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Religion has caused more suffering than any known weapon.
Religion is a weapon of mass destruction.

For millennia mankind has been hoodwinked into a false sense of security and reliance on nothing more than a man-made belief in the greater being. Scripture is full of inaccuracies, hearsay after the fact reporting of events, slander, murder, intolerance, racism, elitism, misogyny, inequality, hatred, emotional bartering, hypocrisy, factionalism and fables that it is ludicrous to imagine that so many otherwise intelligent people can fall for this cult mind set!

Religion was invented as a way of controlling the masses and keeping control of the power base. It did not make sense to the “founders” to have all these individuals milling around with free minds so in order to police the masses a fantabulous concocted fable was dreamt up and by the looks of it most was dreamt up over many beers. There is so much disparity and “plot holes” that the scripture actually makes a Steven Seagal movie plot seem credible.

Mankind has been brain washed into faith and the subversive plot line within the scripture. This is, have an original idea and you will most certainly go to some horrid place overseen by a hoofed goat headed ex-angel that has a predilection for hot weather and pain. How can anyone living in today’s world seriously believe something so far-fetched? It just proves how brain washed we all are!

This dilly belief pattern is not wholly owned by Christianity but by other off shoots as well like Islam and many of the other “religions” out there. Islam is very closely aligned to Christianity however names and places have been changed to protect the identities of the guilty. Islam was started to provide a distraction to the Christians and start a feud that would cause the demise of dare I say billions over the millennia. However as with all things man made, we have the tendency to get all carried away from the parameters set by those in charge and ramp up our actions which leads to extremism.

Christianity gave birth to cults which twisted the already twisted stories found in the little black book of horrors and newer more hard core maniacal faith pundits emerged spewing forth ridiculous notions and raping common sense.

Islam too birthed weirdo assassin type crazies whom I believe were out in the sun too long and exacerbating the issue. Fundamentalists sprung up and with them so did the murder of people on a, well, biblical scale. If you were not Muslim then it was off with your head, if you were Muslim but from a different clan then it was off with your head, if you were Muslim then it was off with your head just to be sure. Al Qaeda, Taliban, Al Shabbab, Boko Haram are to name but a few of these extremist murderous off shoots of Islam. They have taken the teachings of the Quran and literally wiped their back sides with the words written therein. The funny thing is that whenever we see these ass hats sprouting their hate and murder there is always a Quran in their uneducated hands!

Yes they are uneducated hate mongers who deserve to be shot just like the Taliban decided that some young Afghan school girl deserved to be shot just because she wanted to learn how to read and write. How does it make any tangible sense? It does not and that is why it is every Muslims duty to help eradicate the world of these criminals posing as practitioners of Islam!

Boko Haram are a bunch of murderers and psychopaths who are destroying the name of Islam but the Muslims sit back and do nothing to put an end to these philanderers and the damage they cause to the name of Islam. Where in the Quran does it say that it is acceptable to kidnap 200 school girls and want to sell them into slavery or shoot a girl wanting to learn to write? I would like someone to give me the exact phrase and page number please. I expect to wait quite some time for this.

The whole world reacted with lame outrage and embarked on a hash tag bring back our girls campaign that is nothing more than an impotent attempt at clearing their conscience because they held up a piece of paper that read "# BRING BACK OUR GIRLS". For real? Like that is going to have any effect on Boko Haram? Even Obama's old lady got into the swing and advertised her sign which looked nothing more than political point scoring.Many other entertainment figures got involved too and all they did was look tragically stupid like old P Diddy. Please people writing a sign is not doing squat, use your financial clout to help you ingrates!

You do not send "advisers" to the region to assist in locating a huge group of teens; you send in a seal team and destroy the Boko Haram cowards. Better yet why not send in a drone or ten, Obama sure loves his drones.

There is no bargaining with these drug crazed terrorists, you simply kill them so that they cannot do it again. If any quarter is given to these clown balls then they will see this as a sign of weakness and a battle won by them leading to more such attacks and atrocities. It is the everyday Muslims DUTY to help eradicate the scourge of extremist groups trading under the name of Islam and tarnishing Islam’s name.

Enter South Africa.

Madam paw paw Angie Motshekga has decided in her infinite wisdom to lead a fact finding mission to Nigeria to protest in the strongest possible terms her disgust at this most heinous of crimes perpetrated by Boko Haram. Angie is dragging along with her an entourage of women from the ANC women’s league to "drive home her protestations" and I suppose drive fear into the dastardly hearts of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

Boko Haram from what I observe do not give two toffee apples and a slippery nipple to what anyone thinks so why should this herd of ANC women’s league members make them sit up and shiver in their combat booties?

There is a very good chance that Angie and co could end up victims of Boko Haram! As of Wednesday two bomb blasts killed 100+ people in Nigeria and the blame is squarely being placed on Boko Haram.
The president Good luck Jonathan donning his super fly brimmed hat is facing big boy decisions on how to handle this huge problem. His army is woefully inept at dealing with the scope and agility that Boko Haram has. It seems that his only choice is to employ the services of accredited advisers who are well versed in African affairs and how Africa works. The pretend help he is getting from the Americans et al are superficial at best and will never bring about cessation to the violence.

How is it that the terrorists can so easily hide two hundred females away in Africa's most populated country? Who is assisting them and to what end? These are the questions that need to be answered and addressed real soon before Boko Haram still high from their success go and grab another two hundred and then for good measure blow up some more stuff. Who is benefitting from Nigeria’s descent into all out civil war? We all have theories but let me assure you they are very plausible and the finger points west.

For the terrorists this is a huge victory as they have done what terrorists aim to do and that is TERRORIZE!

The ANC live in a dream world where they believe that just because they are the ANC and once were terrorists that now run South Africa that the whole world will immediately listen to them. Balderdash!

Madiba is gone and South Africa no longer has the Madiba ace card and let me assure you that Boko Haram do not feel anything towards South Africa or the ANC. To Boko Haram everyone is a legitimate target and the bigger the proverbial fish they "catch “the better.

Angie for the love of pap and nyama do not go to Nigeria and make your name spanner, look at what happened to the "mighty" SANDF in Bangui? They got their arses handed to them by rebels who do not care who the SANDF are or that there is a Geneva convention, hell they probably don't even know what a convention is or where Geneva is, so in the same light be sure that Boko Haram will not give a guava who you are and what your message is.
If you or any of your entourage are pinched who will come and get you? The mighty SANDF who cannot find the handle on a coffee cup? The Americans? (Don’t hold your breath on the Yanks.)

Maybe gift of the givers will bring you some soup when you are languishing in some hole in the bush with armed terrorists’ eye balling you out wondering just how much they can get for you. I unfortunately do not think there is a market for you out there, sorry I know it sounds cruel but hey we have to face the facts.

The only solution to the Boko Haram, Al Shabbab, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Arab brotherhood is for the true Quran believing Muslims to stand in unison and help root out these murderers. As for the Christian extremists out there they too need to be rounded up and locked away as they too sprout intolerance, idiocy, hate, extremism and murder.

Religion is a man-made lie; it is used as a tool of war and oppression and followed by gullible lemmings ready to die for some or other mythical paradise/heaven.

Religious zealots love to believe they are intellectual and informed on a level above those of other mere mortals however in reality their bigotry sort of just makes them, INTELLECTUAL MORONS.

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