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The internet is awash with all manner of theories and opinions pertaining to the Malaysian airlines vanishing Boeing 777. This is a terrible event but one worth discussing and adding my own spit ball ideas on. In keeping with this herewith is my opinion and theory and also steps that should be put in place to prevent further disappearing tricks and to help find those planes that crash.

I believe that the weak chink in the chain is having the flight recorder on board the plane as it's only source of data recording of avionics and pilot ATC interactions. Would it not be possible to have flight data on civil airlines uploaded in real time to the "cloud"?

As it is we upload data, music et al to the cloud and even all the Wikileaks secrets are up there too and have not been found so security is not a big problem.
However it is entirely plausible to encrypt the flight data to prevent it from being hacked. The cloud could be used as a back up to the on board flight recorder "black box" and the data deleted a month after the aircraft was safe at last destination so as to not clutter. If there are any questions pertaining to a flight within the month the data could be retrieved from the cloud or if a plane does go down then details of flights leading up to the event could be retrieved to be reviewed by the authorities.

When aircraft go down into the ocean and sinks deep the chances of retrieval of the flight recorder are diminished much like if the aircraft goes down in a remote area, conflict are, mountain range or is victim to Hi-jacking.

It would also make sense to paint the bellies and lower side of the wings in a day-glow colour such as yellow or orange to stand out if the wreckage is scattered in the ocean or in the wild. This will also aid other aircraft in seeing a higher flying air craft. The current British Airways scheme is dilly to say the best. Blue belly and white fuselage almost camouflages it in the air and in the ocean. The flight recorder should be stored in flotation device in an area where it can easily break free in the event of a water crash. A floating Black box is way easier to locate on the surface as opposed to hanging out in Bikini bottom with Sponge Bob!

Multiple transponders should be placed on the fuselage so that triangulation of the crash area is made easier to locate via Global Positioning. A further passive security measure is to have a warning ping sent as soon as the main aircraft transponder is deactivated manually from within cockpit. I propose that a "key" be activated manually on the transponder box on airplane start up at the airport with a second "key"having to be turned on by a ground crew member on the outside of the plane. Both "keys need to be activated in order for the plane to be given clearance to taxi. The outer "key" should be in a place making it visible and not able to be left in by a forgetful ground crew member as it would be blown off during takeoff. The key must not be able to stay in the "lock" also when the plane lands both keys need to turned to switch off the transponder. The "keys" should ideally be manual and not able to be de activated electronically. If only the cockpit transponder is deactivated then a ping is sent to act as a SOS and relay location. A ping every 60 seconds should do it.
(This is a transponder from a Cessna)

Maybe a search on land should be launched as well. For all we know it has either made an emergency landing on land or is "in custody". There were some very intelligent people on board working on very valuable technology. For all we know the 8 Chinese members of that company may have "sold" their tech to the very people making the biggest noise in finding the plane, the Chinese!
Searches of the Indian ocean islands of Andaman, the main land of China where there are remote landing strips and maybe even North Korea. The apparent change of direction could have been part of a smoke screen and a counter surveillance tactic to throw off those searching.

Many planes have gone down with company staffers on board but those were all kind of part of a messy crash but here we have 20 members of Freescale Semi Conductors all aboard the one plane that vanishes. Freesacle work on some very interesting tech indeed and have offices in Malaysia, China, South Korea, India, Israel, Brazil etc. They are most certainly not making Xbox consoles! Their tech has military and civilian applications that could be very valuable.
It would not surprise me if the plane is found shortly all crashed up, It could be very interesting to see exactly what forensics turns up with the debris and just how long it spent where they find the plane. It would not surprise me if more than 5 Freescale staffers are listed then as unfound (due to ocean currents etc) or it could be just as easy to place 8 unclaimed corpses in the plane and remotely fly and crash it into the ocean from height to "obliterate" the remains. Get it up to cruising altitude and put it into a down ward dive and let speed, gravity and the ocean surface do the rest.

The probability of terrorists seizing the plane just don't gel as this goes against their Modus Operandi. Terrorists terrorize and blow stuff up. Also they love claiming that they did it which is clearly missing here. None of the usual suspects have shouted" hey we did it". Quite the opposite, no one has done that at all so terrorism in its pre defined way can be ruled out. If the plane has been landed somewhere for what ever reason, the passengers fate is sealed. Whatever it was that was wanted will by now have been taken leaving a Boeing and 230 odd people to dispose of. Back to my theory of loading them up in the plane telling them they are going home and then crash the plane for real to cover up the true reason for the disappearance. These guys got a plane to "vanish" one time I am sure they can get it off the ground and crash it remotely for real.

Everyone knows how hungry the Chinese are for getting their hands on cutting edge tech. It is far more plausible than alien, time portals and the Bermuda triangle! Or, maybe old Mister nut ball himself Kim jong-Un has the plane and is hastily getting all the data he needs from the Freescale Semi conductor staff members so he can put the tech on one of his Intercontinental Ballistic missiles rendering it "invisible" to Radar and send a nuclear device to , oh say America. With no one knowing where the hell it came from the Americans will most likely retaliate and fire at Pakistan, Russia, China and any other Nuclear capable nation that America may perceive as culpable including Kim jong-Un and his nation of hermit peasants. Kim is always mouthing off about how he wants to nuke all and sundry, this may just be his "putsch". In my opinion anyone with a bizarre hair style like his should be wacked by the CIA post haste. Imagine for a moment a missile suddenly appears out of nowhere, the world could be held collectively to ransom.
I urge the NTSB/FAA/CIA/FBI to question David copperfield on his whereabouts, he loves making things disappear. Yo David, where were you!!!

This plane for sure did not crash ( yet ). If they do not find this plane and logically explain all the weirdness you can be assured that the airline business will take a knock. People are superstitious by nature and the thought of climbing into a cigar tube and simply vanishing can have dire effects on air travel and airlines in general.

I do sternly believe that the 20 Freesacale staffers were either directly involved or were targets. Every thing from Aliens, time portals and the Bermuda triangle have been proposed as reasons for the disappearance but they are preposterous at best. Lets face it people ET did not take this plane and no "worm hole swallowed it up and that is for damn sure!

Ok people time to don the tin foil hats.

Just my 2 cents worth. All I know is that the flight recorder must move into the 21st century. Michael B Da Silva.

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