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South Africa is rapidly degenerating into a genuine third world banana Republic circus where the clowns are running the show and leading the most prosperous nation in Africa to the brink of farce and socio economic collapse.

The past month has seen the farcical antics of the Gupta`s and their travelling side show wedding that saw not only their private Boeing landing at Air Force Base Waterkloof without proper authorisation, but to make matters worse, these pseudo racist Indians then make it clear that they do not want Indian, black or coloured waiters at their wedding reception at Sun City, no these idiots only wanted to be served by white folk!

Then we were entertained by Winnie Mandela`s antics and news of her impending fiscal doom along with her “chum” Julius Malema who are pawning all their stuff and being sued and screwed much to us regular South African`s delight.. Then just when we thought we had heard and read it all , we are informed of our governments involvement with AL QAEDA. Yes the ANC are in cahoots with all manner of dubious dudes who are using our countries very lax laws to support actively, fund and aid terrorist organisations. It is not surprising really seeing that our very own “democratic” government are the offshoot of the ANC and its armed wing of terrorists called UMKONTHO WE SIZWE who embarked on an armed struggle which included the active bombings of civilian targets in the late 70`s and 80`s.

The ANC has so many pals within the party of Muslim heritage that it is becoming ever more difficult to distinguish exactly who is holding whose hand! We are all aware of the Muslim take on faith and that all those who are not followers or purveyors of Islam are simply called Infidels and according to them all Infidels should die. It is ludicrous to believe that our government will properly investigate claims of collusion between Al Qaeda and wealthy Muslim families residing in South Africa as this would be akin to pimping on your own mates. One terrorist begets another terrorist it seems. Even the Yanks and Poms referred to the ANC as a terrorist organisation and even had Mandela on a travel restriction to America until he was elevated to “Jesus” stature by the media and world at large. Fact of the matter is that even DADA planned attacks that would have cost innocent lives. He was not having a tea party at Rivonia when the cops arrived and arrested him! People seem to forget or gloss over that little historical knick knack.

In a truly sickening twist of stupidity and bad taste, this smiling snapper head ended up in charge of the Ekhuruleni metro police department for a while till he rolled his car while drunk as a skunk with a boot full of weapons. ONCE A TERRORIST ALWAYS A TERRORIST, Robert Mc Bride (MR MAGOO) This waste ok skin planted the bomb in Magoo`s bar in Durban in the 80`s and killed civilians... In South Africa it seems you only qualify to get into government if you have sat in prison on terrorism charges.

So enter the media who uncover some seriously dodgy goings on near the old Vlakplaas Apartheid era base and a farm near “Greylock” in the Klein Karoo which all have obstacle courses and shooting ranges and are owned by Muslim dudes with ties to Al Qaeda, naturally these dudes say that they are clean as the virgin Mary and are in no ways aiding and abetting Al Qaeda even when there is a money trail as clear as an erection in a nunnery!Add to the mix is the Dockrat `s other venture which has it`s shall we say hurdles called the Tsitsikamma golf estate which once again is owned 70% by the Dockrat dentist, so it is safe to say that the venture into the lucrative golf estate business is yet another way to launder money to the cause.. The Dockrat family from Johannesburg and Pretoria have been on not only the American radar but the South African one too since 2001. The older Dockrat just happens to be a Muslim Cleric and the other a well known dentist who also just so happens to have a majority stake in a company called Sniper Africa that sells and supplies all manner of camouflage apparel and is found in Fordsburg which is the center of the “muslim universe” here in South Africa. Central avenue could easily be mistaken for any number of city blocks from Iraq to Yemen. Quite literally!

The South African government initially opened a serious investigation into the goings on near Vlakplaas and Greylock even going so far as to give the operation a code name. (cue suspenseful music) OPERATION KANU where security members went undercover in the Klein Karoo as botanists! Yes these buffoons went into the area under the pretext of searching for a rare species of Protea!!! Really? I can just see the picture, 6 heavy set dudes both black and white waltzing around in the Karoo apparently looking for Proteas. Naturally they need to be armed as everyone knows just how dangerous those pesky Protea flowers can be! (( I cannot stress the amount of sarcasm I am typing with)). I have yet to see any cop or security agent in this country who goes anywhere without his trusty Z88 9MM pistol affixed to his side or stuffed into their waist band. The government then turns around and is non committal on the events and the investigation, we as South Africans are getting quite used to this pillar to post run around routine. One dude says one thing then the next swears blind that they know nothing about anything. The one thing that is blatantly clear is the cash totals bandied about from the “peaceful” Muslim cleric and his nephew the holy , humble dental mechanic from Fordsburg. Here follows some of the known cash transfers and the beneficiaries of these love gifts in the name of peace and love to all mankind (( once again that sarcasm issue is biting with these comments)).It is almost odd and funny that the Vlakplaas name is back in the media after the apartheid debacle. This time it is not an embarrassment to the old National Party but to the ANC, it seems like Vlakplaas will live forever in infamy within the South African psyche.

Farhad Dockrat sent 62 and a half thousand Dollars to the Taliban ambassador to Pakistan to be given to the AL AKHTAR trust which feeds the AL QAEDA group ( we all know just how straight laced and peaceful them Taliban cats are) ONCE AGAIN SARCASM INTENDED!
The Dockrats also were very chummy with the now deceased Al Qaeda operations chief who I suspect was surprised one morning by a drone. He was tasked while still alive and in one piece with the training and travel of aspiring South African recruits to fight and explode suddenly for Al Qaeda, Hamza Rabi was a busy boy and allegedly raised around 120 000 Dollars for the peaceful cause.
Then for absolutely no reason the Dockrats who we now see are peace loving cats, according to our government only then try and veto the rest of the intelligent world to not place these South African terrorists on worldwide sanctions list! Holy cow that would hurt the ANC as much as the Dockrats!

As if by a stroke of luck and perfect timing (depending on your stance) the news is broken that some Al Qaeda clown was slotted and found in possession of a South African passport. What makes this hilarious is that this dufus was travelling on the name “Daniel Robinson” , his real name was Fazul Abdullah. Now I am guessing here that Fazul Abdullah bares zero resemblance in any way what so ever to the name Daniel Robinson!!! Just how inept is passport control in Africa? If Fazul was using the alias Gatiep January, Desmond Tutu or Snoop Dogg that would have been a tad more discreet than using Daniel Robinson!!!! Lets just face it, Daniel Robinson attached to the face of a Muslim living in East Africa wearing a turban and ticking vest just don`t compute. Even the dumbest entry level civil servant could have seen that Daniel was not legit!
IT IS ENTIRELY PLAUSIBLE TO SEE HOW FAZUL ABDULLAH COULD HAVE PASSED FOR A DANIEL ROBINSON, I am probably just being overly critical and picking gnat shit out of pepper,,, Yeah RIIIGGHHT!
Having said all that, the fact still remains that NOTHING has come of all the hullabaloo surrounding this latest embarrassment to beset our already incompetent shady and useless Government. To detract from the unsightly mess they simply announce that they want to spend 200 million Rand on some dilly bridge to join the Bluff to Durban or build a 100 foot statue of Shaka Zulu at the mouth of the Umgeni river or give 200 million Rand to the Zimbabweans to fund their corrupt hokey elections. Screw trying to blow the money here in South Africa on education, health, housing or pensions for the elderly, no, spend it on CRAP!

So in conclusion it must be said that those who support Al Qaeda must be painted by the same laser and suffer the same explosive conclusions due to their hand in pocket cupping testicle approach. South Africa and its dolts in charge best choose their pals real carefully. Before we know it we may be seeing American drones buzzing over head and “neutralising” targets associated with these maladjusted Jihadist terrorists. So remember to brush your teeth and floss for the little camera in the nose of the JDAM missile or Tomahawk missile that will be at your doorstep shortly!
For use of the Pentagon... Here is the physical address for you to keep , use don`t use, hey its your war we just live in it.... Sniper Africa, 93 Central Avenue ,Fordsburg, 1st floor.TEL: 011 834 1289 The dear doctors dental surgery address, 65 Lillian road Fordsburg, TEL:011 836 5760
May I recommend you call and confirm that the terrorists are home before dispatching the Reaper.

Then just when we think it could not get any worse or sad in South Africa we hear that even Helen Zille wants to leave politics and give up the DA (Democratic Alliance) and leave us all in the lurch... Thanks for bugger all Helen. Now we are really in the POO!!!!

Please refrain from perpetuating the cycle of terror and supporting terrorist activities through the purchase of illicit Cigarettes, DVD`s and buying property in the Tsitsikamma golf estate which is a front to launder Al Qaeda monies through the sale of units in this estate. Just bear in mind that the good doctor Dockrat holds a 70% stake in the development and will most certainly be using this business opportunity to syphon funds to his cohorts within Al Qaeda and the Taliban who are nothing short of murderous thugs!

Michael B Da Silva

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  1. Hi Michel,
    I love your (sarcastic) style!
    I started writing fiction three years ago and my first book will be published in December. Currently I am busy with a novel that includes activities about el-Qaeda in South Africa. This is a work of fiction and will be unlike the work of De Wet Potgieter.
    However, I sometimes borrow ideas from real events and change the circumstances, names, places and dates. In my manuscript they will be operating from a fictitious fruit farm near George on the way to Willowmore (I live in George).
    My question to you is this: after all the denials by the Dockrats and others do you still think they are active terrorists? Do you have any unpublished information that I may use - cloaked in whatever way you would prefer?
    Scant regard is given to the fact that they acknowledge having donated money to the Trust, saying that at that stage the Trust was not blacklisted and as such legal. That’s like our president saying bribery is OK in Africa.
    Jaap Rabie