Thursday, August 8, 2013



EFF`ing Hell, what is politics coming to?

Politics in our country is starting to resemble a circus act with clowns galore falling over themselves for the entertainment of the international media and leaders of Western nations.

Julius "JUJU" Malema has once again made a mockery of not only our countries already tainted political situation but also dragged his already low brow intellect deeper into the sewer along with his name. The man is a buffoon of the grandest order. He is still reeling from corruption charges and having all his possessions attached by SARS , forensic audits conducted on all his wheeling and dealings and he then has the gumption to announce to the world in his uneducated butchery of the English language his newest “Pinky & the Brain” scheme to embark on a crusade into the world of politics! I suspect he is a few chops short of a braai.
His super intelligent name for his political party is , wait for it, wait for it, wait for it (cue cartoon networks Loony Tunes theme music),- - - - ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS!! Holy Kamoly where did he possibly find the genius spark to pen that NUGGET? All hail king of the Nitwits!

When political parties are formed they come up with a name and then called by their parties initials. Let me explain by means of a quick set of examples. The Democratic Party are known as the DA, The African National Congress are known as the ANC, The Inkhata Freedom Party are thus and therefore known as the IFP. This is simplicity in itself and stands to clear reason, except when JUJU rocks up on the scene and has an epiphany as to what he will name his political vehicle. His brain fart transcends even the stupidest form of idiocy that can be found anywhere in the galaxy, hell the universe. He calls his party “Economic Freedom Fighters” which is abbreviated to EFF pronounced F. Making him JUJU the leader of the EFF`ing party, the wing nuts who join his party are thus the EFF`ing members and they all embark on EFF`ing marches and EFF`ing rallies. The options here are limitless and the media will taunt king Nitwit at every EFF`ing opportunity. Not only does he give his party a dreadful name he also parades around in his EFF`ing T shirt and red beret festooned upon his dome like a King pie which have the words “COMMANDER IN CHIEF” embroidered on it. By Jove he thinks he is Barack Obama! Che Guevara must be turning in his grave!

Julius Malema should be back in his home province of Limpopo settling into kraal life after having all his assets attached and possibly facing prison time and most certainly not parading around like a clown and forming political parties to run for election! Hell why does Jacki Selebi , Shabir Shaik or Glenn Agliotti not then do the same? I would love to start a political party and run for election but alas I have not been investigated by SARS , the Public protector, The Hawks, SAPS, SABC, ETV, Carte Blanche, 3RD Degree et al on charges of corruption, nepotism, theft ,stupidity, collusion, hate mongering , racism, fraud and I have not had all my assets attached and auctioned off so I obviously do not qualify.
Malema is an embarrassment to South Africa in general and to the ruling party who are seemingly too busy staring out the window and filling their own coffers????

Julius please stop making your name spanner, not only for your sake but for the sake of OUR country, humanity and planet in general

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