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ANONYMOUS. is an internet oddity and social media experiment that is spiralling out of control!

It started with a purpose and ideal which is sadly being eroded away by its own members who do not fall under any rank and file or have any real charter or SOP`s (standard operating procedures) by which they conduct their activities by or answer to.

What has happened is that Anonymous has eroded to the point where the “inmates are running the asylum” and anarchy reigns supreme within the organisation. This all sound anarchistic-ally beautiful but it will eventually end up in a slinging match between factions of Anonymous who “distance” themselves from other factions within Anonymous and this is when “The Man” will finger the lot of you. As it stands there are persistent rumours, reports and allegations between members and all it takes is one to drop the proverbial dime on another member. The thought of languishing in prison for a long, long time will bring the tongue into working order and deals will be cut by the one to screw the many.

This is coming and every time a new member hops on the band wagon and has their say they are weakening the chain and the police, Feds et al are waiting in the cyber wings to pounce. Keep in mind that the Federali`s have many “converted” hackers working for them in order to stay out of penitentiaries. This is not thumb sucked or information gleaned from some silly Hollywood flick but a reality.

What Anonymous does is illegal and akin to theft (be it intellectual, actual fraud or identity) and is punishable by lengthy visits to “Club Fed”. What Anonymous is doing is in most cases inherently socially correct but politically and legally wrong, however there is a dark side! With members joining without actually believing in a set ideology other than Anarchy is courting disaster! The founding members view of Anarchy may be vastly different from some unstable clown running around in a make believe world of gaming and movies. HYPOTHETICAL EXAMPLE:

what if just for arguments sake a member who joined two years ago and has become totally absorbed by the Anonymous ideal that he steadily loses touch with reality and loses faith in not only his government but his faith in his god (whomever it may be), family, friends, work and one day sets off and murders 20 people in a rampage. When the police and Feds go through his computer they find evidence linking him to Anonymous and even find proof that he posted videos to You tube in the name of Anonymous, what the group built over the years will be all but shot to hell and the group as a whole will be branded a terrorist organisation. Naturally warning bells will sound and other Anonymous members will all suddenly post videos and Face book updates saying that the mad man was not part of the Anonymous group or hierarchy or some such lame after the fact excuse.

The short and curly is that the gun man was a member of a group that has no defined leadership, rank and file and disciplinary apparatus to those who post way out hate talk under the umbrella of Anonymous. It is a slippery slope from online activist to cyber terrorist to just plain Terrorist, all that needs to happen is that a member of the public gets killed by one of your "members" or by some wanna be clown wearing the Guy Fawkes mask and sprouting Anonymous slogans, its not a case of if it happens its a case of when and then the new moniker will stick like hot bubble gum no the sole of your shoe!.

I watched a video posted by Anonymous proclaiming they will be back in 2013 to further their cause and call for transparency from the government but by the same token they are themselves not transparent and hide behind masks! This duality makes for a piss poor argument on their part unfortunately. When you see videos of protesters in the streets facing off against riot police or fully combat ready troops you see them standing there fighting the fight for freedom tooth and nail in the flesh.

Anonymous if run with strict guidelines can be positively used to benefit the masses who live in police states. For example by doing what you have done in the past and crashed websites and servers of those despots who are hell bent on remaining in power even if it means murdering their own people in order to do so. The Westboro Baptist church hack was a clean target due to their utter hatred toward mankind and their warped views which spreads nothing more than hate speech. However there is a dark side to Anonymous and those that are posting as the group. The Fox news hack during the Jack Kevorkian interview was a Coup `D E tat but the Anon posting that piece made a critical mistake and basically undid what was said on the Anonymous Face book page with regards to elementary school killings. In the video the poster says something to tune of “they laugh when there are killings” (I speak under correction , check the video link to the right for the Anon videos) but the basic idea is there and then on their Face book page they post the names of those children who were murdered and call them heroes? So what gives Anonymous, do you laugh or do you feel sadness for them? This tripping over words will eventually lead you all to prison. You need to take command of the ship before the members scuttle it. As it stands you face a list of charges as long as King Kong`s arm!

This is not an attack on your group but a warning that you will end up in deep dodoo and when you are arrested you will stand alone because your members are operating without leadership and will not stand by their leader simply because they have none.

All it takes is one member who thinks they are smart and leaves a back door open long enough for the Federali`s to get their hacker in. When the house of cards fall trust me when I say that who ever the member can implicate, he will implicate without a second thought. You may say “but we are Anonymous and no one knows anyone” but there is always a certain degree of separation and if a member near the top is nabbed he will sing. This whole Anonymous ideal was born from one persons mind but somewhere in the path others became aware and its those that are the most dangerous, not the silly 20 year old who spends far too much time in front of the computer and television who gets bust because he posted something using his Google log in account or something stupid like that and trust me there are idiots out there like that.

Back to your videos. There are obviously a number of members who don the mask and talk through a voice modulator or use the type to voice thingy ma bob offered by windows and make all kinds of statements, these differing members are easily spotted by simply watching body language and listening to the delivery of the wording, accent and overall demeanour. Sooner or later someone is going to use the Anonymous forum and “brand” to put across their own subversive extremist rhetoric that Anonymous may even find unpalatable but the damage to the brand is done! No recanting or separating yourselves from these crazies will help, you will have been branded as extremist terrorists and your next stop will be Guantanamo Bay, I hear it is not such a splendiferous place to holiday at.

Anonymous should really form a structured core and disseminate their ideals from there as opposed to having a bunch of delinquents romping around oblivious to the severity of their actions! Hell even “Fight club” had rules and a figure head who set the ball rolling. An odd analogy I know but this is what Anonymous looks like from an outsiders view, capitalize on that! Keep hacking the corporations who support tyrants and maybe fleece some funds from the top and send it to those who genuinely need it, like the homeless veterans, abused women’s shelters, orphanages etc. Hell dig into the Vatican’s deep trough and spread some of that loot to the needy. The Vatican sit atop a fortune and horde it, why??? God don’t need money, starving people in Somalia do! Crash the UN website and send them in circles, they are quite comfortable going around in circles, they have been doing it for 60 years. (( The trick is not to totally empty 1 account of money but rather skim a little off the top of a lot of accounts, a buck here a buck there and soon you have a million bucks that no one misses))

Anonymous, take control of the bus before you plough off the cliff into obscurity, your idea is good but it is lacking in the command and control department. You cannot have 900 000 members running amok with their own feeble ideologies and political stances using your name, you become responsible when one of them goes postal and it is only time till one does! I reiterate, this is not an attack on Anonymous, merely an outsiders views. If you feel obliged to hack my account there is nothing I can do to stop it but I am sure you will see that I am not a threat, so hack away if it floats your boat and say, just in case you do skim a few accounts of cash please feel free to help me out and deposit it into my account. I am shall we say semi employed and work for minimum wage so a “donation” would be greatly appreciated. I bank with Capitec bank South Africa I don’t need to supply any further details as you guys are supremely capable of sourcing the info you need (PS) I only have about 2$ US in my account so it is not even worthwhile stealing it.
You are Anonymous
We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
I am Michael B Da Silva and I am KNOWN

I am not a hacker! In fact i quite possibly could not hack my way out of a card board box with a machete!

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