Friday, November 22, 2013


Nkandla. Zuma's own Ekasi

How is it possible to spend 200 million Rands on “security upgrades?”

This whole Nkandla débâcle has become a total farce and what makes it worse is that it is at the tax payers expense.
Jacob Zuma has once again put his foot in it but it seems that he does not worry too much and treats it all like shower water on his head.

He has been jumping up and down because he claims that pictures of his very own walled off Loxion which is classed as a National Key point is a direct security threat to him and his cohorts who dance and jive the days away when at “home”.

Please explain how pictures of the outside of a compound built on public land and not hidden by some super amazing Klingon cloaking device can be considered a threat? A cursory search on Google maps brings up satellite digital imagery taken from above the earth. So unless Zuma orders the Americans and anyone else with satellites orbiting the earth to change their trajectory so as to not capture in DETAIL the layout of Nkandla I suspect he is merely spitting into the wind.

A photo taken from a hillside is not as useful as a satellite image that shows way more than a land based picture.

It is not like there are leaked photos of the interior of the living areas showing what Zuma wants to hide from the public, the opulence which I am very sure adorns the interior such as things like the latest and most expensive Hans Grohe taps in the presidential crapper which has the “JZ” signature etched into them and his Titanium and gold embossed toilet seat.. Look it can be classed as a security upgrade, after all no one wants dear old JZ slipping off some cheap plastic DPI toilet seat and busting his head!

The mentality being showed here by Jacob Zuma and his henchmen,, oops Freudian slip I mean spokespeople is laughable at best, They are suffering from Laager mentality and by the looks of things they are setting up a kind of “tribal clan” like we read of in history back when Dingaan and Shaka were rulers of their tribes.

Jacob Zuma is building his own walled off Kraal where he will surround himself with “Impis” or otherwise known as body guards (AKA armed thugs) to keep out the other clans once he has been deposed, overthrown or voted out.
The building of a “bunker” speaks volumes to the concerns and mind set that old uncle J has. Now I know that Jacob's “ pal” over the ocean at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has an underground bunker but being the most powerful and hated leader of the “free” world I guess he really needs one in the bowels of the White house. His enemies are of the zealous sort and would love to off him at any moment.

It must be mentioned that even though Obama may have oodles of crazy enemies the White house still admits members of the public to take a “Nickel & Dime” tour of the premises. Naturally not all areas are open to viewing by the public but that is kind of understandable. I seriously doubt whether Jacob will EVER allow any outsiders in to peruse the halls of his home! He won't for one simple reason, he does not want the outside world to see just how he splurged on luxurious fittings for his homestead/harem.

Jacob however does not have “those” same enemies here as they are quite chummy with the extremists. Jacob's enemies are way closer to him than he would like, they include members and defectors from his very own ANC and it's wayward prodigal son ex youth league and now snappy red beret wearing Economic Freedom Fighters party leader who advocates the throwing of poo. This tactic somehow has something to do with economic freedom apparently?

Zuma is building himself a fort to hide in when everything goes to pot in the country and you can bet your bottom Dollar that he is currently in “talks” with ex cadres and comrades such as the ousted poo boy Julius to not try and attack or charge him with maladministration of public funds. However if JUJU does get into the presidents chair we are all truly screwed as chaos and anarchy will abound along with much poo throwing, the proverbial shit will hit the fan!

It is ludicrous that he is getting so bent out of shape about photos of the upmarket walled off location he has built himself. It is after all visible and on public land just like the Kremlin, White house etc. Only in Africa it seems that we find this sort of idiocy and lunacy. Jacob I fear has taken notes and cribbed from old Uncle Bob over there on the other side of Beit bridge, they seem to share the same genes in this regard.

Just to recap, it is far easier to plot out a complex using satellite and aerial photography than from a hillock alongside. So what is JZ gonna do, cancel all overhead passes by satellites and aircraft?
Nkandla is and will remain South Africa's biggest public relations fiasco considering that just down the road from Nkandla-villa is a squatter camp whose residents live in abhorrent conditions right there in the shadows of opulence and despite this they will still vote for a man who spends money on himself like water while they battle to survive from day to day.

Funny how boomed, gated complexes and neighbourhoods are deemed racist and exclusive but here is our countries very own president doing exactly what he calls colonialist entitlement. A case of the proverbial kettle calling the pot black(and no that is not some racial prod) just a factoid!

R200 million on upgrades..Mmmmm, sort of sounds like Another brick in the wall. We don't need no education! Well that is what the people are not getting and that is for sure. No education, no medical, no homes, no social grants and ultimately no hope!

Mr president “tear down the wall”

Loxion- slang term for location
Ekasi- slang term derived from Afrikaans for “lokasie” location.
Location- term used to denote an area where people of other groupings such as colour, creed and nationality live.

Eg * Soweto- South Western Town Ship predominantly black or Africans
*Lenasia & Eldorado Park (Eldo's)South of Johannesburg with predominantly coloured and Indian residents.
* Fordsburg and Mayfair Johannesburg, predominantly Muslim, Pakistani residents.
*Orania- Northern Cape, predominantly , wait check that, exclusively white nationalist weirdo's.

Michael B Da Silva.

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