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The Malaysian Boeing 777 Mh 370 has officially become the next "great unfortunate" urban legend.

There are currently 26 nations all fumbling over themselves sailing and flying all over the Indian ocean looking for debris in exactly the WRONG place.

The Aussies got all moist when they "spotted" debris floating 2500 Km's off Perth but they are woefully misguided in their assumptions that the huge pieces of debris are those of the missing Malaysian flight. The reality is that they have seen debris from the last earth quake and tsunami in Japan that currents have dragged all over the globe.

Instead of adopting the let us investigate the debris found on satellite image they went with the age old "hey, hey we found it only to be left red faced when they could not actually definitively say that they actually had found anything.

After the tsunami that wreaked havoc with Japan and Fukushima nuclear power plant a lot of "debris" was dragged out to see including roofing, cars, bamboo and the occasional man and dog sitting on floating debris. We all watched the cell phone footage of people and animals being drifted out to ocean as the tide drew back.




The debris being found is without a doubt sea junk from these and similar events. So before the Aussies go and release another factoid I suggest they confirm first before traumatizing already bereaved family members and next of kin. The Aussies in short must first chill, look, find and then release statements. Their current chuck another shrimp on the barby and crack a Fosters approach to releasing statements is doing more harm than good.

Lets get all Rodriguez for a moment and check out the "Cold Facts".

The plane departed Kuala Lumpur and after a good night sleep tight message from the number 2 on board the tracking systems and transponders were systematically turned off by either the pilot, co or 1 of the 20 Freescale Semi Conductor "IT" passengers on board. The two or so Syrian or whatever passengers on board travelling on stolen credentials are not tech savvy enough to have pulled this off and that is for damn sure.

The plane immediately turned off course and seeing that it was very dark, very late and the passengers most likely catching shut eye they would have been oblivious to the change of direction at the time.

The plane being captained by whoever then flies in a counter surveillance manner to evade civil aviation radar and way points, this could not have been done by some "asylum seeker" at the tender age of 19 travelling on a stolen passport so he can be discounted as the one "pinching" the plane.

The captain of the plane was placed at a court hearing for a dude being charged with political meanderings or some such stuff earlier that day and the captain just by happenstance has a flight simulator "chucked" together at his home with simulations of the Indian ocean area!
The number 2 on board is young and possibly impressionable and had a hand in rerouting the plane to its new "home" and that is most certainly not the bottom of the ocean!

The plane disappears from civil radar but is tagged a few times by military radar but those countries are not keen on opening Pandora's box to the world as it is a security risk and other countries may question why they are monitoring certain areas.

The plane has 7 hours of fuel on board and has begun flying at a low altitude and weaving like an Alabama red neck driving home from the bar after payday.
There are reports from remote village people that a plane flew over their island of the Maldives and describe the red stripy colour scheme on the tail. Apparently nobody seems to care too much about this and carry on scouring foamy ocean on the other side of the globe.

We now look at a small island belonging to those dodgy dudes from Yemen who are well known for their connections to Al Qaeda and all manner of terrorist types including those sea pirate savages from Somalia. The island has a runway and yes it can accommodate a Boeing 777 flown by an experienced aviator which the captain of MH370 most certainly is (17000+ hours), he could put the plane down and it could be hastily hidden from satellite view on the island Socotra while the world and companies like Digital Globe and Tomnod update the web with images far from the little terrorist hamlet island of Socotra.
It just so happens that South African teacher Pierre Korkie is being held by the Yemeni terrorists and this is kind of their thing.

The 20 staffers of Freescale who were passengers and work on very hush hush top rack tech being on board is just a coup for the flip flop terrorists. They can hold these people and "extract" information about projects they are or were working on especially if it pertains to RF scrambling and digital cloaking technology.
Now before you get all Star Trek Klingon cloaking on me I must just point out that digital cloaking does not render the thing invisible to the eye but rather invisible to radar, sonar and satellite tracking. One may recall the little experiment that went awry back in the 40`s in Philadelphia. Yes it did happen but just not in the manner like the hokey pokey film depicts. They obviously did not have "digital cloaking" back then but they for sure made the ship invisible to the naked eye for a while. Radar and paint was somehow used to render the ship berthed in the docks invisible, exactly how they got it right back then is still a mystery to us civilian folk but that is another tin foil hat theory for another day.

This kind of tech in the hands of a terrorist makes it possible to digitally cloak an intercontinental ballistic missile or a plane loaded chock a block with fuel, explosives, fertilizer or a nuclear warhead bought from some disgruntled Ukrainian General or other despot in one of the many countries with nuclear capability. Imagine the scenario of a plane or missile suddenly appearing over New York or Washington DC and detonating without any prior warning. In my mind the best way to hold the Americans to ransom would be to send over one digitally invisible missile and have it explode showering down propaganda pamphlets. The citizens would run around like chickens without heads in panic. That would be terrorism in its purest form. Make the government look inept and warn that the next delivery will be a live one.

It is time the world stop looking for debris in the vast expanse of the ocean and start looking on land! I would start with Socotra island.
Now you ask "but why did no one on Socotra island say anything about a plane landing there. No Tweets, no Face book updates nada? Why? I will tell you why.
The Yemeni people live like it's back in 1514 where they still walk around in dresses with Kukri's in their waist bands. They are living back in the dark ages and I can assure you that those living on the island would not speak of anything fearing that their heads would become detached from their torsos if they dared to question ANYTHING!

This plane has not yet crashed and it is being hidden while the world hypothesizes about it's disappearance making the West look stupid and winning a battle for the terrorists who have won this battle in the terror war. Suddenly in a month or so the world will be astounded by the revelation of "hostages" being held at separate locations and mega ransoms being demanded. Pierre Korkie who is an ex teacher is currently being held for some ridiculous ransom to the tune of 20 million South African Rands. Imagine what these savages can ask for 230 or so hostages and the tech they extract from the Freescale employees?

I however think they will simply murder them all once they have what they want and then launch the next big attack against the West. It is time for the intelligence communities from the various countries to put "secrets" aside and work together to get to the bottom of this poo sandwich which they are all taking big bites from.

Air Malaysia may as well close down as nobody will want to fly with them ever again worrying they may just "disappear" and the airline industry better catch a wake up before the industry is grounded due to human superstition. People are inherently superstitious and that can alter business and government perceptions.

START LOOKING ON LAND YOU TOOLS! That or let the guys who found sugar man take over the search, they'll find them!

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