Sunday, October 28, 2012


Arrest the guilty and politically impotent!

This whole debacle that saw the untimely deaths of American citizens who were on the job so to speak for the American machine is a disgusting crime perpetrated against employees by their employers. The operators holed up in the embassy were not there on their own ticket or agendas and were working for the US government.

The government sent these men to perform company business and then left them in the lurch and at the mercy of a horde of medieval hooligans. To make matters worse is that the bosses back home had visual verification of the hours leading up to the demise of very brave men. Making matters worse is that they had assets in the near vicinity which they could have utilized to effect an extraction for their employees but they simply sat back and watched the scenario go to hell in a handbag.

The question is why? I believe that the US machine felt that they had to sacrifice these men to the Moors in order to appease them due to some silly arse video that the Muslims had taken offence to. Add to that the killing of Bin Laden last year and they possibly decided to let the Muslims feel like they had gotten some payback and therefore the lack of response. These men fought tooth and nail and must have believed that a rescue was imminent but their bosses all seemingly forgot to take their Viagra that morning and were left limp in their responses. This limp cock approach cost men with families their lives! One must just note that there can be no fence sitting in politics in these turbulent times. Only chickens and cocks sit on fences!

I would hate to work for a “company”and have “bosses” who would allow me to simply be murdered and not lift a finger to assist in getting me out! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE ALL AMERICAN SAYING OF “””NEVER LEAVE A MAN BEHIND?””

The American nation have accepted this horrid faux pas and lack of All American Honour and gone back to drinking Starbuck`s lattes and scoffing on their Mc Donalds quarter pounders,where is the massive American outcry? Where is the investigation into the American machine asking why these men were left to die at the hands of savages? Why were there no helicopters despatched to at least attempt an evac? Why were entire battle groups left bobbing in the ocean and no top cover sent to pulverize the rampaging camel jockeys? Why? It all comes back to the soft in the pants department approach and the fact that letting and allowing these few men die is an okay and acceptable number to swallow.

Except for the families of these men and you Americans who are being led by men who lack the resolve to ensure that their employees be brought home! The president and all his advisers should be arrested and investigated for collusion in the deaths of these men. Your big boss is all talk which he does with much aplomb but his words are as empty as Paris Hilton`s head!

Mr Obama, how do you sleep at night knowing that you sat there in the oval office and made these truly shit decisions? The only oval office where shit decisions are made is the toilet and your lack of commitment and seeming appeasement of Muslims led to the deaths of good men. You made your decisions in the wrong oval office, your decision was made in the latter of the two, I am very glad not to have you as my president and I believe that Jacob Zuma is possibly a better leader than you and that is saying a lot! ! You failed dismally at your job and allowed men to die needlessly. You are so scared of receiving bad press that you allowed this abomination of the great American hero dream turn into a ghastly nightmare. My bet is that you better get packing as your tenure over there at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is surely over. You stood idly by and allowed men to die for nothing more than trying to score brownie points with the misery that has become the Muslim nation.
My last words on what I see as bad PR and lack of commitment by the government is SIS ON YOU

It should just be remembered that I am simply expressing my views and opinions which are not illegal or militant in any way or form and i am guaranteed the right to do so by the constitution of my country and also by the tenets of yours in theory.

You failed dismally and that cannot be erased or covered up! Please feel free to snoop into my social media accounts and blog.It does not bother me as i am clean as the proverbial virgin Mary, unlike you lot! My skeletons are all out there in the public domain and i NEVER turn my back on my morals and beliefs.

NOTE:::: Unbelievable! It seems Mr Obama that your presidential re-election may have just been saved by a storm of all things! Hurricane Sandy AKA Super storm Sandy may have inadvertently saved your hide and deflect peoples attention from the Benghazi mess while they listen to you being all presidential. You should really thank the "rain gods" for delivering you from being kicked out of the White House. Mitt Romney must be miffed as all hell at your incredible stroke of fortune. You can sit there in the garden and sip your cold beer comfortable in the knowledge that mother nature came to your aid. Both you and erstwhile prez dude George W Bush had 9/11 events and hurricanes to deal with however it seems you got a "sweeter deal" than that buffoon did. Poor old George W looked both lost and clueless during both events.

The overall body count was also much steeper on his watch. Hurricane Kat left approximately 1800 dead and the Federal response was tragically slack. 9/11 was a slaughter of not only lives but also the American misconception of invincibility and the end body count was in the 2700 ball park. Now your tenure has brought about the demise of that dilly Arab Osama Bin Laden in a daring raid which was conducted almost seamlessly and without friendly forces losses. Hurricane/Super storm Sandy was effectively tracked by the weather nerds and warnings issued timeously which led to a definitive drop in potential fatalities.

The Benghazi attack was your 9/11 and with only 4 or so fatalities was a drastic drop in body bags but your lack of response in aiding your assets in the field is just as dreadful as Georgies Intel oversights back in 2001. You sat there in the situations room and watched as these men fought the good fight and you left them to be murdered! Sandy has diverted the attention from Benghazi and your lack of commitment for a while but you are stained forever for your truly crap leadership that day when your men needed you to man up and send in the proverbial "cavalry"! You sucked as a president and leader that day. Man up now and honour those brave men and more importantly tell your nation why exactly they were left to their dismal fates that day.

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