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August 17th 2012

The Marikana Lonmin mine "massacre" as its been touted is the "target" of this commentary and is written with brutal honesty and an unflinching disregard for the media who constantly overlook the facts of their own video footage and the events as they unfolded over the week or so leading up to this tragedy.

The events of Thursday the 17th of August were not a sudden act of violence and police acting out of the urge to shoot a bunch of people protesting in the veld.
The facts of this story are founded a week or so earlier when the two main trade unions decided to 'take" one another on over internal politics and other silly nonsense. The trade unions have always shown that they as a group are open to collusion, stupidity and all manner of misrepresentation of their sorrowfully uneducated and mostly illiterate members who pay monies every month from their salaries to ultimately ingratiate themselves and i am referring to the criminals in charge of the unions here. The union bosses are greedy monsters who feed their own agenda`s at the cost of their members and then put their members in harms way to help pay for the unionist bosses extravagant cars, houses, credit cards and lavish life styles while the members live in squalor and don`t actually factor into the union bosses equation other than being their meal tickets.

This criminal behaviour is practised to perfection by the ANCYL (African National Congress Youth League) and the various usual suspects within the plethora of trade unions. All these clowns are interlocked in a game of cat and mouse with political agendas as the overriding reasoning for their criminal actions inciting their members to violence over internal union squabbles for dominance. The same sort of silly stuff is evident in the taxi industry where the commuters are targeted because of one taxi operators route which may be gaining ten more "fares" than the opposing taxi operator, so naturally it makes sense to these idiots to target the commuters and drivers! The idiocy is mind boggling!

The very same idiocy of the tenth degree is being perpetrated by the mine unions who are waging "war" with one another over membership and promote hate, murder, xenophobia, rioting,anarchy,chaos,stupidity and a number of other expressive terms of silliness amongst their gullible uneducated and easily swayed illiterate members( many are illiterate). We need to start openly scorning these charlatans and calling them to stand tall before the man for their manipulation of very easily malleable individuals who are working in difficult conditions but are working as opposed to being unemployed and sitting around on the corner of the street not earning squat as is happening daily to thousands of people, me included!

The video of the 17th of August 2012 filmed at Marikana Lonmin mine in the North West shows one thing CLEARLY. An ambush!

The police were standing around in a basic line and were armed with R5 assault rifles, shotguns and Z88 issue pistols. Gone were the public order police with their rubber bullets, baton rounds, bird shot and truncheons. Why were they not there? Simple, the situation had escalated beyond their control and a bigger "glove" needed to be donned so to speak. Keep in mind the 10 people who had already been MURDERED by striking miners from the opposing unions during the run up to the Thursday which included 2 security guards and 2 police officers, one of which was hacked to death and the other burnt. If these events took place in any first world country i bet the police would have live sharp point ammunition at the ready and their assault rifles ready. Add to the mix a very belligirent horde (1000 plus and that is a very subtle figure) of machete , spear, axe and hand gun toting hooligans suddenly bursting through a clearing and heading hell for leather in your direction waving weapons at you. What the hell do you do? You get shooting real quick and defend yourself from the impending wounds you are facing.

This entire event could have been circumvented if the police had adopted a heavy hand approach earlier on and had dispersed and arrested rioters earlier on as opposed to doing the whole political correct thing and waiting for it to blow up as it did on the day. The overwhelming question is whose agenda was being furthered here? Who is ultimately trying to benefit out of this chaos? Just in case you don`t know how things happen here in Africa, there is most certainly an angle here and someone or some organisation is using this unfortunate event as a stepping stone for their political ambitions and my money is on the trade unions alliance with the megalomaniacal twat Julius Malema of the ANCYL. What makes this even stranger is that there has already been a very public fall out between the old guard ANC cadres in power and their "prodigal son" Julius Malema who seems to be held in some sort of "super star" light by the various trade unions who inevitably want to promote their own agendas and remain flush with cash. It`s all about the money!
These poor suckers who ran headlong into the maelstrom of 5.56x45mm police R5 assault rifle gunfire were nothing more than pawns in some one elses agenda and that agenda is without a doubt to make the current President look foolish and come across as a bumbling buffoon who has no control over his security apparatus who shoot "peaceful" protesters. This is the start of a coup`d etat and anyone who does not see it needs to re-examine their intelligence quota. Thabo Mbeki was overthrown in a quiet coup as was the old crocodile P W Botha in 1989 by F W De Klerk.
The trade unions see big bucks on the horizon if they can help get someone as dilly and uninformed as Julius Malema into the presidency of this country. Mines will be nationalised and the wheels will fall off the economy within a year with the only beneficiaries being the trade union bosses who will feed their personal coffers with cash to sustain their extravagant life styles. The South African economy will crash and burn and the farmers will be chased from their farms to supposedly make way for the even distribution of land re distribution. The same thing has taken place in Zimbabwe and apparently it is working so well? NOT!

Farms will cease to exist and the land will fall fallow within a year as in Zimbabwe and after the second year the only thing conducive to being farmed in the destroyed soil will be the landmine! That is the only crop that thrives in Africa when Africans take charge of the soil resources. History is on my side here.

AUGUST 26th 2012::
I would just like to make an ammendment to my post and add in a quick snippet that has become public knowledge in this whole hullabaloo.
The miners who were shot were not all miners apparently. There were "outside"agitators involved who did not even work for the mine at all in any capacity whatsoever!(I believe I have made it abundantly clear here that these other men were NOT employees of the mine, i trust i have achieved this). So it is safe to assume that an agenda is at play here and the sudden appearance of a certain Julius Malema on the scene smacks of AGENDA SOUFFLE to me. The memorial service for these miners was nothing more than a disgusting political rally to secure votes and all parties are to blame for sullying the event because yes, men did die and their funeral should have been a solemn event for the families to grieve their loss of fathers,sons and brothers at the behest of outside entities looking to further their own agendas and careers and not the smiling political fest it was turned into when the greedy power hungry oppertunists arrived on cue to campaign for something as silly as votes!


A commission of enquiry has been launched by Jacob Zuma and the commission have 4 months to come to a conclusion. This is absolutely ludicrous! This is yet another way of spending money,, no wait,, wasting money on something that is as clear as day. The video proof is there and the players are all in the public eye. afterall it is very true that a criminal always goes back to the scene of the crime to see their handy work. They simply cannot help themselves and this is why criminals get caught. Their arrogance and inability to steer clear of the scene eventually leads to their down fall, i truly hope this rings true this time around and the culprit who was there on the scene smiling and "campaigning" is brought to book?!

AUGUST 27th 2012
The media are doing their level best to totally undermine the safety and security of our already fragile state by making inflammatory comments pertaining to the Lonmin shootings.
The media have now all collectively jumped on the “lets stoke the people up” bandwagon.

Reports are being thrown around that the police shot most the miners in the back at the Marikana mine incident thus demonising the police as murderers which is an outright fallacy and nothing short of treasonous! Yes there were miners that were struck by bullets in the back as they decided to turn and “haul arse” when the reality of their actions set in. The police opened fire in an act of self defence and let me just add that once the shooting starts it will only come to a stop when the order is given to cease fire which was given and adhered to with discipline. Now I am no ballistic scientist but I have fired enough rounds to understand that once the bullet has been "sent" it does not have a pause button! Where it hits is up to the end user or recipient. In general the first reaction to incoming fire is to drop or turn and run, a percentage of the miners chose to turn and run therefore allowing themselves to be struck in the back. It was not up to the police at that moment to choose who gets shot and who does not. That is the job of fate and the mob who decided to charge a police line waving weapons of all sorts.

The police were charged by a mob who had elements within them who did not even work for the mine and were there simply as agitators and agents of those with agendas of their own. The loss of life is sad and lamentable but what were the police supposed to do? Ask yourself out loud and allow logic to be your guide. Keep in mind the 10 lives butchered the week before and ask yourself once again,,”is making openly inflammatory comments such as I am doing worth the headline and the deaths that will result due to my irresponsible utterances in the interest of self gratification?”

We are in the infancy of a civil war if you idiots in the media have not noticed and reporting in a callous and self serving way is adding fuel to an already rampant fire that burns in the psyche of very easily swayed people who believe they have nothing to lose and don`t fully understand the consequences of civil war!

The media and their irresponsible handling of a powder keg situation such as this are teetering on the cusp of sedition and spreading treasonous rhetoric with far reaching consequences which they obviously do not fully grasp or understand. The media are placing us all in the firing line by reporting in a sensationalist fashion without using sensitivity and common decency to those who lost family members in this unfortunate mess that was Marikana Lonmin mine tragedy. The police reacted in a lawful manner to a situation fed by outside sources to bring not only the police but the ruling party into disrepute. We are currently observing the makings of a Coup `d Etat and the media are too blind to see it and only want to report hate and mistrust in our police service. I have never really been a big fan of our police in general but on this occasion I have to say that I fully support their action and stand by them with regards to their actions in Marikana.

Back to Marikana.

The police tactical unit were deployed to erect barbed wire barricades and enforce order which they were doing when suddenly you hear the pop pop of handgun fire, the police immediately assume a stance of readiness as is as expected and i must admit that i was surprised at the professionalism the police adopted. I almost expected chaotic and erratic behaviour but what i saw was controlled and ordered behaviour that as one of my friends from America noted "resembled a skirmish line of the old Koevoet batallion". The police both black, white and all other race groups present acted in a truly professional way after coming under attack from an enraged unruly mob. The white police man to the right of the frame standing near the police pick up truck (bakkie) showed leadership qualities befitting a commander. He called for a cease fire after his men were attacked unprovoked by a mob and then conducted a controlled sweep and check of the area.The police`s only let down during this exchange was the obvious adrenalin charged comment form a black police member who shouts out twice "we shoot you" but that is understandable when reacting to a sudden life threatening event with oodles of adrenaline coursing through every atom of your body. I only use the black white moniker as it was exactly what happened and the team as a whole operated as a unit to protect themselves from an ambush by armed hooligans. The lack of a turn out of protesters the following day is proof of whose fault this tragedy ultimately was.

The SAPS acted in self defence and anyone who doubts this really should watch the video again and again and take into account the events of the week leading up to the event. The police were not wrong in their actions and showed restraint when ordered to stand down by the officer who it seems only had managed to cycle his weapon after the "fit had hit the shan" so to speak. The police were ambushed and taken by surprise. They defended themselves from an attacking mob.

Lets hope that we all learn something from this debacle. Like do not taunt and murder people including police men and then have the cheek to look all surprised when you get shot full of holes when you attack the police. That and lets hope the government will declare that protest actions that include the singing of inciting songs and brandishing weapons to be illegal. Why is it necessary to protest a cause while swinging machete`s, spears and guns? The mere inclusion of weapons already incites the crowd to lawlessness, like we saw in the Western Cape recently where the locals decided they were going to protest about service delivery which we all know is a thinly veiled ploy by various political parties to discredit other parties. The rioters then go and murder peripheral individuals who have blow all to do with the government, service delivery of water, electricity and other basic needs whatsoever! It is just fun to kill people! Here the police need to step up and kick into gear to bring these degenerates to book!

The police action in Marikana was inevitable as it was pre-ordained in a way by those with agenda`s behind the scenes. I urge people to stand behind those brave police men who faced what they did on the 17th of August 2012.
Michael B Da Silva

September 05th 2012

The story and its players start to take shape.

Julius Malema in a totally laughable attempt at coming across humble and sincere has laid his cards on the table and made his plans clear as crystal.

In nothing short of incredulous, Malema has openly stated that Jacob Zuma `s tenure as president of the country is basically a done deal! Short of the buffoon calling Jacob Zuma a buffoon he has said that JZ is useless and inherently corrupt. This is a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black! After all Julius Malema is beyond reproach and is totally legit. Yeah right.......

Furthermore Juju has made it abundantly obvious that the next president of the Banana Republic that this country has become will be the ever quiet back seat driver “care taker /part time” deputy president Kgalema Mohlante who has once before been called to steer the boat as temporary president after all that silly nonsense that transpired in September a couple years ago that saw Thabo -Tbone- Mbeki ousted and sent packing. Mohlante was not “prez” for long and was merely there to act as a bridge for Jacob to mosey into the big chair at Tuynhuys. It is funny that it is once again September and Mohlante is already being generously rubbed up with vaseline by Julius as being the next big chief of the kraal. Mohlante`s tenure as president wont be a long one as he is merely the go to guy when presidential incumbents ready themselves for the job. What happened to PW Botha back in 1989 by FW De Klerk is the same thing that Jacob Zuma did to T bone Mbeki and it is precisely what is happening to JZ. Its a coup d`etat and NO Jacob, that is not some fancy French dish served at La Boheme Restaurant.. The irony is almost tangible to the point of 3D reality. Jacob Zuma`s chickens are coming home to roost it seems and there is not a darn thing he can do to halt the inevitable.
Mohlante will saunter in and take a seat at the big chair albeit for a short while to simply warm it for the lunatic and toffee apple that is Julius Malema!

Julius Malema has made it clear that he will be the next president even if it means he has to utilize Mohlante as a temp while he cooks up his diabolical plan to run our country into civil war and destroy life as we know it! The day Julius Malema moves into or shall we say squats in Tuynhuys, he will overnight turn it into” Uithuys” as that is what property and land will be worth. Nothing more than a tin shanty out house where we may as well use 100 Rand notes to wipe our arses as our currency value will fall lower than single ply toilet paper. All we need to do is look North to Uncle Bob there on the other side of Beit bridge to see how it is possible to totally destroy your economy, infrastructure, agriculture and lives of the citizens.

CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY was written by Alan Paton who luckily is not alive today to see what his friends in the “struggle” have done. Alan Paton` s wife has even left the country due to the rampant crime and general lawlessness (and that is just in the Government) let alone all the other crime perpetrated by large numbers of the “rainbow nation”

We as a country are in deep poo if that megalomaniac Malema strolls into power.


These are pictures of the security guards who were hacked and burned to death by the striking miners at the Lonmin mine near Marikana in the days leading up to the fatal clash with police who were deployed due to the growing carnage being sowed by the miners in their blood lust run up to the event.


Warning graphic images!

This is the type of thing the police deal with daily and must have been in their minds when the undisciplined horde stormed their position brandishing weapons THAT CAN AND WILL cause life threatening injuries!The miners are to blame for the outcome of this event!South Africa has already entered into the first stages of civil war!

September 13th 2012

The idiocy continues!

This whole freak show that Marikana has become is showing no signs of abating.
If anything it is escalating into an organised “Putsch” or campaign by Julius Malema in order to ingratiate himself with the hordes in his stab at the presidency of not only the ANC but the Republic as a whole. Malema`s latest outbursts that South Africa has become a “Banana Republic” and his taunting speeches at rallies held with currently serving soldiers of the defence force who are “on leave” due to their own run in with the police when a rally they held went awry is proof positive of this. These rallies have scared the ANC and even the military brass have showed their hand and quite literally lost their poker face, worrying that the morale and integrity of the National Defence Force will become tainted by elements within their own ranks. It seems Malema is aiming at moving away from Machete`s to having rabble armed with R4 assault rifles from within the military complex.

Malema`s “visits” to his troops both in the platinum fields (Marikana) and the military fields ( in Lenasia at a community hall) is of huge concern and the military commanders are placing their units on “high alert” which is the first step in the march to civil war. Malema is attempting to quell animosities with opposition leaders and even going as far as making “peace offerings” and “support” to the leader of the DA who he openly mocks at every turn. This is his “spin doctor” minimising collateral damage and blind siding the DA. My greatest fear is that the DA will fall for this lame attempt and be led headlong into the ANCYL trap. I will add links to articles from the various daily papers to bolster my thoughts here. Even some of the media are starting to get a tad jumpy and are starting to see the forest for the trees. Well I hope anyway.

Meanwhile back at Marikana.
The miners are still firmly embarked on their strike action and back to their old shenanigans again. On the 12th of September the police found another body of a miner near the famous little hillock that the miners camped out on. The unfortunate man was hacked in the back of the head with what police spokesperson said was a “sharp implement”. Now many would say that it is a rush to judgement in blaming the miners but if you look a day before on the 11th of September, the miners all marched to another shaft on the Lonmin mine and threatened to kill any miners who broke the strike and went to work. A day later the police find the corpse of a guy killed brutally with the exact MO -modus operandi- that the miners seem to love using. These men are murderers! End of story.... Their blood lust will spill over in a fantastically gory way and they will run amok murdering everyone they can. This will happen unless the state step in and act with immediate and decisive resolve! The police action on the day of the shootings was a decisive action and it halted the actions of the miners forthwith. When the miners are running rampant through the towns of the North West butchering all and sundry in a murderous rampage it will have dire and far reaching consequences for the COUNTRY AND ITS ECONOMY AS A WHOLE. Tourism will disappear and along with it a huge chunk of our revenue. The mines will fall silent and the only groups who will benefit will be the huge international concerns who will take over the mining and drag our riches out the country. Malema wont be able to stop them as he will be too embroiled in all the chaos him and his vacuous mouth have created. The rest of the world will be poised to jump in and “supposedly” restore a peace but it is a thin veil for grabbing enormous resources right from under our noses.

The police have to act decisively in order to quell this potential time bomb from exploding and imploding our entire economy and country. The military need to get up and stand by the police and also act swiftly against those military members who are not in line with the big picture, like the rabble who went to watch Malema talk sedition and treason at the community centre in Lenasia.

If I were to spread war talk and hate like Malema does, I would be arrested and tried for sedition and treason, why then does the ANC allow this maniac to do so? Have the ANC lost their “teeth”?

Marikana will stand testament and be the “historic” birth place of our civil war.

AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS ,STOP THE INSANITY and bring Malema to book before you all are lying butchered in the streets along with the citizens of our country both black and white!

We are already in the beginning phases of a low intensity insurgency and well on our way to civil war.. Open your eyes and stop adopting the “ostrich head in the sand” approach for the love of our country. Speak up. We are ALL facing very uncertain futures if this current thread continues!

Every war or conflict needs a place or name that can be associated with it and MARIKANA is that place and event. It was not the fault of the police who were doing what they were supposed to do, it is the fault of those with agendas behind the shootings who knew very well that they had started.

Coup D`Etat.

Michael B Da Silva :South African.:


This is an excerpt taken from a report by Arthur Mackay.

Marikana Massacre: All this to protect an Oligarch?
Posted on September 5, 2012 by Arthur Mackay

Amidst all the confusion after the shooting of 44 protesting miners at Lonmin’s Marikana platinum mine in South Africa, we should not lose sight of the astonishingly simple underlying issues.

We are told the workers are demanding that their wage be raised to R12,500 per month (about $1,500) but the workers claim their salary is already at this level. They say they are sub-contracted by a company owned by billionaire South African oligarch Cyril Ramaphosa. He only pays them R5,400 or less and pockets the rest paid out by Lonmin.

If this is so then agreeing to the workers’ demands would cost Lonmin nothing and the whole dispute is between the workers and Cyril Ramaphosa. Instead of saying this however, Lonmin has placed itself between the two and taken responsibility for negotiating a pay rise which no one has asked for. Doing this, Lonmin is placing Cyril Ramaphosa’s private interests above those of its common stockholders and is neglecting its fiduciary duties. It is also leaving itself open to litigation.

Cyril Ramaphosa in fact owns 9% of Lonmin but was paid out $304m in cash by the company in 2010 in a deal backed ultimately by Xstrata. By comparison common shareholders have received only $60m in dividends in the last two years and have incurred over $2.5bn of paper losses. What the workers are requesting is that Ramaphosa share with them about $18m which he is taking from their wages.

When Cyril Ramaphosa bought 50.03% of Lonmin’s Black Economic Empowerment partner Incwala Resources in 2010, Lonmin put up the $304m in cash which he needed. Lonmin funded this with a share issue to which, according to Lonmin, Xstrata was the key subscriber. Since then a further $51m of credit has been extended to Ramaphosa.
Ramaphosa’s company also provides all of Lonmin’s welfare and training services and for this he may have been paid at least $50m in 2011 alone. Based on the worker’s demands and their living conditions, we can guess at how much of this reached its stated purpose. Companies linked to Ramaphosa were also paid “advance dividends” by Lonmin of $20m in the last two years.
All-in Lonmin seems to have paid Ramaphosa and his related companies well over $400m since he bought into the company. This is about 25% of Lonmin’s current market value and is a very large amount for a man who was supposed to be doing the paying when he bought his stake.

And this is not all.
The Marikana conflict is portrayed as a dispute between two unions, the hegemonic NUM and a small new union, the AMCU. But the NUM has been Cyril Ramaphosa’s vehicle since he founded it in 1982. He was its Secretary General until 1998, the year he went into private business to become a billionaire. This has led to claims that the ANC has instituted a form of modern day slave labour. The workers’ employer and their union are effectively the same person. Is it surprising that the workers worry that their union is not wholeheartedly defending their legal rights?
All this casts the Marikana conflict in a very different light to what we have heard so far.
The dirt-poor Marikana workers, many from Lesotho, living in slums, wearing rags, are asking for an extra $750 per month from one of the most powerful figures in the ANC and one of the richest men in the world, and they are openly calling him an exploiter.

Such a debacle, which calls into question not only Lonmin, Xstrata and Ramaphosa but also the whole ANC hierarchy, the reality of the “New South Africa” and the credibility of the ANC’s many foreign supporters, not least those in the United States, helps to explain the speed and the savage brutality of the reaction.

At the time Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, was in Mozambique at an SADC meeting. He returned to South Africa but only one day later. He visited Marikana briefly but stayed away from the main area. A full five days passed and only then did he return and visit the crime scene. On the day of the attack Ian Farmer, the CEO of Lonmin, was diagnosed with a “serious illness” and still has not returned to work.

Even with the above illumination, some crucial questions still remain.
How could Cyril Ramaphosa exercise such influence over Lonmin’s Executive Board to be able to effectively bend it, and potentially the Board of Xstrata too, to do his bidding? And what truth could the South African government have been so desperate to hide that it was judged better to risk everything and open fire on its own people, rather than let it see the light?
The answer lies at the heart of the bitter fallacy of the South African commodities boom and the emerging markets paradigm which we have lived in the last 15 years. The sad truth is that nothing has changed, or, more accurately, nothing has improved.
In the past there was one oligarch and one South African mining company. They officially opposed the apartheid regime and were liberal but conveniently continued to export gold and diamonds from South Africa up to and beyond 1994.
Today there are five to ten oligarchs. They are black and they are African. They too oppose apartheid and they too are exporting all of South Africa’s gold and diamonds at the present time. The reason Cyril Ramaphosa could ransack Lonmin in the way he has is because he effectively is Lonmin. Lonmin exists in many ways to serve his interests and its foreign shareholders would do well to understand this. The whole debate about nationalisation is therefore completely moot. South Africa’s mines have already been nationalised and given over to a ruthless tyranny, signed, sealed and delivered by the many cheerleaders of the ANC overseas.
So what will happen next? In fact the next Marikana has already occurred. Tear gas was fired and four workers were shot two days ago on a gold property near Johannesburg controlled by another oligarch, Tokyo Sexwale. The strategy of the ANC’s opposition, which is correct given the extent of the disenfranchisement since 1994, will be to now target every oligarch. It will be demanded that they return much of what was taken. But this will never be done voluntarily and so this conflict, just like the apartheid struggle, will go on for many years.

Will this really be the lasting legacy of the post-apartheid era? Is this what Nelson Mandela’s years in prison, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s ringing endorsements, Bob Geldof’s concerts and Bono’s songs were meant to bring to us? Will they all now leave the world in darkness, with a set of fearful problems for a future generation to sort out? We will have to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

– Arthur Mackay is an analyst of global economic and political issues.

It`s in the middle Cyril!
September 18th 2012.

So the whole saga at the Lonmin mine seems to be abating and the miners are all chuffed as Chaucer that they have strong armed the” white colonialists” into not only paying them a handsome increase in salary of somewhere in the 22% range but have also secured a R1500 bonus for simply rocking up at work on Thursday!

Problem here is that the miners and that dim bulb Malema still believe profusely that the Lonmin mine is solely owned and operated by white colonial types who sit and sip tea from small china cups and have some black slave fanning them with a frond from a palm tree to keep them cool and abate the swarming flies from landing on them all the while the savages are hard at work drilling the rock face underground and filling the companies coffers with vast amounts of money all being sent overseas to Britain or wherever.

This is the type of imagery that Malema and his cronies instil in the hordes of miners who truly believe that the white man is inherently evil and therefore thieves in their eyes. Moreover this style of thinking leads to criminal activity within the white and predominantly Afrikaans areas in the form of farm and home attacks and invasions. The hordes believe that they are fighting the scourge of wanton white colonialism as repeatedly harped on about by Malema and his vacuous uneducated hateful mouth. The Afrikaners are not colonialists and have nowhere other than South Africa to call home! With even a cursory knowledge of old world history one will recall the Dutch not allowing “kitchen Dutch” to be spoken in their homes! Afrikaans was that “kitchen Dutch” and the true “Dutchmen” which hailed from Holland were the true racists and elitists as were the English who arrived here from England and brought along with them their Kenyan colonial mindset. The Afrikaner was born into this land and grew up tending its soil himself with the use of farm labourers who if they were not working for him would have been lying around some filthy Kraal and waiting to be sent to his death fighting some other black faction. There were no “third forces” at work back in those days and the black clans/ tribes just loved killing and not much has changed since then.
Today there is still ancient Kraal mentality espoused on the workers by their black leaders who are firmly living high on the proverbial hog with both feet in the 21st century and enjoying the benefits of the 21st century while the work force are fed bullshit and sent to witch doctors for “anti bullet muti”. If the miners were not planning on doing something illegal or going to attack the police then why would they need “anti bullet muti?”

The “colonialists” behind the scenes who are using their companies as personal slush funds are indeed colonialists but not necessarily the type you think. They are in fact black colonialists who went into “exile” during Apartheid and only returned here after the troubles and problems were sorted. In short, the black exile leaders of today were the ones who were too scared to stand and fight for the country and sat overseas watching the events unfolding while they were being “trained” by the host country. In other words, these men were chicken liver, yellow belly cowards who let others die so that they could waltz in and ingratiate themselves with untold riches and leave the real fighters squabbling for crumbs! The likes of Thabo Mbeki, Oliver Tambo etc were all housed quite comfortably in host countries.

Enter Cyril Ramaphosa with an estimated nett worth of around 6.8 Billion Dollars (not Zimbabwe Dollars mind you) .. .. ..

Uncle Cyril hung around South Africa creating links and associations that became the main antagonists in the whole Lonmin mine fiasco. Not only did he found NUM the national union of mine workers which funnily enough ended up blaming the Lonmin mine management of having a hand in the cause and effect of the events that unfolded and that the police were effectively looking out for the interests of the mine above those of the miners! If the miners,their leaders and union bosses had bothered reading the Lonmin mine organogram they would have noted a very familiar name at the top. Cyril Ramaphosa. He also just so happens to own gargantuan chunks of SAB Miller, MTN, MONDI, Bidvest group and the list just goes on.
The end result is that the union bosses stood up there on their podium lambasting the upper echelon of the mine as being complicit along with the police in the violence but in fact it is their very own founding member that they are actually fingering! Messy business this is indeed. Cyril was a very busy boy while his “comrades” were tippling Vodka in “Ma Russia” and learning the ways of Communism which was basically on its way out the door anyway. Cyril hung about and made himself rich, very rich and had a finger and then toe it seems in every pie he could get them into at the cost of his own people. When Lonmin loses revenue, Cyril loses revenue and when that happens he cannot stand around and wait for long protracted strikes which he helped engineer in the history of NUM to cripple the management of the mine because he IS the management of the mine! OH bother, his own chickens have come home to roost and it is not making him happy at all. Best to call in his pals at the upper levels of the police and put in an iron fist there a bit. The problem was that the situation quickly escalated to mind bogglingly unhappy proportions and the actions of the police were inevitable once the “muti” miners who were all “anointed” with anti bullet medicine and set off toward the police line. If the miners were totally innocent and not belligerent at all and were simply strolling en masse waving machetes, axes, spears, hand guns et al in the air like they just don`t care and had absolutely no intention of doing anything untoward then why the hell would they have needed the “anti bullet muti” in the first place??? Come now people, common knowledge speaks volumes here! Lets also not forget the ten people butchered and burned by these peace loving and supremely disciplined miners in the days leading up to the shootings.

Enter Malema with his trivial knowledge of politics and horrid command of the English language and he exacerbates the situation to near hysteria with what can only be looked at as war talk and the incitement of violence. His lack of integrity and knowledge becomes blatantly obvious with his libellous and treasonous talk which he never seems to be reprimanded for and carries on unabated. In his mind the management are exclusively white and the money is being ferreted out the country to some bank account in the Isle of Wight where all money surely goes as it is right there in the name! The fact is that the money does not actually travel that far and when this little knick knack is brought to Malema`s attention he then accuses Ramaphosa of collusion with the cops in protecting his (Ramaphosa`s) interests over the lives of the miners who by all intense purposes were peace loving Gandhi types according to Malema and a very biased media whose ranks are made up of seemingly young naïve clueless ding a lings.

Why is it that Malema can go out in public and basically declare war on all and sundry without having to answer to the law? Is it a case that those in power simply do not give a wally about him or are they too busy ingratiating themselves and securing safe houses across the globe for when the multitude of young, clueless rabble run amok in the country and destroy it? Malema must be brought to book and disciplined before his utterances cause the wanton and needless deaths of thousands.

Herewith a collection of Cyril Ramaphosa`s affiliations and companies:

Corporate Headquarters
18 Acacia Road
Sandton, Gauteng --

South Africa

Phone: 27 11 305 8900
Fax: --
Board Members Memberships

Director and Member of Nominations Committee

Macsteel Global B.V.
Executive Chairman of the Board
The Shanduka Group Pty Ltd.
Joint Chairman
Mondi Group
Joint Chairman and Member of Nominations Committee
Mondi Limited
Joint Chairman and Member of Nominations Committee
Mondi plc
Non-executive Director and Chairman of Transformation Committee
Lonmin plc
Optimum Coal Holdings Limited

Honorary Doctorate
University Of Massachusetts
Honorary Doctorate
University of South Africa
University of South Africa

Other Affiliations
Lonmin plc
Mondi Limited
University Of Massachusetts
Shanduka Resources
University of South Africa
Macsteel Global B.V.
MTN Nigeria Communications Limited
Mondi plc
Mondi Group
Optimum Coal Holdings Limited

Do not get me wrong, this is not an attack on Cyril Ramaphosa but is a quick explanation of the the inherent buggery and stupidity that surrounds the ruling party by one of their own members in disgrace who very quickly waves the race and Apartheid card against all and sundry before actually doing some homework as to who actually is a benefactor. Business is exactly that and in business the bosses always make money. If it did not work that way then there would be no business at all and everyone would be sitting back at the kraal thinking “what the hell now?” Cyril is a very enterprising man and has made big money on the backs of his own people but that is how business works. Malema in all his glorious stupidity does not seem to comprehend this and I wonder how his own companies are run? I am very sure he does not allow the approach of letting the “inmates run the asylum?” I would hazard a guess that he is not at all a fair task master and does not run a truly ethical shop so to speak. Malema is now crying foul that his life is in danger but what the hell do you expect when you are standing upright in a small dinghy and rocking it from side to side in the middle of the ocean? Someone is going to chuck your stupid arse over board to save themselves and their interests. It is high time that the ruling party do something about Julius Malema and his incessant war talk, the kid gloves need to come off and the ANC need to save our country from all out civil war and bankruptcy.

Malema, you are a class 1 idiot and should be sent to sit in the corner wearing the dunce hat. Your matric certificate as attached below shows this as a necessity to mankind. You have absolutely no “business” playing with the older kids! You are an ignoramus of the highest order and a danger not only to our country but to yourself as well. Your stupid outbursts are going to get you into big trouble or worse. You are playing with all our lives and eventually someone close to you will start to see the forest for the trees and what will be will then be. Stop the war talk, sit down , shut up and do something else like decoupage or quilting,,,,, please.

Michael B Da Silva
(I was also not that good at wood work in school but I did not suck at it as badly as Juju)

SEPTEMBER 26th 2012 WASH, DRY, FOLD. Welcome to Juju laundry services! For a minute today I was certain that I was having an acid flashback and was not entirely sure if what I was seeing was real or a crazy Methamphetamine induced hallucination while watching the scrolling headlines revealing the breaking news run across the screen like the subtitles to a Hunter S Thompson acid trip. Julius Malema has been arrested and charged with money laundering and has been granted R10 000.00 bail! My initial thought is that I hope the money used to secure his bail is not part of the laundered money he stands accused of “washing”. I suspect that Juju is not that smart especially when looking at his Matric certificate. He will more than likely be freed on bail using dirty money which the police can then use against him in the case, I doubt whether Julius Malema is clever enough to not use monies from his dirty deals to pay his bail with and thus openly hand over tainted money to be used in his prosecution. I am sure that in Malema`s tiny mind he must feel like the African version of Al Capone who was fingered for tax evasion. The only glaring difference here is that Al Capone was a shrewd businessman and truly bad dude whereas Juju is just a bumbling buffoon who has secured his own Monopoly “go directly to jail “card,” do not pass begin and do not collect R200.00 .” The stupidity of this infantile man is mind boggling and quite funny if it were not for all the ramifications it has for our country as whole if he were to get into any position of true governmental power.
I have visions of Julius and his moronic cronies there in Limpopo province all standing around their LG Intellowash washing machine watching the cash revolve around the drum all the while looking through the tiny window and keenly gazing at the Verimark Icon eco washing ball “laundering” their dirty money. (cue the Don Henley song Dirty Laundry for maximum effect). With Julius Malema`s high school education in mind and his massive lack of public speaking ability in English it is easy to ascertain that he knows diddeley squat about money laundering and all its pit falls. This is proved by the fact that the prosecuting authority have nabbed this master mind (term used very loosely) and curtailed his self enrichment scheme which he has used to the detriment of his own followers and youth league members. These poor fools live in shanty houses, travel in taxi`s to and from work and own bugger all while Malema sits there in front of the journalists at every opportunity he can his mug on television showing off his humongous wrist watch and commit treason by wearing his beret upon his head as if it were a king pie. Every French person must seethe inside when they watch him bastardising their beloved beret by wearing it like he does. The man then gets into his fabulously expensive car and goes off to his lavish residence while the poor suckers who look up to him are left standing there in the dust and go home to a shack and Primus paraffin stove. I hope the prosecuting authority lock this dim bulb up for all our good and the good of our country! I do however accept that within a year of his incarceration he will have developed some or other bogus medical problem that will necessitate his early release on medical parole. Apparently that is all the rage in South Africa at the moment. Just ask Messrs Selebi, Shaik, Yengeni but to name a few. These poor sickly men were all at death`s door and the devil was knocking so they were granted medical parole so that they could live the rest of their numbered days at home bedridden and awaiting the reaper. LIKE HELL! All have used this pathetic excuse as their own personal “get out of jail free card” and within weeks have miraculously been cured to the point where they could be seen in public at the golf course, smoking cigars and tippling wildly expensive scotch whisky. HALLELUJAH they have been cured and can remain on the streets. In the old days men who went to prison all seemed to find Jesus there and used that to ensure their early or prompt release as they were “saved” men. Nowadays it seems Jesus is not in jail any more and the newest and bestest way of getting out is to feign some or other illness and obviously pay off a “professional specialist, doctor” to confirm that the client is basically dead already and thus must be turned free so they can languish their last days at home, oh and then have a sudden miraculous reversal of health allowing them to go out and smoke big Cuban cigars, play 18 holes of golf and swig copious amounts of Johnny Walker blue label.
It is intersting to note that most these doctors and specialists are predominantly white and in most cases come from an Afrikaans background, this is not per chance and is done to ensure an air of reliability in the deductions of the doctor or specialist. This is carefully planned and ensures to a degree fairness and objectivity. If a black doctor is sitting there and saying that Mr so and so is sick and should get medical parole, people would scoff at this as “cronyism” and bring the doctor under suspicion of collusion but if it is a white Afrikaans doctor then it must be scripture!
I am under no misgivings that Malema will wiggle his fat body out of this pickle he is embroiled in but I truly hope it hinders him enough to shut his vacuous mouth thus allowing our country to two step perilously past civil war which is going to come about if Malema and his merry band of morons will bring us to if he carries on unabated. We as a country need to stand united for the common good of our country and ensure that inherently corrupt scum like Malema and co are given the boot! Our country is now in the hands of the prosecuting authority.. No pressure at all boys. Michael B Da Silva

The miners at Marikana are back at work! Hooray and all is once again well in the platinum province. OR IS IT?
No sooner have the Lonmin miners returned to their jobs with pay rise in pocket then the Amplats miners up the road embark on their own wild cat strike for higher wages. “Hell it worked for the Marikana crowd so why should we not also bite a chunk of the cheese off and just go and demand R16 000.00?” This move is not surprising at all and should have been anticipated before the miners at the Amplats put all their IQ together and came up a few points short of 30 to dream up this lame follow up. What the miners have not taken into account is that there is a tipping point at which the mine no longer runs at it`s required profit margin in order to sustain the operation as a whole. Also they have the very same spokesperson that the Lonmin bunch had and just look at how his services there started off. Add to that the snippet on the daily news that our dear old president has decided to allow the deployment of troops from the SANDF in support to the SAPS. Many have said that there is nothing odd or untoward with this as it is usually done at Christmas time to ensure better policing. It is a little early yet to break out the stockings and Santa suit though. Jacob Zuma is bolstering the police and creating a higher visibility threat to the threat against the state and the mines who have ties to the state as long as my arm is long. There are too many chums and pals involved in the mines and politics to allow the miners to run amok as they please. Mines that are crippled and closed for operations due to strike action that runs into weeks and lead to deaths has a negative effect on the economy the country as a whole especially leading up to December and the potential influx of hordes of tourism money and of course the ever present threat of being ousted by others with agendas other than those of Jacob Zuma or simply do not include Jacob at all. What the government is doing now is “flexing muscle” to put second thoughts into the minds of the unions and whoever else has ideas contrary to those of the current ruling party. The benefactors behind the mines are also very keen to see extra muscle so that the dissident miners can be sorted out chop chop and operations return to normal levels of profitability for themselves. Many of these benefactors have very local ethnic names and not entirely made up of colonialist surnames as the miners are led to believe. The Cape will or should benefit by the heightened security personnel on the ground patrolling high flash point areas like the drug areas infested by gangs and criminality, that is of course only possible to achieve if the soldiers are disciplined and remain focused and not open to collusion with criminal elements. It makes sense to use military units from other regions to help the police patrol these areas to prevent “cross pollination” and collusion between soldiers who either come from the affected areas or are pals on the weekends with thugs in those areas. Jacob Zuma is rallying his troops to protect him ultimately and the use of soldiers to bolster the police in the mine fields so to speak are of a tactical economic sort. The miners are less likely to go ape shit like at Marikana due to the sheer numbers of security personnel now sent to the “front'. These tactics are seen all over the world and usually occur shortly before there is a total arse hole collapse of the government and everything goes down the toilet. This is how civil war starts. The Prez sends the okay to deploy troops within his own borders to bolster police in supposed high visibility policing and create an atmosphere of unity amongst the two strongest arms of defence in the country. The police are a form of defence force and are there for the civilians in peace time, the military are a defence force for times of war. When you put the civilian force together with the war force within your own borders you basically have a civil war. It is brewing like a pungent Bantu beer and it is going to spill over soon. The army being deployed alongside the police is no coincidence by any stretch of the imagination, it is called STRATEGY. I just hope Jacob Zuma has the loyalty of his forces both military and police. Michael B Da Silva
This mail was sent to the ANC (African National Congress) and the opposition party in South Africa, the DA (Democratic Alliance). The DA was kind enough to reply and thank me for the letter and that it would be placed on file.


For attention: President Jacob Zuma:

First posted on the 3rd of September 2011

I would like to send this mail to the President of the Republic Of South Africa, Mr Jacob Zuma and raise a few concerns that i have and i am sure a whole lot of South Africans have.

The current debacle pertaining to the youth league leader Julius Malema is going to boil over into a nasty slinging match and will doubtless rock the foundations of the ANC in its entirety. He has already “mobilised” his forces and is not afraid of the ANC or its laws and regulations. He will bring further dissention and trauma to the ANC if he is not weeded out of the party and sent packing. The ANC is walking the political tight rope and will be toppled by an unstable hooligan with his eye firmly placed on the presidency. If he does topple the current government and undo all that the ANC has done in order to get into power after the apartheid regime, the country will dissolve into chaos and it won’t be long before the “free world” are poking their heads into our country to get their hands on our natural resources.

The ANC i hope will cut Julius loose and let him run off and start his own party thus spreading the voter base even wider allowing the ANC to remain in power. Your government is far from perfect but rule under Julius Malema would be murder! He is a megalomaniacal unstable overgrown child. His rhetoric borders on outright treason and dissent to the point of declaring war on the ANC, the very party whose youth league he leads!!! . This is a definitive “push” for party presidency and ultimately the presidency of the Republic. There are millions of people who distrust Julius Malema and will not stand for a life under his rule (i for one fall firmly into this category of people). His ideals and methods are erratic and subversive to the point of illegality. We will degenerate into all out civil war if he is not duly “plonked’ in his place by the ruling party before he upsets the proverbial apple cart and leads us all into conflict. We can already see what we will be in for judging by his rabbles behaviour in the streets. His followers are easily roused to chaotic degrees of riotous behaviour and lawlessness like we see in the news daily from countries like Libya. Does the ANC want to leave a failed legacy like that on the global conscience? I personally don’t think so. Julius Malema is not an asset to the party and is a definite liability to the ANC and its members. None of the current ANC members’ positions will be kept or guaranteed by a Julius regime, that is a fact and i am very sure those in the ANC know that?

The ANC didn’t spend all these years fighting and dying to be overthrown by one of their own prodigal sons! The majority of South Africans black and especially white will definitely side with the ANC even if they are supporters of other parties to keep this mad man/ child out of power. For all we know, this may be the entire plan the ANC has for swaying votes from the opposition? Who knows?

For the love of our country. Please sort out your house and discipline a potential “CANE”. We all know what Cane did to Abel...

I am not an overtly political person and i do not “belong” to any party. I do vote and when the time comes i do so by merit. Please save our country Mr President, before he destroys life as we know it forever and leads us all down the slippery slope to civil war!

If i may be so bold and brazen as to address you as “Jacob”, please rectify this problem that is threatening to destabilise our country, region, lives, lifestyle and land and throw us into turmoil.
I implore you from one man and former soldier to another.
.. . . . . I am adding a post script of comments from Eeben Barlow`s blog. Eeben is a man whose experience within the COIN field is beyond questioning.Herewith is the thread from his respectable blog site.

michael b said...
Good day Eeben. Well it seems the new RSA has eventually made its own Sharpville.

Having watched the video numerous times it seems clear that the police were surprised by the sudden appearance of a horde of marauding protestors. Gun shots are heard before the "rain" breaks out from the police R5's and a trail from either a tear gas or smokey is seen travelling from the flank of the police line. The cop in the fore ground almost looks freaked out when more shots are heard and he opens fire. The firestorm that erupts kicked up dust and dropped the miners in their tracks.

This sad event will have repercussions for sure but i personally don't find fault with the police response. They were effectively flanked and then ambushed. The fact that during the week 10 people including 2 police men were murdered by these "miners" must also therefore be taken into consideration surely? These were not your garden variety peaceful Mahatma Ghandi protestors.

I hope there will be a turning point in our country when it comes to protest action. Weapons of all sorts must be prohibited at marches, the very inclusion of weapons incites aggressive behaviour and besides, a protest is that, a protest not a riot! The recent "service delivery" protests are indicative of mob rule and have led to deaths of innocent peripheral outside citizens who had nothing to do with the action.

I believe the police were ambushed and they reacted in self defence. The riotous miners were obviously not running over waving weapons to slow dance and coochy coo with the police..
To think that all this hubhub supposedly began because of differences between two unions with wage hikes chucked in later for effect.

Just my uninformed view. Mike.
Yes, cry our beloved country! Even Alan Paton's widow is leaving!

August 17, 2012 11:18 PM

Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...
I fear that what we witnessed at Lonmin’s Marikana mine was another link in the chain that is choking SA and is a continuation of what we witness on an almost daily scale, Mike.

No one can dispute the valuable role miners play in our economy but that does not give them the right to murder policemen and security guards or to take the law into their own hands. Like all employees, they were not forced to work for the mine – they asked to be employed and with that employment, came a contract that stated what their salaries would be. If they felt so aggrieved about their income, why not leave? There is also a tipping point where salaries cannot be increased at the expense of the longevity of the mine. Adding fuel to this potential fire was the bad blood between two unions.

On the other hand, the SAPS have lately come in for a lot of negative publicity – much of it very warranted – but in this instance, it is claimed that the protesters/strikers (maybe some would prefer to view them as “freedom fighters”?) were the first to open fire at the police. Additionally, it was also reported that the SAPS used teargas as well as water cannons to disperse them but when they became even more hostile and threatening, the SAPS had to act to protect themselves.

The service delivery protests – some very destructive and violent - are another factor that is developing to a point where the SAPS have had to - and will have to act. Again, this is a threat that, should it not be addressed, will result in a large-scale problem for government. We regularly see that even students are burning universities and libraries as they feel that they should not have to pay for their studies. The fact is that government promised “free education” – and the promise is coming back to haunt them. But in this process, hooliganism and lawlessness has become almost endemic. Add to all of this, protests over houses, water, soaring food and fuel costs, toll roads, militant labour forces and so forth. This does SA no good as the already over-burdened taxpayer has to continually foot the bill to enable repairs to the damage done. (See my previous posting on “Why governments fail at COIN”).

Then of course, there will be little space left on the bandwagon as people try to exploit the situation for their own political agendas.

What is disconcerting is that, in my opinion, we have already entered into a phase of low-intensity insurgency – and no one seems to have noticed.


August 19, 2012 5:40 AM

michael b said...
Eeben your last paragraph in reply to me is right on the money. We have indeed entered a low intensity insurgency and yes, no one seems to notice or care? We are ALL collectively staring into the abyss toghether as South Africans regardless of our personal politics and creed etc.

I have tried in my own way to impart my feelings on this issue to the ruling party via email and on their facebook portal along with the exact posts to the chief opposition party but it seems that everyone has adopted the "ostrich head in the sand approach"?

Thank you for your time in replying to my comment, at least someone out there has. I posted the thread on my blog as well titled MARIKANA MAYHEM and i also took the time to send a response to the official police web site where i state that i for one stand by the brave men who faced certain danger on the day. I also sent a scathing comment to a supposed trustworthy news paper who show a police man obviously exhausted sitting in the passenger side of a Nyala armoured car but the caption reads that the police man is sitting in his (and i quote spelling here) CASPER. It is blatantly obvious that the journo is trying his best to "militarise" and "demonise" the police as if they were akin to the old 32BN and Koevoet. I openly scorn the journo for trying to create a story as opposed to reporting the facts and if he cannot even get the armoured carrier correct then how the hell are we supposed to believe anything else he reports?!?!?

I distrust the media and believe them to be a part of the problem in the country.
many thanks: Mike

August 19, 2012 12:26 PM

Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...
That abyss, unless someone notices soon, will open wide and swallow us all, Mike.

Despite what anyone has to say or shout about this – and I notice some have already started using the Marikana incident to boost their political careers – I would love to see what they will do when faced with hundreds of machete-wielding, muti-induced strikers who believe they are invisible and have already committed murders.

Writing to anyone about what happened is a waste of time and effort.

The reality is that our country is already a powder keg waiting for a spark. Unless something is done – sooner rather than later – it will implode.

August 19, 2012 1:21 PM
Eeben Barlow`s blog can be found at the following address:

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