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Charlie Hebdo, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, IS ,ISIL, ISIS, al Qaeda and the rest of the lone wolf brigade and a plane.

The world has rotated into 2015 and without much ado catastrophe and misery has tagged along.

We are barely 15 days into 2015 and the headlines are cringe worthy.

Yet another Malaysian airline has dropped from radar and led to many deaths. The folks at Air Malaysia must have sighed a sigh of relief that it was not yet another of their planes that had gone swimming, this time it was the El Cheapo budget carrier Air Asia that unfortunately crashed. It was unfortunate and a tragedy of great proportions for the families involved however the owner of Air Asia really chose a poor time to flog off a crap load of shares in his own company a few days prior to the tragedy. This just makes conspiracy theorists simply salivate and get all giddy.

Fortunately in a twisted way these families will at least have closure and bury most of their deceased loved ones unlike the poor families of the ill-fated MH370 that is still playing hide and go seek. It is almost mind boggling that you can find a smart phone or tablet that has gone astray but these hammer heads cannot find a huge plane! It makes me wonder just how much blind faith we put into climbing aboard a giant cigar tube with engines and wings? I believe the airline industry is in cahoots with Las Vegas casinos. The odds and chance is all what it is about.
The search parties have located the flight recorder and cockpit voice recorder so time will reveal the truth.

Now we step into the largest social experiment of our time. Charlie Hebdo. This was a criminal and cowardly act perpetrated by dildos who believe they have some or other divine right to murder people over a drawing! The proper Oxford English term DAFUQ! Immediately comes to mind here.

These crack stains of humanity went on a murderous rampage because people drew a cartoon that was not perverse, immoral, sexual in nature or defamatory in the least and they felt legitimate about their actions as they machine gunned civilians. I cannot find the words to express how low I look at savages like these, they have no place in society and should be eradicated like mosquitoes were in Southern Africa. We as a society have no space for spaced out extremists who practice some abnormal version of Islam. Shit they are giving all Muslims a bad name and not all Muslims are bad are they?

Where was the Je Suis marches for the hundreds of civilians being exterminated by those cowards in Nigeria? Boko Haram are the serial killers of Africa with the crowd over in Somalia coming in second on body count. They do not kill military targets, no they murder civilians! Why the hell are world leaders not marching for the thousands murdered in cold blood in Africa? Or are Africans just not as important as Westerners in France?
Just look at these A holes all huddling for a photo op to garner a quick political punt! Benjamin Netanyahu, Bennie buddy what were you thinking getting all pushy to get into the picture?

The twelve killed in the initial Hebdo attack and the subsequent people who lost their lives is tragic but the total onslaught of world leaders who used this "march" to publically punt their own political points was just sickening. Humans died here for drawing pictures! Then we get the political brass out in force for 16 people? What the hell?!?! Why are these dolts not out in the streets protesting the senseless slaughter of innocents in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan etcetera, etcetera, etcetera? WHY? Because it aint in Europe that is why!!!!

IS,ISIS,ISIL are murderers who will make war mongerers like Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin, Pol Pot look like light weights if they are not stopped now before it gets to the tipping point and the initiative is lost. At the moment the west still has the initiative but their constant dilly dallying and sabre rattling with each other is allowing the savages to murderer their way into places where they can get their filthy hands on dirty weapons. Will it take a dirty bomb to detonate in Europe by some dumb dork Islamist extremist before the west wakes the hell up? They (the west) have been given a declaration of intention and must react swiftly and without blinking or they will be the ones responsible for many more innocent civilian deaths at the hands of wankers with Kalashnikovs. The west has been duly warned and they go on a stroll through Paris. REALLY? Is that the best they could come up with as leaders? Shit we are in big friggin trouble if this is the reaction to Islamist fervour. Oh boy we are in deep poo indeed.

The Charlie Hebdo shooting should and must be treated as a blue print and catalyst of things to come. Hell the terrorists are revelling in the knowledge that the west are testicle-less and only resort to taking communal strolls in the event of tragedy. Fuck I cannot believe my eyes at the total lack of commitment at getting even. These terrorists were and are part and parcel of this new fabricated Caliphate nonsense that popped up last year all of a frikkin sardine and is led by a total psychopath who funnily enough was in American custody and then released! Abu Bahkr Al Baghdadi almost looks like his Israeli Doppelganger Gene Simmonds of KISS, LOOK YOU DECIDE.

You got to ask questions here about just how intelligent the intelligence community in America are or is this part of some grander scheme to embroil the world in a huge can of ass whooping? Commonly referred to as World War 3 by the tin hat brigade? Hell I am starting to think those plonkers may be onto something or then maybe not.

The media as always is not to be trusted in any way when reporting on events as they always report events from their own personal perspectives which also leads to pondering and conspiracy theories being formulated.

The Charlie Hebdo event has spawned a dozen and more conspiracies already about false flag attacks orchestrated by the west, the Americans, the French, The Smurfs, the Illuminati et al however they are just stirring the the already murky stew into a dark soup that no one can make heads or tails of. One particular event at the Charlie Hebdo atrocity has become the silly overwhelming focal point for the tin hat nut jobs.
The shooting of Achmed the police man was captured on a smart phone and was reported possibly falsely that he was shot by the tool with the AK47 in the head. This just got French blood boiling and they were chucking their Baguettes in protest at the sheer horror. In clearer film grabs you can clearly see that the prancing prick with the AK47 simply misses and his round strikes the pavement. He missed but the innocent police man was still killed in cold blood. The television news tried to tart the story up with shock and gore when there clearly was no gore, this is what television does. The television news is all about ratings so they naturally made bull shit assumptions which everyone simply takes as gospel even if they are watching it. I suspect that is why they "fuzzed" out the footage to get the maximum effect to taunt and titillate the public.

HOWEVER, however the conspiracy nut jobs cannot figure this out and immediately scream FALSE FLAG because they are not able to distinguish how things in the real world work. They have 2D minds and cannot fathom that television lies and contorts events to suit their possible ratings. This was no False Flag event! It was a bunch of trigger happy psychopath Islamist extremists pissed off at a comic!

So if I got all hot and bothered by a comic that shows Batman being given a beat down by the Penguin do I immediately head off to DC comics and fire an RPG7 into their offices and then murderlize everyone I see with an assault rifle because a drawn picture of Batman was supposedly shown to be offensively depicted as being lesser than The Batman? This is what this all boils down to One man’s Mohammed is the next man’s Jesus is the next man’s Yahweh is the next man Jehovah is the next man’s Kim Jong Un is the next man’s Mandela is the next man’s Batman is the next man’s White wizard is the next man’s Saruman is the next man’s Gollum is the next man’s Han Solo is the next man’s Elvis. We cannot kill with impunity in the name of any of these mythical entities. There is NO EMPIRICAL PROOF that any of these deities actually existed except for Elvis. An old scroll or an old bible written many, many years after the fact just does not stand up as accurate in today’s proof positive world. THINK ABOUT IT!


The conspiracy theorists are now truly fixed on the fact that the killers had contact with a CIA "ASSET" and this therefore means that the American government are conducting a False Flag operation.

Really?? Look lets step away from the tin hats for and put down the glass of fluoride water and understand what an asset is in reality.

An asset is rat, stool pigeon or traitor to their own cause and is selling INTEL to the highest bidder who in this case is the CIA, FBI, DEA, KFC or whoever. They (the asset) is a bad guy who has decided to turn on his mates and give valuable info to the "good guys" so that his pals can be blown off the planet by drones, Apache helicopters or trained operators.

In the Old South Africa there was a lot of these "assets" working for the Apartheid police death squad based at Vlakplaas (shallow farm) if directly translated. Vlakplaas was run by the former commander of the bush war counter terrorism police group Eugene De Kock called "KOEVOET" or "crowbar" if translated. This police unit started Vlakplaas in South Africa and targeted the MK (Umkhonto We Sizwe) or translated as "spear of the nation", however many of these "spears" were a bit blunt if you get my drift.
Oh and the dark skinned guys in these pictures were volunteers who wanted to fight alongside Koevoet. One even earned the highest military award for bravery in battle. The Honoris Crux. Racism was not so much in the bush, everyone fought for a common goal. Get rid of communism and Marxism. Black South Africans were not conscripted but the special forces had oodles of volunteers fighting in their ranks.

You see Eugene De Kock used a tried and tested technique perfected in the Rhodesian bush war and used torture or for a more politically correct term "tactical questioning" to turn captured MK members. These turned men were called "tame terrs" or tame terrorists and eventually in Vlakplaas were referred to as "Askari's". These were Africa's version of today’s American politically correct "Assets". The Askari's would provide known MK members with rigged explosives, bullets and weapons. A Vlakplaas speciality was supplying Limpet mines with shimmied timers. The MK dolts were assured by the Askari's that the fuses were thirty minute delays but in reality they were "fixed" to detonate immediately when set.
This particular MK fellow was sent asunder at the Ster land movie complex in Pretoria when his "fixed" limpet did blast him to SMITHEREENS.

So the MK went and planted their 1kg limpet mines on an electricity transformer, movie complex, shopping center, magistrate court, Wimpy fast food outlet etcetera and blew themselves sky high in some instances when they used Vlakplaas munitions.. The Vlakplaas police knew exactly where the attack was going to happen and let it go through knowing that there would be damage and lots of blown up MK cadres and unfortunately many innocent bystanders including black folk. Yes many blacks were killed because explosions cannot figure out who is white or black. The ANC seemed to overlook this little factoid.Naturally these attacks just reinforced the fact that the ANC were simply terrorists after all.

The Askari's were "assets" and many were terrible frikkin people in their own rights having been murderers themselves, much like the assets the Americans have. They do not suddenly become good guys, they are still inherently bad to the bone terrorists who are the worst kind, they sell out others to enrich themselves and by being declared an asset consider themselves above the law and may decide to lash out and commit a crime. Maybe it's to reminisce or something.
An ASSET is just a criminal being paid to sell out his mates and he will thus naturally hang out with many undesirables after all he is a snitch and snitches need something to snitch about and this information can only be gotten by schmoozing with other terrorists. As Homer would say D'OH!
So please relax and keep on curbing the need to theorize on conspiracies that may not be there.

We need to start weeding out those in our tribes who are there to only cause harm and pain, we need to stop this over the top reliance on an antiquated text that was "amended" by a certain King James, and he even called it the King James VERSION. What do people not understand about VERSION? The Quran that is in widespread circulation says absolutely NOTHING about murdering other Muslims like is happening with IS in Syria and Iraq and it says absolutely nothing about sending 10 year olds girls into public strapped with suicide vests or showing videos of a ten year old boy executing captured men.I mean shit, the girl is 10 years old and is a virgin so why the fuck would she want to die for Allah and go to paradise to meet up with 80 plus virgins? Or,,, are these the virgins the ones the militant Muslims are going to shag in paradise when they go there? So not are they the most misogynist arse holes on earth but then they are paedophiles in paradise too. I mean , the question begs. These ding dongs have raped their religion so much that any real Muslim would take it upon themselves to rid the world of these ass hats once and for all.
What if the Caliphate ideal comes to pass? How safe will it be for moderate or dare I say normal Muslims? You dudes will be on their murder lists and your daughters their whores. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

End the slaughter. Turn over the names of radicalized Muslims and Christians alike. The world does not need these barbarians! BECOME AN ASSET.

Je Suis Sans Frontieres and any one that does not like that can kiss my rebel ass.

Okay Let me join the conspiracy squad.

What if???????

Ok so here is a thought. What if just what if this AL Baghdadhi dude is in fact a CIA experiment? Maybe they released him after much mind melding and project MK Ultra style programming in Gitmo and allowed him to run riot in Iraq and Syria so as to destabilize the region and instil massive amounts of fear in all and sundry so that when the "handlers" decide to step in and quell the massacre using nuclear devices it will not be frowned upon by detractor countries like China, Russia, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon etc. None of these people want these freaks rocking up and hacking heads off in their back yards.
I believe the tactics and techniques employed at Guantanamo Bay are rather harsh and Al Baghdadhi may have capitulated under duress and is Americas newest "Manchurian Candidate" and is leading a murder mob to a rendezvous with a nuclear end? Shit everyone is a conspiracy theorist nowadays!
I would not be at all surprised if we see a tactical nuclear device detonated in order to stop the marauding IS,ISIL,ISIS clan and the world will sigh a sigh of collective relief but will however lament the irradiation of many in the area. Collateral damage is a bitch but can be accepted in the grander scheme of things to save humanity.
Not even I am immune from flights of fancy and conspiracy theorizing. Lets wait and see.

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