Friday, October 11, 2013


or yet another PR disaster

I write this to you with a heavy lemon and herb heart.

This unhealthy communion your brand seems to have with the ruling regime is
indeed very disconcerting. The recent revelations in the media pertaining to the
squandering of public funds by the crowd in charge up in Mahikeng is
disgusting. To make things worse is that your brand has been dragged into the
débâcle and is soiling your name. Or is it?

you have an unhealthy co dependence with these corrupt “Fat Cats” and are
currently engaged in a hand in glove cupping testicle relationship which is
mutually beneficial to you and you are firmly in bed with the government?
If so it is a sad day for Nando's. Have you sold out to the man? Are you one of
the “bloody agents” like old uncle Juju so eloquently said in his wonderful
speaking oratory voice.

Your seeming collusion with the ruling fat cats leads me
to believe that you have lost your focus and from whence you came, your flag
ship store back in Rosettenville must seem like a long lost cousin now. All this
flirting with government big wigs seems to have gone to your head.

Your adverts where you blatantly lampoon corrupt politicians were funny but I
am starting to see the forest for the trees. It was all just an eye blind sleight of
hand technique you employed to bamboozle us into purchasing your overly
expensive food while you not only take our hard earned money but also our hard
earned taxes which the corrupt buffoons are using to pay for their quarter peri
peri chickens to the tune of R135000 in less than a month give or take a few

This extortion has to come to an end for the sake of our country before there is
no taxes left and the politicians too fat to swipe their government issue credit
cards! Please for the love of healthy arteries and zero cholesterol stop with this
adulterous relationship with the ruling party as it will lead to our downfall and
breakdown of law and order, that is if there is any left in our morally and
ethically bereft government.

By distancing yourself from the likes of the ANC and others of their ilk will most
certainly be beneficial to your brand and draw the masses back who have exiled
themselves from Nando's, me included. If you persist on having this inherently
corrupt association with criminals of their magnitude I will be forced to mobilise
the masses and picket outside your stores and attempt to toyi toyi while chanting
liberation songs such as Sarie Marais, Wielie Walie and Inkukuwami. I will even
rope old lady Helen Zille in and we are all agreed that could be tantamount to
cruel and unusual punishment!

Please do not force my hand and make me
resort to unleashing this outside your store!!

Your brand is being tarnished beyond repair by constantly being associated with
corruption by government employees so it is in your best interests to disassociate
your brand from these kakistocracy practitioners. Oh and yes kakistocracy is a
real word, it is a government ruled or led by the least qualified or most
unprincipled citizens.

Please address this serious problem before you are drawn into the quagmire
from which there is no escape!

Yours, currently economically disadvantaged and unable to afford Nando’s or
have access to a government issue skies the limit credit card.
Mike Da Silva

PS* herewith follows the sordid tale of your chummy relationship with the
gluttons in Mahikeng government as reported on News 24.

Anger over municipality's Nando's meals
2013-10-11 08:44

- The ANC and DA are in a dispute over the
excessive spending on Nando's meals in the Mahikeng
municipality, The Star reported on Friday.
The Democratic Alliance's North West leader Chris Hattingh
reportedly said that during a discussion at Mahikeng's municipal
public accounts committee (MPAC) it was revealed that the African
National Congress had spent R132 585 of council money on
Nando's food between 15 March and 18 April.
According to Beeld, it is unclear exactly what this was for, and who
ate the chicken meals.

Mahikeng's mayoral committee member on communication and
marketing, Pontsho Tabane, said the DA's figures were wrong and
that the municipality had only spent R45 000 on 2 300 volunteers
over 10 days.

According to the newspaper, the ANC claimed that the "black
people" of Mahikeng deserved to be fed Nando's after volunteering
to clean their town for free.

"We had to rope in 2 300 volunteers to assist in restoring the glory
of the city," Tabane reportedly told the paper.
Hattingh said he had flagged the matter with the Auditor General
who conceded that it was a serious concern, the paper reported.
"This is without doubt the most excessive and pointless instance of
fruitless and wasteful expenditure in the North West province's
history," Hattingh reportedly told the paper.

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