Monday, December 9, 2013

MK ULTRA anc brainwashing

A tale of brain numbing by the ruling party!

December the 5th has dawned with the news that Madiba has passed on. The man lived a long full life and did indeed weld the people together so to speak. He was a quiet man who showed dignity and temperance. The same however cannot be said for the bumbling buffoons who have followed after his term came to an end as president.

I was sickened by the media in general who were waiting in the wings with programming at the ready for when Mandela died. The news was just broken and the radio stations seemingly pressed a button on the console and “tribute programming” was forced down our necks. This smacks of politicking and “ambulance chasing” or in this case hearse chasing! Was it really about Nelson or was it just ratings? Mandela was barely cold and the radio stations spewed forth trash and silly songs the whole day in supposed “tribute” to an old tired man who is just that, a man. He is not Jesus or some prophet, no just an old man and ex president at the end of the journey.

Some of the songs played in his honour on a Cape Town radio station were laughable at best. They were merely scoring a media coup and even the national youth market based station followed suit. News 24 also fell into the trap and had nothing but Mandela news clips that were copies of each other all over their web page and they ran a headline that television networks would suspend all programming and bombard us with Mandela only content for 3 days.

I accept that people want to pay homage to the man but to bombard the public with this sort of indoctrination is tantamount to brain washing. The state run television stations also had a contingency plan to turn a solemn day into a circus which is still firmly in swing well into the third day! The free to air channel also jumped aboard the trend and have also been mind melding the public with their constant repeat of the same images and silly nonsensical links to their roving reporters outside Madiba’s Houghton home where they dribble inanities while showing images of those who have gathered to drop off flowers. I have since switched the boob tube off and will not listen to the radio any longer till this hooha has finally subsided and the piranhas gone home.

An old man died, not god himself just an old frail man who deserves to be treated with respect and not have his death turned into a media freak show circus!

At the time it was reported that Mandela had passed the City of Cape Town announced that it had a contingency plan that would kick into effect the very next morning leading to roads in the city centre being closed. This smacks of bad taste! They basically planned this a few months ago when Mandela went to hospital and have eagerly been awaiting his death so that they could spring into action. The same can be said for two major banks and the radio stations whose programming switched seamlessly from their usual drab rehashed replayed music to the coverage of the death of Mandela. Sis on you all for capitalising and marketing a sad day to the family, that is of course till they start squabbling among one another for intellectual and other rights (we have already seen the ugly side to the Mandela family in the news.)

This brings me to Zuma, old uncle shower head, he has fallen into the third world mind set and has relegated us to banana republic status like that found in the rest of Africa by declaring 10 days of national mourning. What a ludicrous load of hogwash! So the theory is that it is okay to skip work and sit at home drinking beer or running amok because 10 days have been declared a time of national mourning which the citizenry will mistake for free time off.

I know that mourning periods are when flags are flown half mast to commemorate and pay tribute to a fallen head of state or other individual of importance to the country however not everyone knows this so expect absenteeism and a general disregard for logic and rule of law. This will happen as sure as there will always be corruption in our government.

Mandela must surely have been dismayed at the way his rainbow nation turned out. Corruption at the highest levels , incoherent leaders with even more incoherent policies and mind sets, hate mongers within the ANC ‘s own ranks, wayward police chiefs, absentee landlord politicians earning buckets of money and not even bothering to turn up at work. The list goes on and on.

Zuma is running our country into the ground and has thus built his “homestead” and 290 million Rand road which he can use to visit the local spaza shop in the next town and then return to Nkandla and hide when the fit hits the shan. He however has spent 500 million Rand of tax payers money and must be held accountable for his theft of public funds. Would it not be fitting if SANRAL stuck up an Etoll gantry on his road?
I suspect that when Zuma passes on one day he will possibly only make page 4 of the papers as he has done nothing during his tenure that one can say “wow that was inspiring”. The same goes for that silly corrupt JUJU.

MK not so ultra:

The ANC’s armed military wing is called Umkontho We Sizwe or MK and are nothing but ill disciplined riff raff who posture and complain. They have no cohesion as a unit and are nothing more than a toothless ideal. Walking around in fatigues no more makes a person a soldier than standing in a garage makes a person a car! They seem to forget their time in Angola at the ANC run camp called Quatro, apparently it was not such a groovy place and discipline was shocking to say the least. A few of the supposed “Comrades” were accused of torture, execution and other nasty crimes. Many of those “Comrades” were and are still within the ruling ranks of the ANC at ministerial and trusted levels.

We all appreciate what Mandela did for our nation but alas that all disappeared the day he stepped down as president. Those who followed were all a very special kind of dumb with the current incumbent being the worst of the lot.

Brainwashing the populace with this constant replaying of Mandela images is not going to make us forget what Zuma is and has done. The hoopla will fade but the blight of corruption will forever stain the hills of Nkandla. Nice try but we will not forget Mr Zuma. The Hawks will be watching you!

South Africa is not a democracy, no we are without a doubt a Kakistocracy. Yes that is a real word and legitimate terminology to describe a country that is led by it’s least principled and least qualified citizens. We went from Rainbow nation to Kakistocracy after Mandela stepped down as president. I have respect for Mandela but I find it impossible to respect any of the current fat cats who are plundering our country and leading it to the brink of falling through it’s own ring piece and degenerating into tribal and finally fully blown civil war. We desperately need another visionary or we are doomed to chaos, anarchy and failure.

Oh and this visionary will most certainly not be Julius Malema, that boob could not build a wooden bucket let alone build a nation and future. His philosophy on economic freedom apparently has something to do with throwing poo as witnessed in Cape Town a few weeks ago. I wonder what Mandela must have been thinking when he saw that?

The seeming repetitive comments made from one paragraph to another pertaining to the same thing in the piece is not accidental nor oversight. It is Indoctrination through repetition. That is kind of what Brain washing is.
Mike Da Silva

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