Monday, October 21, 2013


How to destroy not only the English language but irreparably damage Afrikaans too.

Apparently some people must think that the red lines under incorrectly spelled words are not there to show incorrect spelling but rather to accentuate or highlight the word for linguistic effect.

What follows is a Whattsapp conversation between Lauren( a disgruntled employee) and Mandy (the boss).
The back story is that Lauren up and left before the end of the day leaving her booked clients in the lurch along with the boss! Lauren has yet to be paid her salary for work done to date. It is very odd that a person would trash talk the boss before being paid!

She will get her salary but it is extremely silly to literally “bite the hand that has yet to feed you”
Her command of the English language is shockingly funny and her ability to abuse Afrikaans is truly mind boggling.

((this conversation is copy/pasted verbatim))

LAUREN: You r biopolow you come tell me i must look good for my clients in the mean time you look like a wite mous and i got a persenality that you can never every have sorry for you girl you got ususe that you must short out please then our life will be better

MANDY: Oh my word my dear. Grow up. Please hand in your resignation letter. That is how you do it in the adult world. You did not spite me. You embarressed only yourself.
You don't know who I am and where I have been in life. Nothing I said to you was personal. It is my business and I started it from scratch and have worked very hard to get where I am today. It did not just happen. We all have issues, and I deal with mine. I don't run away from them. I deal with it as best I can.
What you did today was uncalled for. I did not ask you for work. You will learn your own lessons in life that will shape you. I never insulted you, just tried to guide you. How do you feel about yourself now after insulting me? Better about yourself? What do you think I should feel now? Sad? I move on, I build a bridge and I get over it. Good luck to you, and remember, you create your own future, no one else can do it for you.

LAUREN: baie dankie vir jou brief oor d lewe jy moet net onthou jou eie. Kliente praat al van jou lelike houding met jou staff en 18meisies kan nie almal verkeerd wees nie. DINK n bietjie en Mandy is alleen reg. Nie en in die lewe is dit nie WAT jy se nie ma HOE jy dit se. Maar nogmaals baie dankie ek baie by Mandy geleer. Bless u Dankie van die mense praat al van Mandy wat so lelik is met jou starff

It is without a doubt that the horrid spelling we see today with the youth is a direct result of social media and cell phone texting. Eventually the ability to spell arbitrary words such as that, this, those and because become “dat” “dat” “dose” and “coz” and people forget completely how to spell the original simple word.
I personally do not use abbreviations when texting and opt to spell the word out in it's entirety. I did not spend 12 years in school to then show disregard for my language and intellect by spelling words incorrectly. Unfortunately our school system has gone to pot and is a far cry from what it once was. This Lauren is a walking living bad spelling graduate of a failing system.

On a side note I would like to just add this little anecdote.
A client was giving her email address to hapless Lauren and what transpired left me quite literally in stitches. The client spelled out her email name and this is what it looked like.

EG: was written by Lauren as amsmith@geemaildotkouza
I had to physically fight back the raucous laughter battling to erupt from within the depth of my belly.
Professionalism has been replaced by bad etiquette,
Intelligence by blatant stupidity,
Loyalty by self serving deceit.

Modern dyslexia can be attributed in part to lazy spelling habits as used in Whattsapp, Face book, Mxit and cellular phone short message text service.

I wish Lauren all the best in her quest ahead and truly wish that she invest in a dictionary.

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