Sunday, April 19, 2015

It's a sick world. we need a cure. NUCLEAR!


Are we as a collective going to put a halt to these terror groups who are going around and with impunity murdering people?

I am beginning to believe that the “modern, civilised” world has created and funded these hooligans to perpetuate their own political agendas and industrial military complex!

Why has the West been so relaxed while these thugs run amok in the middle east pillaging and murdering at a whim? Why has America not taken giant frikkin steps to eradicate this scum from the earth? Why? Because it serves the master to have a “demon” out there to keep the American populace in check and yes even to desensitize them into the reality of having their minority population “trimmed” via cop shootings.

Brutalizing children is the worst war crime known to man and those who perpetrate this type of crime are not men. They are lower than scum. We have no place for heathen rubbish like this.

There have been more shootings of suspects both armed and unarmed in America in the last three years than any time before and those shootings have been perpetuated against the minority cultural groups . There have been more people killed by cops in America in the month of March than in Britain in 20 plus years. Social media has borne testimony to these acts and the government is taking serious strain in order to dissipate the sting of the shit they are creating. America is at war with itself and will not admit that the problem is a racially charged one, which it is. Just because the President is black does not mean that he is on the side of the minority who just happen to make up the majority of those incarcerated in American prisons. Yes the blacks or African Americans are the majority in prison in America as they are here in South Africa. Semantics but dangerous ones at that. Obama has his hands full dealing with all this terrorism bullshit and rednecks who cling for dear life to the constitution in order to bare arms. Every psycho who unravels and kills innocent people with his or her semi automatic weapon is immediately aligned to the patriot , crazy redneck brigade and labelled thus. Every black man killed whether armed or not is just swept under the political rug and hell the riot police get to practice their duties.

Obama is the biggest stool pigeon of the decade, he cannot wipe his arse without congressional permission. Everything he does and says has been okayed by the good old boys and he knows it!

The same goes for the tool in charge here in South Africa. Jacob Zuma is about as qualified to run a country as he is as qualified to service the Millennium Falcon’s hyper dive. Ask him what the Millennium Falcon is and you will understand my analogy. The idiot has left and right printed inside his shoes so he knows which foot the shoes must go on!

While we as a country are experiencing our second bout of Xenophobia in 7 years Zuma tells the people to pray for peace?!?!?! He was trained and moulded in Russia and has multiple wives so he does not have the qualifications to speak about matters of faith in the least. Added to that he is the only South African president that was dragged to court on a rape charge that stemmed from an encounter he had with an HIV positive AIDS activist that he shagged! She called it rape, he called it rough love. In truly typical African form he did say that he practiced safe sex by taking a shower after he doinked the Aids infested person. Good fucking golly it is good to know that a shower can cure AIDS, why has the medical world not told us about this revolutionary remedy yet?

Look Africa is a shit pot and will always be one, people will suffer unimaginable horror at the hands of their own kind and it will not stop. This notion of Ubuntu( a kind of mythical love and brethren based respect) is just a farce created by some do-gooder white person and is in no way followed by the majority of the insidious uneducated hating racist ethnic blacks out there.

This brings me to the new world problem of ISIS. Why are governments spending so much time trying to stop their citizens from leaving and joining ISIS/ISIL/IS/AL SHABBAB/ BOKO HARAM/AL QAEDA? Hell it is for the better of the state to let these idiots go and leave America, Australia, England etc and take their hatred with them. Why spend tax payers money to keep these ingrates at home under surveillance because of their sociopathic tendencies? Let them go to Syria and then simply target them and their new cohorts. One thing is for sure is that they will be on social media as long as possible and try recruit their stupid ass friends which is a really nifty way for the security forces to track and target the group. The security forces could send a drone with a real big bomb and obliterate them. We as a society don’t really need these extremist wanna be’s anyway and if we can slot a pile of ISIS dildos at the same time well that is just the jam on the toast so to speak.

However,,, America seems to pass this opportunity over for some or other reason and I am wondering why? Is it because they want to perpetuate the “war on terror” and keep the war machine going? We all know that peace is not profitable. However we are at a crossing point where something has to give, ISIS cannot be allowed to run rampant as they are killing everything they come across without any measure of punishment. If they do then it is clear that the west are conducting a hand in glove cupping the testicles of the bad guys approach. It is wrong and people are dying horrendous deaths at the behest of western governments policies. ISIS ARE THEN THE DE FACTO HIT SQUADS OF AMERICA, KEEPING AMERICA IN BUSINESS so to speak.

Of all the presidents of America, none have been so war mongering and so easy to mould to the industrial military complex than Barack Obama! Shit not even that dolt George W Bush was so in the pocket of the big players as Obama is. Under his president ship more Blacks have died at the hands of white police officers than under any previous “good old white boy” president. Makes you wonder don’t it?

America and South Africa needs a major change of power, we need to stop the lies and passing of the buck, we both need to start fixing what is wrong at home and kick out or let go those who want to go and commit murder. ISIS is a creation a Frankenstein of the American secret military industrial complex and it must be dealt with quickly and with much irradiation. Let the losers pilgrimage to the desert to join Al Baghdadi and his cronies and then make the “hard” decision and Nuke the shit of the area. Yes there will be “collateral damage” but we can all breathe easily in the knowledge that those poor suckers went real quick as opposed to being butchered, beheaded, shot by young kids and burnt alive on the internet Youtube videos. If a 15 year old girl has decided she wants to be an ISIS whore and surrogate then let her go. When the air fuel bomb comes or nuclear device detonates she will be in her pre set paradise as opposed to smouldering and hating while in custody in the country she turned her back on. Why should a country spend money monitoring people who want to be terrorists? Let them go and kill them when they get there, its fucking simple really! The desert sands can bury them……..

The world is a very lost place where we dabble in pseudo archaic religious dogma and silly beliefs that humans are inherently equal and good, however the blatant truth is a smack in the mouth and this is repeatedly shown to us via coverage of the mindless religiously zealot atrocities committed by the so called “Gods people” on both sides of the spectrum. I have divorced myself from religion and all its lies across the board. More wars and misery have been fought in the name of some or other god over the millennia than any other cause. Humans in general will always find some or other way to “blame” a deity for their war mongering ways and need for blood lust. The best part is that the old Testament is always quoted when people need to justify their need to murder and only quote the hippy Jesus when it suits them. Yes Jesus was a hippy that strolled around preaching acceptance and love and being an all round kind cat whereas the old Testament was all fire and brimstone that condoned the flogging, murder, torture, misogynistic practices and oppression of free will.

Apparently God in the old testament was a Samuel L Jackson styled bad mofo that just wanted to kill every mother fucker that stepped in his way! On the other hand Jesus was the antithesis of this God of fury and just wanted to chillax and get jiggy with Mary Magdalene and feed fish to his followers. These followers by the way were not on Twitter and actually followed him from town to town on his tour de force.

Now somewhere in the history of the world this Jesus dude was transformed into a guy called Muhammed and a new religion emerged that is basically a carbon copy of Judaism. Shit the two religions share a common thread and are cousins in the real world. No pork, heads covered and they live in the same neighbourhood. Muslims and Jews are one and even if they do not like it they must learn to share the shitty piece of godless desert that was bequeathed to the nomadic Jews. The Muslims are by nature nomads too! Why all the drama dudes? Your camel is just as ugly as the Israelites camel!!

The current trend of ISIS and its retarded brethren like Boko Haram et al must be eradicated from the earth and their corpses left to rot in the dirt. We owe it to all our future generations to rid the world of these cockroaches and their archaic stupid thinking. Muslims are slaughtering Muslim in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan , Pakistan because of tribal leanings. Shia and Sunni Muslims are killing one another?!?!?! Really??? How fucking dumb are you lot?
It’s like the South African blacks that are now targeting foreign African blacks in Xenophobic attacks. How dumb are these arse holes? How dumb are the ISIS wankers? How dumb are the West that we have not blown these tits off the face of the planet?

We need to stand up, grab our balls and do the nasty things in order to save ourselves. ISIS, BOKO HARAM, ISIL, AL SHABBAB, AL QAEDA, ANTI FOREIGNER groups must be stopped with immediate and decisive force. The police in South Africa must man up and make a stand for human rights by taking the rights away from thugs and cowards who hide behind Xenophobia. Those guilty of the attacks are the lowest common denominator in our society anyway and we don’t really need them. Lets trim the herd and live in peace.

PLANET EARTH IS THE SKIDMARK ON THE COSMIC UNDERPANTS (Mike Da Silva) and that is why aliens want nothing to do with us! We destroy everything around us in the name of supposed technological advancement. There is more than enough to go around and feed every mouth on the planet and house every family but the oligarchs and elite collect money like it is the only thing in the world. The top 1 percent could easily alleviate poverty if they simply relinquished half of their nett wealth, they would still be insanely wealthy and the world would be a more stable place.

Back to the title of my piece “Nuclear Winter”, maybe it is time we as a planet discover what it means to live in a nuclear winter, let Russia and America get all tactical with each other over a silly neo Nazi country like the Ukraine, let the nukes fly in a game of sabre rattling and dick shaking, let us all experience hell on earth because of stupid people who hold us all to ransom. In my personal opinion I think Vladimir Putin is a more virile man than Obama and possibly has a bigger schlong too.
My money is on Russia emerging victorious in the end as America is too busy scuttling itself.
The world has no need nor time for religion. In this digital age Google has become the ever seeing eye and supplier of wisdom and knowledge. The bible is but a mere graphic novel written by robed Bedouin traversing the desert who heard stories via word of mouth over the eons. There is NO IMPIRICAL PROOF that anything written in any biblical script is factual or accurate. NONE!

We as a society need to wake the hell up and see the shit for the shiola before we descend into a religious war that murders millions!

To quote Aerosmith…. “ eat the rich”.

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