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NEWSFLASH: South Africa is open to all and sundry to come in and have their parties.

The South African government (officials) will simply allow you to land your Boeing at any of our Air Force Bases countrywide and even supply a private security company with illegally fitted blue lights, fake number plates and moon lighting cops to whizz you through the gates of a National Key Point facility such as Waterkloof Air Force Base which is home to numerous attack squadrons, the Presidential VIP transport Squadron and the once super secret 60 Squadron , which was our countries once very elusive ELINT(electronic intelligence) squadron.

Our government openly invites you to merely rock up in your jet plane and land seemingly without any knowledge or permission from Air Force Head Quarters. Apparently a select few have been given the go ahead to use our Air bases as parking lots for the super wealthy and regular laws need not apply to these persons who are simply allowed to waltz into our country without any of those silly needless procedures like baggage scrutiny, passport procedures, security clearance and they don`t mind having 200 people milling around an active Air base!

This has just shown just how inept our military / government alliance in this country really is. The upper echelon military fat cats swear blind they had no clue of the arrival of party plane 1 not only at Waterkloof but in South African air space at all. The police chief was seemingly blissfully unaware that elements of her police service were out breaking the law quite openly with a private security company who used the hated blue light routine to whisk these jolly rich party animals to Sun City for their festivities. It does however seem that a few of these supposed police men may just get to visit South Africa`s other “SUN CITY” (the prison). (((I would be very interested to see exactly which security company was used and who exactly is on their board of directors and BEE partners????))) … The basic excuse seems to be I did not know about it so don`t look at me, look at him. We have no command and control at one of our biggest Air force bases and anyone can just rock up , land and do as they please. I rather suspect that the Base Commander should be questioned as to what exactly he does there all day and does he bother reading signals, flight plans that come to his base with regards to CIVILIAN air craft wanting to park on his apron???? We seem to have a situation here of the inmates running the asylum while the asylum care takers are all out to lunch so to speak.

It is completely and totally implausible that so many people and apparatus were circumvented allowing this PRIVATE jet to land at an air base, after all a flight plan would have had to be filed and the air force base added as a recipient in the flight plan! I worked at base operations at Waterkloof in the old days circa 1989/90 and I can attest that planes do not simply land there without a string of departments and officials being briefed. Air Force HQ , FAWK (air force base Waterkloof), 28 Squadron movements, OR Thambo international airport among others would have had to be informed of a jet liner coming into general and then restricted air space so as to warn other planes zooming about of their presence, so a flight plan was duly filed and not even the Gupta family could have circumvented that little obstacle. People knew they were coming but figured that it was okay to quietly allow civilians to land their charter Boeing at FAWK(Air Force Base Waterkloof) because “hey we are the bosses of the base , military, police and government and we can do what we want especially if we get invited to the wedding where there is an open bar!”

The government has duly jumped all over this embarrassment by quickly chopping a few Officers who were likely the poor suckers on Ops duty that day and had no inkling that they were about to end their careers due to someone at the top who pulled rank and did not bother to stop to breathe and think that allowing civilians to willy nilly land at a military base would not kick up an almighty stink. Even old Prez Zuma has distanced himself from the furore but it still shows that he has no control or idea what his subordinates are up to and that goes equally for the police , air force, military et al.
It would have been nice though to see Prez Zuma getting down at the wedding seeing that he such a good dancer and all.

They do not have control...... As for the Gupta`s they merely wanted the freedom to do as they please because of their wealth and status in the world which makes them believe they are above the mere laws of some silly country. After all they are the Gupta`s and they want to land at an Air force base, be speedily raced around by “cops” and rent out Sun City where a lavish wedding with all the trimmings including open bar and floating pontoon draw barge is part of the “SHOW”. I am almost saddened that the Boeing did not have lowered suspension, after market turbine exhausts, fuzzy dice hanging from the cockpit mirror, LED under fuselage lighting with Bollywood music booming from the monster subs in the cargo hold and the name painted on the side “CHARRO 1”

These rich folk do really look at us lower mortals as being nothing more than minions.

These rich and self entitled people think they can summarily walk into countries and flout laws and protocols due their wallet thickness and business status is unacceptable and an embarrassment to our security apparatus. The Gupta`s turned our government into a Banana Republic organisation and seemingly feel nothing that they have caused such consternation! I hope those government officials who did attend the circus wedding ( Cirque Du Gupta) enjoyed the eats and treats and are mocked openly in public for partaking in this farce that has seriously damaged our countries already damaged military / intelligence apparatus reputation.

In conclusion, I feel that the Gupta family/empire what ever they consider themselves ,should do the correct thing and quietly apologise in writing to the government and people of South Africa, pay for the landing fees (which they incidentally did not do) and then make a “generous” donation to oh lets say,, the Mandela Childrens Fund and pay damages to Boswell Wilkie for putting on a bigger Circus than they could ever hope to achieve!


IN THE END,, The Gupta party were grounded! They arrived "Golden slipper VIP`S" and yet left "Flip flop" wearing TOURISTS forced to stand in the queue at OR Thambo airport like regular chumps! Good riddance you CAKES!

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  1. the Da Silva Code, very good and the sarcasm should hurt the ones who need to be stung. Straight to the point.