fish to his followers. These followers by the way were not on Twitter and actually followed him from town to town on his tour de force.

Now somewhere in the history of the world this Jesus dude was transformed into a guy called Muhammed and a new religion emerged that is basically a carbon copy of Judaism. Shit the two religions share a common thread and are cousins in the real world. No pork, heads covered and they live in the same neighbourhood. Muslims and Jews are one and even if they do not like it they must learn to share the shitty piece of godless desert that was bequeathed to the nomadic Jews. The Muslims are by nature nomads too! Why all the drama dudes? Your camel is just as ugly as the Israelites camel!!

The current trend of ISIS and its retarded brethren like Boko Haram et al must be eradicated from the earth and their corpses left to rot in the dirt. We owe it to all our future generations to rid the world of these cockroaches and their archaic stupid thinking. Muslims are slaughtering Muslim in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan , Pakistan because of tribal leanings. Shia and Sunni Muslims are killing one another?!?!?! Really??? How fucking dumb are you lot?
It’s like the South African blacks that are now targeting foreign African blacks in Xenophobic attacks. How dumb are these arse holes? How dumb are the ISIS wankers? How dumb are the West that we have not blown these tits off the face of the planet?

We need to stand up, grab our balls and do the nasty things in order to save ourselves. ISIS, BOKO HARAM, ISIL, AL SHABBAB, AL QAEDA, ANTI FOREIGNER groups must be stopped with immediate and decisive force. The police in South Africa must man up and make a stand for human rights by taking the rights away from thugs and cowards who hide behind Xenophobia. Those guilty of the attacks are the lowest common denominator in our society anyway and we don’t really need them. Lets trim the herd and live in peace.

PLANET EARTH IS THE SKIDMARK ON THE COSMIC UNDERPANTS (Mike Da Silva) and that is why aliens want nothing to do with us! We destroy everything around us in the name of supposed technological advancement. There is more than enough to go around and feed every mouth on the planet and house every family but the oligarchs and elite collect money like it is the only thing in the world. The top 1 percent could easily alleviate poverty if they simply relinquished half of their nett wealth, they would still be insanely wealthy and the world would be a more stable place.

Back to the title of my piece “Nuclear Winter”, maybe it is time we as a planet discover what it means to live in a nuclear winter, let Russia and America get all tactical with each other over a silly neo Nazi country like the Ukraine, let the nukes fly in a game of sabre rattling and dick shaking, let us all experience hell on earth because of stupid people who hold us all to ransom. In my personal opinion I think Vladimir Putin is a more virile man than Obama and possibly has a bigger schlong too.
My money is on Russia emerging victorious in the end as America is too busy scuttling itself.
The world has no need nor time for religion. In this digital age Google has become the ever seeing eye and supplier of wisdom and knowledge. The bible is but a mere graphic novel written by robed Bedouin traversing the desert who heard stories via word of mouth over the eons. There is NO IMPIRICAL PROOF that anything written in any biblical script is factual or accurate. NONE!

We as a society need to wake the hell up and see the shit for the shiola before we descend into a religious war that murders millions!

To quote Aerosmith…. “ eat the rich”.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


It's all in the attitude and photo-shop. Dude what were you thinking?

A tale so ghastly it could very well be an episode on tales from the crypt.

The world is used to stories of horrific cruelty perpetrated by people that we sometimes forget the human aspect of the stories. A good example is of the very wealthy family who were brutally murdered in their very exclusive golf estate just outside Stellenbosch.

news was thick with headlines of the dastardly attack by “an assailant” on the Van Breda family in the De Zalze golf estate that claimed the lives of the father, mother and eldest son and leaving the 16 year old daughter with an axe wound to the head that ultimately severed her carotid artery. The 20 year old son amazingly “fought off this assailant” and even wounded the family’s attacker or so we are led to believe. The residents of De Zalze with their premature protestations demanded that the security must be upped to stop this type of heinous crime in their boomed, walled and access controlled estate by outside criminals however this may not be the case as we look further into the tragedy that is the De Zalze axe murders.

This story broke on a Tuesday morning and sent shock waves through the estate and the community in general. How could an “attacker” break into an exclusive golf estate, gain access to the home and bludgeon these people and then escape without detection? We must note that this estate has to say the very least super state of the art security and extremely stringent access controls not to mention a plethora of closed circuit television cameras. Big brother is very much in use at this golf estate.

The chance of a lone criminal gaining access and wandering about without being seen is near impossible. Add to that this lone criminal then just happened to choose a house where the surviving member of the family “accidentally forgot” to lock the front door that night has to have odds to the tune of a hundred thousand to one at least.
You see the surviving son claimed that he managed to fight off his attacker and wrest the axe from the assailants hand and then “chop” the assailant in the back of the head sending the criminal running from the scene bleeding. Holy cow this young man is a hero! Or is he?
Henri Van Breda survived the attack with a few scratches and bruises while his brother was bludgeoned to death in the same room Henri was sleeping in. You see Henri and Rudi shared a room and their beds were side by side. So in the statement Henri supplied the events occurred as such.

The axman entered the room and axed Rudi to death then left and despatched the father and mother, then bludgeoned Marli the 16 year old sister then the disorganised axe man returned for Henri who had by now gathered his kung Fu Chuck Norris skills enough to launch a counter strike on the criminal. Look I have seen some Sci- Fi movies that have amazing stunts and special effects and it is possible in those movies but in this case there is a blindingly obvious plot hole! Henri your story has more plot holes than a Michael Bay movie!

Now we take into account that the attack happened at around 3AM but Henri only calls the emergency services at around 07h30 AM. What was the delay? However another shocking chapter was about to unfold when he did eventually phone for assistance. His voice was eerily calm and collected for someone who just witnessed such barbarity and fought tooth and nail to ward off the attacker. Balderdash!!! This young man is hiding something.
You may walk with lions but the Hyena always lurks in the back ground

After he phoned the emergency services he then sauntered outside and sat on the doorstep where a neighbour finds him “emotionless”, the neighbour then apparently then also called the police and I am very sure the neighbours voice had a tad more emotion and urgency than Henri’s had. There are many clips of the call circulating and anyone with even the smallest brain can hear the monotone conversation like statement being given. Hell I am more articulated and “emotional” when ordering a take away pizza than Henri was considering what had supposedly just transpired.

Now we get to some real meat and bones.

It is easy to assume and be led astray by thumb suckery so I will now introduce some “proof” by means of a truly strange twist of fate.

We were looking for someone to come and do a thorough clean of our little home and we put the feelers out for a decent, trustworthy char. At my partners salon the landlord suggested the services of a very thorough lady named Clara who by happenstance is recently out of work. Yes she was the domestic char for the Van Breda’s of De Zalze.

So I am here typing away while their ex char is busy spring cleaning our tiny teeny two bedroom town house. It is quite a departure from her previous employer’s 4.7 million rand De Zalze mansion. I mean really! I am seriously nosey and in my roundabout way proceeded to interrogate her pretending I was simply finding out about her previous employment. Okay so in short Clara arrived in South Africa 10 years ago and worked for an upmarket guest house in Gordon’s bay for 7 years. Clara first met the Van Breda’s when they came back to South Africa from Australia and stayed in the guest house. I guess they were enamoured by her service and offered her a job at their newly purchased 4.7 million rand De Zalze home.

In my brief cross questioning I gleaned the following information.

*Rudi and Henri shared a room.
* Mr Van Breda was a strict man.
*Mrs Van Breda would on occasion open up about private issues and then suddenly clam up.
* Rudi had some or other business opportunity he was involved with in Australia.
* Marli was also in some way or other being set up with a business plan for her future in Australia.
* Henri had bugger all plans.
* Henri was not a very happy smiley person.
*The family elders were super secretive.

Henri was basically a loner and there are rumours of his “drug” habit and that was causing dismay with the father. Could it be that the talk of exile from the family and his “inheritance” being scuppered due to his dope fiendish actions led him to commit the worst type of crime? I think it’s very plausible especially when family worth is in the generalised arena on 180 million Rand. Hell that kind of money corrupts and makes people do seriously devious stuff. Added to that are reports from the police onsite that there were no photos of Henri adorning any of the walls or mantle pieces. Mmm looks to me like Henri was the black sheep of the Van Breda fandamily and in a moment of rage he discombobulated and went postal on his family with an axe which he purchased and even had sharpened which shows it was a crime that was building, boiling and was indeed premeditated, all he needed was the right time and correct amount of narcotics in the system to send him “nuclear”.

He committed the crimes at 03h00 and by all accounts he possibly “drugged” his family at dinner and then set about axing them when they were near comatose, this could possibly explain how Marli was able to cling onto life with her life threatening injuries.It would be very difficult to axe four people without any type of fight having been put up by the four victims, an axe been swung at skulls in the dead of night would make a very loud crack! Look I want to believe she survived but hell man, having your head cleaved with an axe so deep that the police were shocked and having her carotid artery severed and still clinging to life for 4 hours while Henri did what the hell ever he did for those 4 hours before calling the police is mind boggling. In my opinion he sat there and waited to see if anyone was alive and then started to create his alibi by self-inflicting some cuts and bruises and coming up with the most implausible excuse ever put forward. Anyone with a brain can see his story just is not holding water.

All I have to say to Henri is “Henri, baby, what the fuck were you thinking dude?”

The whole story put forth by Henri is pathetic and beyond belief. He is so obviously guilty that all I can deduce is that the police are playing mind games with him waiting for him to slip up and incriminate himself. He was sent to his uncle in Stellenbosch and the media reported in one piece that he was in his uncles “custody”. This screams mind games by the police. They have not officially charged him but are using certain trigger words to put him under pressure. He will betray himself and crack soon. The reports that Marli is semi-conscious and sort of lucent may be a ploy to put Henri under undue pressure. For all we know she may have passed or is in a vegetative state. If however the police release tactical statements alluding to her recovery that will naturally lead Henri to start the break down phase of police manipulation. Eventually stress will lead to an outburst or total confession. It does not help Henri’s image that the attorney that got the honeymoon killer Shrien Diwani off the hook has been semi covertly hired to represent Henri.!!!! That just reeks of collusion, complicity, conspiracy and guilt!

Now I realize that my story telling format may seem a bit disjointed and all over the place, do not be fooled by this. I am merely doing what Henri did. His statement and timeline of events are just as staccato as the way I am writing this. He was making stuff up as he went.

Clara also mentioned to me that the police have interviewed her numerous times since the Tuesday of the brutality but they were not so interested in her whereabouts but the interactions of the family especially between the father and Henri. Odd that is not? Look I must admit I hid all large knives and stuff while she was here today just in case but I can truly say she is clean as a whistle and cannot be implicated in any way. A strange point made by Clara was that when she arrived at De Zalze that Tuesday was that she arrived at the house and the police were on scene and asked her to open a “gate” to let the family’s dog out. She noted that every time she got to the house and opened the gate the dog would bark at her but on that Tuesday the dog literally ran and jumped into her arms. The dog did not go near Henri! The pet felt safer running to a domestic char that it barked at everyday than go to Henri, got to wonder why?

Listen, we are all educated here and it would be completely dilly for us to accept Henri’s cockamamie explanation of events. The tool is frikkin guilty. He will not see a single day in jail because he will be sent to a psychiatric facility and interned there as a mental case. The argument for that will be due to his drug dependence and super cool hand Luke phone call to emergency services. I would not at all be surprised if he is diagnosed as schizophrenic, shit anyone can act nuts nowadays and get away with murder only to be given laughable jail terms or be acquitted and sent to a nut house. I am betting that this is where they are going with this case. It is a travesty of justice that rich folk can be treated differently from poor scum for identical crimes. Lock this chop up in general population for 30 years without parole and let him suffer like his poor sister will suffer for the rest of her life if she survives.

Imagine the mental anguish of lying there in ICU knowing that something horrid happened to you and your family, mulling over and over the event not being able to really vocalise the terror and loss? The media reported on many occasions that Marli was in Stellenbosch medi clinic and then transferred to Vegelegen Medi clinic in Somerset West where there was police protecting her, then suddenly they reported that she was in a Stellenbosch exclusive clinic. Look a person in her condition would not be loaded into an ambulance and willy nilly transported on road between the two facilities, no they would use the Flight For Life chopper to transport her between the two sites which are 20+ kilometres apart and I did not once see the helicopter criss- crossing the sky. The chance that the clinic would load a patient with such life threatening injuries into an ambulance and risk traffic is laughable at best. I suspect that the ruse of transferring Marli was just to place Henri under more mental stress and fatigue and even reporting that Marli is semi-conscious may be a tactic to push Henri over the top. Hell I truly hope Marli makes it and recuperates enough to be lucid and compos mentis so she can inherit the family business and fortune. I f she is mentally handicapped she will be hospitalised and all the money will go to a trust. Either way Henri won’t see 1 cent and that is perfect.

The only way this story could get any odder is if the police bring top cop Piet Byleveld out of retirement to investigate. In a direct translation from Afrikaans his surname translates to "Axe field". That would simply be too convenient. This is no light matter but the chances of Piet Byleveld leading the investigation would be almost poetic.

HENRI YOU DRUGGIE DOLT, YOU DID IT AND YOU KNOW IT! There is no escape from your sins.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015



Charlie Hebdo, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, IS ,ISIL, ISIS, al Qaeda and the rest of the lone wolf brigade and a plane.

The world has rotated into 2015 and without much ado catastrophe and misery has tagged along.

We are barely 15 days into 2015 and the headlines are cringe worthy.

Yet another Malaysian airline has dropped from radar and led to many deaths. The folks at Air Malaysia must have sighed a sigh of relief that it was not yet another of their planes that had gone swimming, this time it was the El Cheapo budget carrier Air Asia that unfortunately crashed. It was unfortunate and a tragedy of great proportions for the families involved however the owner of Air Asia really chose a poor time to flog off a crap load of shares in his own company a few days prior to the tragedy. This just makes conspiracy theorists simply salivate and get all giddy.

Fortunately in a twisted way these families will at least have closure and bury most of their deceased loved ones unlike the poor families of the ill-fated MH370 that is still playing hide and go seek. It is almost mind boggling that you can find a smart phone or tablet that has gone astray but these hammer heads cannot find a huge plane! It makes me wonder just how much blind faith we put into climbing aboard a giant cigar tube with engines and wings? I believe the airline industry is in cahoots with Las Vegas casinos. The odds and chance is all what it is about.
The search parties have located the flight recorder and cockpit voice recorder so time will reveal the truth.

Now we step into the largest social experiment of our time. Charlie Hebdo. This was a criminal and cowardly act perpetrated by dildos who believe they have some or other divine right to murder people over a drawing! The proper Oxford English term DAFUQ! Immediately comes to mind here.

These crack stains of humanity went on a murderous rampage because people drew a cartoon that was not perverse, immoral, sexual in nature or defamatory in the least and they felt legitimate about their actions as they machine gunned civilians. I cannot find the words to express how low I look at savages like these, they have no place in society and should be eradicated like mosquitoes were in Southern Africa. We as a society have no space for spaced out extremists who practice some abnormal version of Islam. Shit they are giving all Muslims a bad name and not all Muslims are bad are they?

Where was the Je Suis marches for the hundreds of civilians being exterminated by those cowards in Nigeria? Boko Haram are the serial killers of Africa with the crowd over in Somalia coming in second on body count. They do not kill military targets, no they murder civilians! Why the hell are world leaders not marching for the thousands murdered in cold blood in Africa? Or are Africans just not as important as Westerners in France?
Just look at these A holes all huddling for a photo op to garner a quick political punt! Benjamin Netanyahu, Bennie buddy what were you thinking getting all pushy to get into the picture?

The twelve killed in the initial Hebdo attack and the subsequent people who lost their lives is tragic but the total onslaught of world leaders who used this "march" to publically punt their own political points was just sickening. Humans died here for drawing pictures! Then we get the political brass out in force for 16 people? What the hell?!?! Why are these dolts not out in the streets protesting the senseless slaughter of innocents in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan etcetera, etcetera, etcetera? WHY? Because it aint in Europe that is why!!!!

IS,ISIS,ISIL are murderers who will make war mongerers like Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin, Pol Pot look like light weights if they are not stopped now before it gets to the tipping point and the initiative is lost. At the moment the west still has the initiative but their constant dilly dallying and sabre rattling with each other is allowing the savages to murderer their way into places where they can get their filthy hands on dirty weapons. Will it take a dirty bomb to detonate in Europe by some dumb dork Islamist extremist before the west wakes the hell up? They (the west) have been given a declaration of intention and must react swiftly and without blinking or they will be the ones responsible for many more innocent civilian deaths at the hands of wankers with Kalashnikovs. The west has been duly warned and they go on a stroll through Paris. REALLY? Is that the best they could come up with as leaders? Shit we are in big friggin trouble if this is the reaction to Islamist fervour. Oh boy we are in deep poo indeed.

The Charlie Hebdo shooting should and must be treated as a blue print and catalyst of things to come. Hell the terrorists are revelling in the knowledge that the west are testicle-less and only resort to taking communal strolls in the event of tragedy. Fuck I cannot believe my eyes at the total lack of commitment at getting even. These terrorists were and are part and parcel of this new fabricated Caliphate nonsense that popped up last year all of a frikkin sardine and is led by a total psychopath who funnily enough was in American custody and then released! Abu Bahkr Al Baghdadi almost looks like his Israeli Doppelganger Gene Simmonds of KISS, LOOK YOU DECIDE.

You got to ask questions here about just how intelligent the intelligence community in America are or is this part of some grander scheme to embroil the world in a huge can of ass whooping? Commonly referred to as World War 3 by the tin hat brigade? Hell I am starting to think those plonkers may be onto something or then maybe not.

The media as always is not to be trusted in any way when reporting on events as they always report events from their own personal perspectives which also leads to pondering and conspiracy theories being formulated.

The Charlie Hebdo event has spawned a dozen and more conspiracies already about false flag attacks orchestrated by the west, the Americans, the French, The Smurfs, the Illuminati et al however they are just stirring the the already murky stew into a dark soup that no one can make heads or tails of. One particular event at the Charlie Hebdo atrocity has become the silly overwhelming focal point for the tin hat nut jobs.
The shooting of Achmed the police man was captured on a smart phone and was reported possibly falsely that he was shot by the tool with the AK47 in the head. This just got French blood boiling and they were chucking their Baguettes in protest at the sheer horror. In clearer film grabs you can clearly see that the prancing prick with the AK47 simply misses and his round strikes the pavement. He missed but the innocent police man was still killed in cold blood. The television news tried to tart the story up with shock and gore when there clearly was no gore, this is what television does. The television news is all about ratings so they naturally made bull shit assumptions which everyone simply takes as gospel even if they are watching it. I suspect that is why they "fuzzed" out the footage to get the maximum effect to taunt and titillate the public.

HOWEVER, however the conspiracy nut jobs cannot figure this out and immediately scream FALSE FLAG because they are not able to distinguish how things in the real world work. They have 2D minds and cannot fathom that television lies and contorts events to suit their possible ratings. This was no False Flag event! It was a bunch of trigger happy psychopath Islamist extremists pissed off at a comic!

So if I got all hot and bothered by a comic that shows Batman being given a beat down by the Penguin do I immediately head off to DC comics and fire an RPG7 into their offices and then murderlize everyone I see with an assault rifle because a drawn picture of Batman was supposedly shown to be offensively depicted as being lesser than The Batman? This is what this all boils down to One man’s Mohammed is the next man’s Jesus is the next man’s Yahweh is the next man Jehovah is the next man’s Kim Jong Un is the next man’s Mandela is the next man’s Batman is the next man’s White wizard is the next man’s Saruman is the next man’s Gollum is the next man’s Han Solo is the next man’s Elvis. We cannot kill with impunity in the name of any of these mythical entities. There is NO EMPIRICAL PROOF that any of these deities actually existed except for Elvis. An old scroll or an old bible written many, many years after the fact just does not stand up as accurate in today’s proof positive world. THINK ABOUT IT!


The conspiracy theorists are now truly fixed on the fact that the killers had contact with a CIA "ASSET" and this therefore means that the American government are conducting a False Flag operation.

Really?? Look lets step away from the tin hats for and put down the glass of fluoride water and understand what an asset is in reality.

An asset is rat, stool pigeon or traitor to their own cause and is selling INTEL to the highest bidder who in this case is the CIA, FBI, DEA, KFC or whoever. They (the asset) is a bad guy who has decided to turn on his mates and give valuable info to the "good guys" so that his pals can be blown off the planet by drones, Apache helicopters or trained operators.

In the Old South Africa there was a lot of these "assets" working for the Apartheid police death squad based at Vlakplaas (shallow farm) if directly translated. Vlakplaas was run by the former commander of the bush war counter terrorism police group Eugene De Kock called "KOEVOET" or "crowbar" if translated. This police unit started Vlakplaas in South Africa and targeted the MK (Umkhonto We Sizwe) or translated as "spear of the nation", however many of these "spears" were a bit blunt if you get my drift.
Oh and the dark skinned guys in these pictures were volunteers who wanted to fight alongside Koevoet. One even earned the highest military award for bravery in battle. The Honoris Crux. Racism was not so much in the bush, everyone fought for a common goal. Get rid of communism and Marxism. Black South Africans were not conscripted but the special forces had oodles of volunteers fighting in their ranks.

You see Eugene De Kock used a tried and tested technique perfected in the Rhodesian bush war and used torture or for a more politically correct term "tactical questioning" to turn captured MK members. These turned men were called "tame terrs" or tame terrorists and eventually in Vlakplaas were referred to as "Askari's". These were Africa's version of today’s American politically correct "Assets". The Askari's would provide known MK members with rigged explosives, bullets and weapons. A Vlakplaas speciality was supplying Limpet mines with shimmied timers. The MK dolts were assured by the Askari's that the fuses were thirty minute delays but in reality they were "fixed" to detonate immediately when set.
This particular MK fellow was sent asunder at the Ster land movie complex in Pretoria when his "fixed" limpet did blast him to SMITHEREENS.

So the MK went and planted their 1kg limpet mines on an electricity transformer, movie complex, shopping center, magistrate court, Wimpy fast food outlet etcetera and blew themselves sky high in some instances when they used Vlakplaas munitions.. The Vlakplaas police knew exactly where the attack was going to happen and let it go through knowing that there would be damage and lots of blown up MK cadres and unfortunately many innocent bystanders including black folk. Yes many blacks were killed because explosions cannot figure out who is white or black. The ANC seemed to overlook this little factoid.Naturally these attacks just reinforced the fact that the ANC were simply terrorists after all.

The Askari's were "assets" and many were terrible frikkin people in their own rights having been murderers themselves, much like the assets the Americans have. They do not suddenly become good guys, they are still inherently bad to the bone terrorists who are the worst kind, they sell out others to enrich themselves and by being declared an asset consider themselves above the law and may decide to lash out and commit a crime. Maybe it's to reminisce or something.
An ASSET is just a criminal being paid to sell out his mates and he will thus naturally hang out with many undesirables after all he is a snitch and snitches need something to snitch about and this information can only be gotten by schmoozing with other terrorists. As Homer would say D'OH!
So please relax and keep on curbing the need to theorize on conspiracies that may not be there.

We need to start weeding out those in our tribes who are there to only cause harm and pain, we need to stop this over the top reliance on an antiquated text that was "amended" by a certain King James, and he even called it the King James VERSION. What do people not understand about VERSION? The Quran that is in widespread circulation says absolutely NOTHING about murdering other Muslims like is happening with IS in Syria and Iraq and it says absolutely nothing about sending 10 year olds girls into public strapped with suicide vests or showing videos of a ten year old boy executing captured men.I mean shit, the girl is 10 years old and is a virgin so why the fuck would she want to die for Allah and go to paradise to meet up with 80 plus virgins? Or,,, are these the virgins the ones the militant Muslims are going to shag in paradise when they go there? So not are they the most misogynist arse holes on earth but then they are paedophiles in paradise too. I mean , the question begs. These ding dongs have raped their religion so much that any real Muslim would take it upon themselves to rid the world of these ass hats once and for all.
What if the Caliphate ideal comes to pass? How safe will it be for moderate or dare I say normal Muslims? You dudes will be on their murder lists and your daughters their whores. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

End the slaughter. Turn over the names of radicalized Muslims and Christians alike. The world does not need these barbarians! BECOME AN ASSET.

Je Suis Sans Frontieres and any one that does not like that can kiss my rebel ass.

Okay Let me join the conspiracy squad.

What if???????

Ok so here is a thought. What if just what if this AL Baghdadhi dude is in fact a CIA experiment? Maybe they released him after much mind melding and project MK Ultra style programming in Gitmo and allowed him to run riot in Iraq and Syria so as to destabilize the region and instil massive amounts of fear in all and sundry so that when the "handlers" decide to step in and quell the massacre using nuclear devices it will not be frowned upon by detractor countries like China, Russia, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon etc. None of these people want these freaks rocking up and hacking heads off in their back yards.
I believe the tactics and techniques employed at Guantanamo Bay are rather harsh and Al Baghdadhi may have capitulated under duress and is Americas newest "Manchurian Candidate" and is leading a murder mob to a rendezvous with a nuclear end? Shit everyone is a conspiracy theorist nowadays!
I would not be at all surprised if we see a tactical nuclear device detonated in order to stop the marauding IS,ISIL,ISIS clan and the world will sigh a sigh of collective relief but will however lament the irradiation of many in the area. Collateral damage is a bitch but can be accepted in the grander scheme of things to save humanity.
Not even I am immune from flights of fancy and conspiracy theorizing. Lets wait and see.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

THE WORLD NEEDS AN ENEMA! (kindly pass the detonator please)

Wagging not only the dog but the entire kennel.

The world is slowly going to hell in a hand basket.

July 2014 has been busy with everything from Airline disasters to horrid haemorrhagic fever outbreaks.

Air Malaysia cannot get a break it seems this year. First it was Mh370 that went “walk about” and is still missing with not a single solitary clue been found with regards to its whereabouts. Shortly thereafter one of their other planes within the fleet had to conduct an emergency landing due to some pesky wiring that caught fire and then a week or so later another Air Malaysia Boeing had some or other nose wheel malfunction leading to a tyre blow out. Now keeping with a run of crappy luck for Air Malaysia their flight from Schiphol airport in the Netherlands gets shot down over a known war zone killing all 298 on board near the war ravaged area near Donetsk in the separatist region of Eastern Ukraine!

Bloody hell! Just how much shitty luck can one airline have in the first six months of the year?
Many questions have been raised as why exactly the planes route was diverted substantially that would lead it over an area hotly contested by three groups who all had access to missile launchers capable of shooting down a passenger jet flying at 33000 feet? The notion that a bunch of separatists with zero air superiority and nothing more than small arms, shoulder held rocket launchers, captured armoured cars and copious amounts of Vodka would have shot down a high flying commercial jet even my mistake is a stretch of the imagination at best. Even if the rebels were supplied the BUK mobile missile launcher by the Russians they would be hard pressed to be held solely accountable for the act. They are strafed on a daily basis by Ukrainian Sukhoi fighter jets so if they see some high level contrails overhead which we must keep in mind is a war zone so why the frig would civilian holiday makers be flying there in the first place?

We also wonder why the Ukrainian air traffic control diverted the flight there and why the Spaniard that was working in the tower has been so hard to reach for comment. He was relieved soon after the calamity took place and has since been very scarce. Almost immediately the Ukrainian government releases an “intercepted” message between two separatists that are talking about this plane they shot down and the whole world including the American government accept as the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them social media. This is the whole case the Americans have; their case against Russia is entirely based on You Tube, Face Book and Twitter feeds and the dodgy ass Ukrainian security apparatus.

Look it does not matter which party shot the plane down, what matters is that it was shot down while flying over a war zone where planes had recently been shot down and was diverted by Ukrainian air traffic control. If the separatists shot it down using a BUK launcher they got from Moscow then those separatists are guilty of using a weapon system and shooting down a civilian aircraft mistakenly. You cannot blame Russia for supplying the system as it was meant to be used against aircraft in the first place, Ukrainian military jets. The separatists are not fully trained weapons specialists and anything flying in the sky over a known war zone is in their minds a legitimate military target that could be getting ready to bomb them back to the Stone Age.

America has supplied many nations, factions and armies with weapons that have been used to commit atrocities however I do not see the American government being dragged over the coals and have bone head embargo’s placed on them? America should be dragged to The Hague for arming idiotic Iraqi soldiers who have deserted their posts and weapons allowing them to fall into the hands of ISIS or as they are now know the IS. The Islamic State are using captured weapons to commit hideous war crimes and are going to eventually use American weapons against Americans so thus and therefore the American government should be charged , accused and have embargo’s placed on them.

If the separatists used a captured Ukrainian BUK launcher then why not charge the Ukraine for complicity and ask why they need surface to air launchers to fight separatists who do not have any aerial assets other than maybe a kite or paper plane. If it is to be used against Russian planes then the Ukraine are in fact fighting the Russians and not a bunch of separatists who actually voted in numbers to be “divorced” from the Ukraine.

Look, it is quite simple really, the likelihood is that the Ukraine government covertly planned this little coup against the separatists and Russians with certain outside parties help and advice and it just so happened that Air Malaysia by pure bad pot luck just happened to be the poor suckers flying over the region on that particular day and time and it was them that was diverted and led to slaughter. Had this plane been a localised airline there would not have been this much of an outcry but because it just so happened to be yet another Boeing 777 from Air Malaysia the internet went moggy and people jumped on every conspiracy theory they could because of the super duper freaky disappearance of Malaysian flight 370.

The chance that Russia willingly partook in shooting down a civilian plane full or Dutch tourists is ludicrous, however not so for the Ukraine who have been in a state of chaos for quite some time now and then with this whole Crimea, separatist malarkey going on they simply made a very piss poor judgement call.

This tragedy is not free of all suspicions though. Video footage has been released of the aircraft thought to be MH17 falling from the sky with the starboard wing fully engulfed in flames which is in line with being targeted by a heat seeking missile. The plane is shown falling at an almost 90 degree angle to the ground. There does not seem to be any “gaping” hole in the fuselage and the plane is whole. It would have impacted the ground at one hell of a speed and the remaining fuel in the fuel tanks on the port side would have exploded as we saw in shaky video footage. This also explains the lack of falling debris as the plane was basically still whole with small fragments being blown off by the missile and wind shear on the way down. This is the link to the video.

What is not at all plausible is the stories of bodies falling through people’s houses roofs like touted by CNN without showing anything more than some random farm house with roof damage which in a war zone is not out of the norm. They do not show the covered body or any clothing a chair or anything. That was sensationalist reporting about nothing. Leading the story down the road and away from any truth.

Another anomaly is the Twitter pictures released which were not fuzzed or pixelated which shows a woman in her seat with a catastrophic amputation of her leg but there is no viscera, blood or signs of quarterisation. Where the hell did the blood go? It took the plane approximately 50 seconds give or take to fall from the sky and in the picture there is not a single drop of blood on the soil. Look I realize that at 33000 feet it is very cold but even if the blood froze in the body it would leak out post mortem from a wound that large in the Ukrainian summer heat. Considering that the plane was in one piece on its way down the freezing of the circulatory system just does not stand up.

The many passports recovered and shown to the media is another anomaly of note. For a plane struck by a missile, plummeting 33000 feet and impacting the ground at terminal velocity or whatever speed it was doing erupting then into an almighty fireball and then leaving so many passports in pristine condition is balderdash. This I cannot explain and the separatists who were supposedly tanked up on Vodka would not have the sophistication to have planned something like this. They found pristine passports and a few which some have shown were apparently expired or replaced by newer ones. Apparently perfectly cut triangles on the cover which are uniform are a sign that a passport is expired and a new one has been issued. You guys get the drift I am sure.

So the Ukrainian government points the finger at everyone and calls for the inspectors to come and investigate the scene but then starts a fresh campaign right there by the crash site bombing the separatists which pretty much puts a halt to the Aussies and Dutch investigators and security teams from conducting the investigation. The Ukrainian military started the offensive not the separatists. Why would they do that, what do they have to hide?
The Americans have used a tragedy and unfortunate incident to manoeuvre themselves into Europe even further for whatever agenda they have planned.

Then we have this whole bone headed affair that is the Middle East. Hamas the Israeli’s endless feud is getting real old, stale and pathetic. The Israeli’s know they can and will with no doubt obliterate the Palestinians but they are really going about this the wrong way. Murdering civilians is not the way to do it and with America standing behind their ally they are basically guilty by association of murder quite like what they are accusing the Russians of in the Ukraine with regards to Air Malaysia MH17. I have always been allied toward Israel however I do feel that their current campaign has overstepped the mark and they should really reconsider their approach. The world is turning against Israel even though everyone including the Palestinians know that Hamas love to start the tensions and kick the shit around which aggravates Israel who then strike back with devastating one sided force. Many Israeli's are critical of their governments handling of this situation.

Hamas are a dissident force whose tactics are to use the public as shields. No one in their right mind can argue this as this is how dissidents operate the world over. They utilize safe zones, homes, mosques, stadia, hospitals, hell they would even use orphanages to hide and or launch their rockets from fully knowing that the rockets will be tracked back to launch site and a retaliatory barrage expected. Hamas willingly sacrifice innocents so that they can effectively milk the media and public with tragic images of destruction that was unleashed against "soft" targets. This tactic is cowardly and murderous.

Every video clip showing crying mothers and shattered remains of kids being flashed on television screens is a pat on the back in Hamas favour as they are winning the propaganda war at the terrible cost of the innocent civilians. If the Palestinians opened their eyes and pulled their heads out of the sand they would see this and at best "banish" Hamas or kill them themselves. Hamas are killing the Palestinians by launching rockets from civilian areas and soft spots. Wake up Palestine! Wake up world!

The Israeli's know this and that is why they continue to strafe the region. It is a huge tit for tat war and the Palestinians are on the losing side because they are being killed directly and indirectly by both sides. Israel & Hamas. Surely the Palestinian people are not that incredibly stupid that they do not see that Hamas is sacrificing the civilians for some or other silly archaic belief that has become so clouded and fogged over time that no one remembers the real feud anymore? These people have hated one another for so long that it has simply become a way of life and who are we as outsiders to get involved in their ridiculous soap opera anyway?

America too has been up to some really odd shenanigans of late with this wholesale militarization of its police forces throughout the country. It is as if they are preparing for something unbeknownst to the general populace.

FEMA have been very busy on social media of late and daily there are reports of escalating tensions between the civilian population and the over handed tactics being employed by the police on sometimes very unnecessary 'smaller" crimes or misdemeanours. One report that came up in the media that barely scratched the surface was of the CDC I believe that had found vials of some very ugly diseases simply lying around and those serious lapses in protocol had been flouted with the handling of biological contagion. The media superficially reported on this and obviously the only people who were rightfully worried about this gross oversight were the "conspiracy theorists" tin foil hat brigade.

However the sudden emergence of FEMA onto the internet daily starts me thinking. Why all of a sudden is there this presence when a few months ago they were not that noticeable? Keep in mind I live in South Africa and even I can see the sudden increase in readiness and preparedness been shown by the American FEMA.

So a month or three ago the small Ebola outbreak in upper West Africa suddenly blows up into a huge problem with around 650 or so deaths in multiple countries with victims ranging from general peasantry to those capable of cross border flight travel and even the doctors from America being infected and succumbing to the disease in a frightening way. Haemorrhagic fever is not a pleasant way to go and that is a truism no one can refute. Having organs basically liquefy, rupture and be expelled from the anus while bleeding from pores, eyes, ears, mouth and any other openings cannot be a nice way to expire or see someone expire. Every drop of spittle, sweat, blood or other bodily fluid is so virulent that all it takes is a few drops to screw up your day and well life.

So we quickly go back to America where FEMA have built camps and no not like summer camps but more like internment camps complete with plastic coffin like things. Every state department from the FBI to the postal service have ordered zillions of rounds of ammunition and the military are conducting all kind of disaster related exercises around America. Why, what the hell are they expecting or planning?

The net is ripe with videos and speculation. Yes for every believable video there are a dozen whack job totally implausible videos. It is however easy to suss the crap out from the plausible by simply employing a single brain particle when watching and more importantly listening.

Fortunately for us here in South Africa we do not have this militarization of the police like the Americans have; here we have the unfortunate "moronization" of the government. We also have natural disasters running around in parliament wearing their red overalls and "domestic worker attire" donning red berets like they were king pies upon their melons. The stupidity is mind boggling and the utter crap that comes out of their mouths is an insult to humanity. This is however our own problem and the stupidity is here to stay like a shit stain on a satin sheet.

It just amazes me that first world countries like America can be so blinded by their inept government ergo president that they voted him in for a second term after making such a hash of the first one? What happened on voting day America? Did you all queue at the wrong place? My guess is you all simply joined the first queue you saw and that just happened to be the McDonald's queue and you simply were too lazy to go to the voting booth after munching down your quarter pounder with cheese or as they apparently call it in Europe, the Royale with cheese. Naturally I am quoting a trustworthy source here because if I saw it in a movie or on television it must be so.

There is a very good chance that there just may be an outbreak of a terrible disease in continental USA that will send FEMA into action and then they can basically call the shots. That is a theory that is not that far from the truth; look at how America changed after 9/11. There was another case of those mystically indestructible passports again, you know the ones that can go through a crash, fireball and come out on the other side in PRISTINE condition and found just like that yet they could barely find enough body parts to fill a shoe box!

Anyone recall that other time in 1963 when there was the case of the "magic bullet" that passed through two people and was found on a gurney in absolutely pristine condition without so much as a scratch or deformation in it? The" dudes" need to start using a different "play book". This pristine thing is too darn obvious.

Backing up a tad, just go and take a look at those MH17 passports again and see just how pristine they are after being inside a decompressing plane recently hit by a missile at 33000 feet, plummeting to earth and exploding into a huge fireball and you see that one passport in particular that has a clear plastic cover on it that shows not even a crease in it. Shit, that passport must have been locked inside one of Samsonite's new Wolverine Adamantium suit cases that can withstand decompression, 33000 feet freezing cold, fiery crash to earth yet easy enough to open by some Vodka infused separatist without any problems. Yeah right. Very plausible. Some reporters said that passengers were turned inside out but carry-on luggage apparently is way stronger than we originally believed, so much so that your carry-on bag should possibly be used as a life preserver in the case of your plane falling out the sky, just hop inside and presto you will saunter away from the smouldering wreckage in PRISTINE condition.

Back to the Middle East. With Israel and Hamas getting all rowdy we have all but been drawn away from the potentially world altering events in Iraq and Syria where a bunch of maniacal mad men are running around using captured American weapons and other hardware beheading people and putting their melons on pikes along the road side. The IS militants led by some crazy son of a bitch called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who until not so long ago was in the custody of the Americans and funnily enough set free to start his new club and was purportedly trained by Israel is streaking across the middle east murdering everyone in his way with impunity. He has made all kinds of crazy statements from charging insane taxes to those who do not take up his form of Islam to murdering those who choose to remain Christian and even more bizarrely genital mutilation of women. This is a practice which is followed in more than one culture by the way.

Why the hell was this loon turned free and why has he not been droned yet? After all president Obama will forever be known as the lord of the drones. He loves sending drones to blow stuff up so why do these crack pots simply waltz across Iraq and Syria openly in broad daylight freely? Is America funding the IS? It sure looks that way. The west needs to stop these lunatics before their campaign gets a foothold in other countries in the west. It will eventually spill over and these scum will spread their hate and murderous ways on the soil of western countries. Islam as observed by these savages is a bastardisation and they need to be obliterated from the world. We do not need these barbarians.

There has not been an all-out WWE style smack down world war since 1945. It’s been 69 years and it cannot be healthy to have 7 billion arse holes all together on 1 planet, maybe it is time for our third curtain call. Oh and I am not quoting any biblical stuff here about revelation and so on because the truth is that the little black book of horrors was originally penned by the very crowd who are going bat shit in the middle east. John, Luke, Matthew and company were all from that neck of the woods as was their idol and even Islam's holy man.

More wars have been started and more people killed by religion and it all started right there. There is only one sure fire way to kill the snake, cut off its head so in order to kill this particular “snake” the strike must be concentrated on that region. There is no other logical alternative, we are not simply all going to suddenly drop our weapons, join hands and sing Kumbaya.

The entire region needs to cease to exist in a sudden flash, then and only then can we begin to build a better world free from the prison that is religious zealousness be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism or whatever people follow blindly that is dividing and killing us slowly.

We are all merrily riding this crazy carnival called earth and it is about to come off its rails in a fantastic manner real soon. The signs are out there and clear as a hard on in a nunnery we simply choose to blinker our eyes and refuse to see the forest for the trees.

If extra-terrestrial life exists, of which I am convinced I hope they rock up real soon and abduct me. I am tired of humanities idiocy! There is a good chance that extra-terrestrials are among us in one way or the other and I am sure they want to bug out too, perhaps the ET's have seen just how archaic and war warmongering we are and simply want to stay as far away from us as they can. Kind of like the way people take a wide berth around a homeless person or hobo. So the aliens are making a wide berth around us "the hobo's " of the cosmos.

I penned a saying that I truly believe in:" Planet earth is the skid mark on the cosmic underpants!"
(Michael B Da Silva)....