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Okay here we go.

There are so many theories surrounding this missing Malaysian Boeing that range from plausible to totally farcical. In keeping with this I am going to lob my own conspiracy theory hand grenade into the camp fire.

I am of the belief that this plane was purposely deviated from it's flight path and routed via way points to evade civilian radar and landed on either Diego Garcia or Socotra island with the latter being a terrorist hot spot.

My first thought was that Socotra would be a lovely place to land a plane and hold all and sundry on board to ransom however it would take super secretive and impressive discipline to pull something like that off, so it is thus more likely that the magical MH370 did then land on the air strip at Diego Garcia.

This air strip is large enough to land a plane on and the news went around of the captain on Mh370 practicing landings in his home made flight simulator and that co ordinates for Diego Garcia were in the memory.

Landing on Diego Garcia would be made more plausible by the reports of some Maldives local population living in a remote part of the island telling of a large aircraft swinging over low enough for them to see the multi coloured design on the tail. Yes they will have seen many aircraft flying over low as the Americans have B52'S , B2 Spirit bombers and a host of inflight refuelling tankers making turns over the island while on finals to Diego Garcia or flying circuits. These planes however all share very drab colour schemes and it is not possible to confuse the large multi colour display of Air Malaysia's tail to the camouflage or mono tone scheme with small by comparison stars and stripes daubed on the fuselage of the Yanks planes.

There is a persistent nagging hushed breath theory doing the rounds about the 20 Freescale semi conductor staffers on board and the apparent patent that was shared by 4 of these dudes with a 5th fella holding the last portion of the patent of whatever these people had invented and wanted to patent. It is logical that once something that could be potentially worth billions of Dollars and have a military application it makes sense that someone wanted a larger cut of the pie or to recoup initial investment in fronting of very expensive research and then to ensure that the tech does not fall into the wrong hands.

Enter the American military industrial complex and their financial backers from the very beginning. One of whom is old uncle Jacob Rothschild to name but one of many very rich families that have been feeding the American military machine since the beginning. There has been mention that he held the fifth portion of the patent and if he saw that the young guns were proceeding ahead too quickly and wanted to put sensitive tech out there in the public domain he would have seen to it with his “pals” to make very sure that those who were possibly renegade be taken care of.

Now simply crashing or blowing the plane up would not do as the tech or notes and data pertaining to what these people were working on would have to be taken into evidence or custody so diverting the plane and landing it on a very secretive island base called Diego Garcia makes oodles of common sense. The pilot either wittingly complied or was more likely intimidated into flying off route, turning all tracking off and adopting a lower flight level “zig zagging” as it were to defeat passive civilian radar.

So for arguments sake let us say that MH370 lands at Diego Garcia and is then stashed away. All passengers are filed off and placed in holding and the four “suspects” led off  for questioning and the rest of the passengers ensured that they will be safe and that the suspects were possible terrorists. "Holy cow the Yanks have saved us from these despicable Terrorists, all praise America".

By now the world knows that the flight has made a vanishing act and questions start being asked about the motives, whereabouts and theories of exactly where this plane is. This gives the “wet workers” or whatever one calls these agents the go ahead  to start the disinformation campaign full tilt. Off they scurry and pass along bogus info to all and sundry and sending mixed signals which has everyone looking in exactly the wrong place. In short they wildly gesticulate with their right hands over here and as you are studiously staring into space they are lifting your wallet with their left hand.

After a while they get bored and need more things to "LOL" at so they make a fantabulous claim that some or other satellite has tracked the plane in this direction and then pass the exact opposite information to another Government and they scurry off over there to look for this crashed plane.

This plane for the first 25 days at least was never in the ocean at all!

The NSA/CIA or who ever else is stroking the keys on their super computer is sending search crews including their own navy to look for ocean rubble that they know is there to raise false hope and detract questions from themselves. By now people are asking about this Diego Garcia base and that at first the flight was heading almost directly for it till of course someone was told by “someone” that the plane suddenly pulled a hard hand brake left turn and was now heading due south in the totally opposite direction from it's original plotted route.

Oh balls man, this is ridiculous to the umpteenth degree and anyone who believes this lame version of the story is a tad soft upstairs. What stops the “agent provocateurs” involved from now flying in their plane posing as “searchers” and from dropping beacons into the ocean to legitimize the sudden “pings” being heard but then also turn out to be a false flag. It is very easy to lob beacons out of a low flying search and rescue aircraft, lets face it there were more than enough planes flitting around the ocean looking for nothing more than Tsunami and Hurricane rubbish floating in the ocean. For all we know the beacons dropped attracted a few hump back whales and the sonar being heard aboard the ships were the hump back whales humping to the soothing sounds of the beacons ping.
Oh yes then they locate an oil slick from a month ago! That too could have easily been conjured from an aerial tanker located at Diego Garcia to reproduce the slick.

The CIA/NSA have been known to do some really suspicious things in the past and have stopped at nothing short of assassination and murder. There has even been rumours that the CIA are about to be exposed for some rather heinous behaviour with regards to Guantanamo bay. The NSA have been spying on the entire world and if they came across phone calls or emails pertaining to tech being developed that could prove dangerous to parties who may attempt to come by it and militarize it other than America then you can bet your bottom dollar that the powers that be within the American military industrial complex will steal a plane and hold all on board hostage for the 4 passengers in possession of possibly world changing technology and then load all the passengers on board, fly them under the guise of being returned home to a very desolate piece of the ocean and crash the plane for real this time to cover up the original crime. If persons on board were privy to something so sensitive and valuable it is absolutely plausible that they would be considered collateral damage in the war against terror.

Ok so how do they crash this plane for real this time?

Surely the Captain would be tasked to fly the “mission home” and a new co pilot would be found to replace his by now deceased one who apparently tried to make a cell call just as everything started to go pawpaw. The report suggests that his call was terminated suddenly but is explained off as being that the plane flew out of cellular phone reception, this too is plausible but I suspect the young co pilot may have not been “down” with this plan and was “silenced”.

OK so how do you keep 230 passengers from freaking out?

Either you run a hi jack scenario and remove all phones from the passengers or you simply put them to sleep. At a push you could report that there is a serious electrical fault and that all electronic devices must be turned off immediately to prevent some or other catastrophe that would lead to dropping out the sky and all aboard ending up as fish food.

So what is this “tech” I refer to? Well put in easy terms, a microchip with heavy military use being developed in Malaysia by Freescale semi conductor.

.Tje series code of Kinesis KL02 stands for Version 2 made in Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia. This core of America's next-gen weapons systems was developed overseas, in a Muslim-preponderant country economically allied with China, Russia and Japan and often at odds with US foreign policy. Therefore, an upcoming round of testing in China, and possible manufacture of Version 3 in Beijing, was a prospect that the Pentagon agencies, especially the NSA, the US Air Force's Space Command and DARPA, had to stop by any means available.

So who would willingly fly to their death as the new co pilot?

This one is a tad more complicated but here it goes. A military person with HALO/ HAHO accreditation that is who.

After refuel and getting all aboard necessary, the pilot is given his new "operator "and flight plan and is maybe told to head to Australia which would be in his best interest as heading home would see him more than likely rot in a Malaysian jail for eons. He buys this and proceeds with the flight unsuspecting any under handed dealings from the American handlers he just dealt with. At the correct point into the journey the Co pilot suddenly orders the captain so set auto pilot and a change in altitude, attitude and speed, the plane will now adopt a shallow nose down attitude, the co pilot slots the pilot by either strangulation, shooting or incapacitating by some means which may include the use of a garrote. Keep in mind that this plane is still flying “blind” and will be low, very low and an experienced HALO/HAHO (High altitude low opening/ high altitude high opening) operator is used to jumping out of moving aircraft at varying altitudes and speeds using breathing apparatus. In this case however he will be jumping from an aircraft travelling at a survivable speed and non decompression altitude.

There are oodles of boats in the area searching for this elusive Boeing so it is safe to assume he would be retrieved by his pals using a locator beacon.

Just keep in mind that DB Cooper did it and he was never found and neither was the money until many years later when a man on his death bed admitted to the airborne cash in transit heist so to speak. The story has been basically accepted as the details furnished were very believable and a big blot on the FBI who could not seem to find him, hell they could not find the handle on a coffee cup or the stink on shit!

Yes it does all sound "James Bondish" but hey stranger stuff has happened and the CIA/NSA et al have pulled the wool over the worlds eyes before. Even 9/11 has widely been debunked as a terror plot from strictly outside the borders of America. The notion that cave Arabs in the foothills of Afghanistan co ordinated and carried this out without American complicity is quite simply not possible. All one has to do is look at the impact at the Pentagon and then see if a plane with wings intact could have made it through the hole we see?

The fact is that there is not one shred of wreckage found to date and that just screams that something is not right with this whole tragedy. No definitive wreckage, no pings, no pongs, no corpses, no nothing just an oil slick that suddenly seems to have appeared in the place everyone was already searching in? Just odd that is.

This plane is in the ocean by now but it only recently went swimming and when wreckage is found and bodies found I assure you that basic autopsy will find that the decomposition noted and that on the plane parts will not tally from being in the ocean for over a month.
If the plane was placed on a slow gradual dive it would have impacted at a location very well plotted by those who sent it off and it will not have exploded into a bazillion pieces like if it plunged in at high speed and at a steep gradient.

The world is used to be lied to by our inept power hungry governments and with the advent of Face Book and all the other social media sites it is becoming ever more difficult to wage clandestine warfare like back in the 80`s and 90's. The world just shrunk and to that end all wet work has to be planned and executed with cold precision even if it means that there will be collateral damage.
Shit as it is I am sure that this to be the way our very sick world now works and here I am squizzing out the window looking for a drone as I type. Barack Obama will forever be known as the Lord of the Drones, his idol Martin Luther King once delivered the stirring speech " I have a dream", unfortunately Obama's legacy will read "I have a drone". Fortunately for me here in South Africa the Chevy Suburban is not a vehicle we see every day like in the U S of A so best I keep my eye balls peeled for a fleet of black GWM H5, CHERY Tiggo or CHEVY Orlando's? I am not sure how the CIA or the FBI roll in South Africa, just saying.

This is my very own TIN FOIL HAT theory and I stand by it, in my mind it makes way more sense than anything the authorities from China, Malaysia, Australia, America and all the rest have puked out thus far.
Michael B Da Silva

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