Saturday, November 30, 2013


ZUMA: Exit stage left.

Yes, the time has come and the ANC is rallying to “recall” Jacob Zuma. (( recalling = firing))

The writing is on the wall and plain as an erection in a nunnery. Jacob Zuma and his tenure as president is at it's end. Lets call it his Twilight.

On tonight’s television news old uncle shower head has been glanced over by the “go to guy” of the ANC. The deputy president has made multiple appearances on the news from giving condolences to stalwarts who have passed on to giving health related messages to the public.

The blatant lack of Zuma on the news is a foreshadowing of things to come. The ANC have decided to recall the embarrassing Zuma and send him to live in his compound in Nkandla. That is of course till he is dragged to court on counts of raping the tax payers to build said compound.

Bantu Holomisa also made an appearance on the news spewing his incoherent rhetoric at some dudes funeral and politicizing the event to take a swipe at the Western Cape governance by the Democratic alliance. He trips over his incoherent words and lambastes the DA for not addressing the housing issue that the local blacks have.

As a point of interest it should be noted that the DA have screw all to do with the issuing of low cost housing as that is the job of the ruling party of the country(the government) and is part of the stuff that the ANC promised their black people back in 1994. The DA are managers of the Cape whilst the ANC are the promise makers to the people of homes, education and everything else which has not come to fruition! It is stupidity and inherent lunacy that drives boobs like Bantu Holomisa to utter inanities like he did today. You cannot blame a manager for the failings of the CEO.

I met Bantu Holomisa whilst providing VIP driving to the dippy contestants of the Miss World Contest at Sun City many years ago. Bantu hopped in the passenger seat of the VW 2.6 Micro bus I was driving and duly announced in his own special verbally challenged way that he was “going to be my co driver” on our trip through the Pilansberg. He was wearing a white suit with patent leather white loafers. A sight I shall never forget and add to that the vacuous bimbo contestant that argued bitterly that Tigers were from Africa and could not wait to see one in the wild while on our drive! I was surrounded by stupidity and had the king of morons as my “co driver”.

Back to the news. We saw a resurgence of old uncle Kaglema Mohlante when he was called to take over the reigns as part time prez when triple tot Thabo Mbeki was deposed by the party and replaced part time by Mohlante till Zuma took the reigns. T bone had embarrassed the ANC with his tippling and incoherent AIDS policy that made a mockery of modern medicine along with his chum
Manto tshabala msimang and her beetroot approach to curing AIDS.


Now that Zuma has embarrassed the party with his criminal spending of public funds at Nkandla by building his very own club Med with pool and all he is in the cross hairs and is about to be “recalled” which basically means being canned. Kgalema will once again step into the position as care taker president until the ANC places the next corrupt boob into the big chair.

Lets just hope that this change of guard does not put or allow that dunce Julius JUJU Malema to get a foot in the door! This whole story has come at a critical time in the “timeline” of our country. JUJU has his dim bulb eyes firmly set on the presidency and this could just be his big break even though he is currently embroiled in court proceedings due to his corrupt business dealings and tax evasion charges. It is not a far reach for him to ascend to the big chair even with these charges and proof galore against him. It worked for Jacob Zuma!

For the love of our country please wait and stay the course before recalling shower head. Wait till after the elections next year and then kick his corrupt arse out! Do it before and the portal so to speak will be wide open for that tit Malema to grasp power and lead our country to financial, socio economic ruin. We will make Zimbabwe look like Switzerland in comparison. Civil war and hell on earth will erupt over night. Genocide unlike anything witnessed in Africa will explode. I will on a personal level pick up the gun to do my part to eradicate the blight of genocide that will be part of our future.

What the “freedom fighters” forget is that there is a whole lot of middle aged greying haired men who were trained well in the way of war and will never stand by idly watching their families being murdered and marginalised.

Now this may sound like war talk and hate speech but I have neither made a racial slur or called for the killing of any group due to it's colour,creed or background. Malema loves to sing ditties in public and incite racial tension. He sings of his love of killing the farmer (Boer) and feels that it is okay to do so. If I on the other hand do the same I am called a degenerate racist and may even be arrested. Malema feels it is his right to promote hate, to that I say “your ugly illiterate arse”. I will pick up the gun and defend My country, My family, My way of life, MY life!

The ANC have raped the country and it's poorest constituents while filling their own pockets and forgetting the promises they made in 1994. It is not the fault of the DA that houses are not built. The ANC promised them that and then forgot about the poor and destitute while they pigged out on Nando's and purchased expensive cars, houses and went abroad on shopping trips to the United Arab Emirates. The DA have been diligently trying to make the best of minimal resources to accommodate the poor and shack dwellers. The Western Cape is still the best run and most efficient council in South Africa. The rest of the country is in a state of disrepair and the councils failing dismally and they are run by the almighty ANC.

Wake up and smell the cordite before it is too late!

In conclusion, I am certain that Nelson Mandela must be dismayed at the state of the ANC. The party and ideal he spent his whole life building and sat in jail for. I suspect his “long walk to freedom” was for naught.

Mike Da Silva

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