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Deep Net

The internet is a valuable resource that no one can deny but it is a dangerous place too filled with predators and lunatics galore who prey on the less savvy.

The dark or deep net is not some fantasy dreamt up by Hollywood and is a very busy place where anything can be bought, traded or ordered.

From online guns to drugs to contract killing it's all there on the deep net and avenues such as Tor , Bit coin and Silk road are the main culprits. These applications and web servers provide near total anonymity to users who download the Tor browser that provides anonymity to the users who then click through to sites and buy guns using bit coins which is untraceable and is peer to peer doing away with banks and borders entirely.

Conducting background checks on buyers is thus eliminated all together and the sellers delete all purchaser info after 30 days (name of purchaser, delivery address etc.). There is basically no governmental control at all. This may seem like a good idea at first but with the amount of loonies out there shooting people in spree shootings this bodes ill for the public at large. Not everyone should have the “right” to own a weapon and that is where background checks are of paramount importance. Basically the onus for supplying weapons is left up to the seller who never meets the purchaser but could quite possibly one day be murdered with the very gun he sold anonymously.

I believe in privacy but total online anonymity is courting disaster. The world is chock a block with people who have less than savoury morals and motives and this type of freedom empowers the criminal element to prey on victims a whole lot easier.

The first port of call to paedophiles will be the deep net where they can meet like-minded sicko's and perpetuate the scourge of kiddie porn, human trafficking, murder, snuff, drug running and all manner of other truly disgusting twisted stuff. Those who make use of Tor will say it is to protect themselves and protect their “privacy” but that is simply a load of baloney. Why and what are they afraid of, why do they have to lurk in the ether shadows? I suspect that they are up to no good to start with and want to hide their own disturbing issues.

I used to work for a company 20 or so years ago called Executive Outcomes and we were a Private Military Company contracted to assist the Angolan government. The contract ended and a few years later EO shut doors for good however the name Executive Outcomes has once again surfaced on the deep net selling weapons online using Bit coins. It is a silly attempt to capitalise on the EO name but does place the founder of the original EO in the media spotlight in a negative way by these 'gunrunners” from Texas. The media see EO and immediately jump to conclusions printing utter tripe without even trying to investigate the truth.

The founder of Executive Outcomes (circa 1989-1997) has been “black listed” by the American government and classified as a person of interest and basically persona non grata in America so it is painfully clear that the Executive Outcomes wheeling and dealing guns out in Texas no way associated with Mr Eeben Barlow. Unfortunately the media are so busy cooking up tales of fantasy that they do not see these blatant signs along the way. 
Eeben Barlow (image taken from his blog)

The deep net and those who skulk in the shadows of anonymity are almost certainly doing so due to the fact that they are indeed up to no good and thus require the privacy to carry on doing whatever it is they do. Get their jollies off watching animal porn, Russian rape porn, paedophile sites, shipping drugs and guns to equally sick individuals as themselves.

If you have to hide on the net then you are simply up to zero good. I use my name when online and do not have any concerns that if my computer were ever seized that the browser history would betray and embarrass me. I stand by my comments posted on social media and always leave them in my name and not some dippy pseudonym.

Social media has become a target for predators who have stooped to an all time low by starting a Face book page that is aimed at single dads. It all sounds groovy and the wording used is sweet and tear jerking but the sinister truth is that it is just a group started to get normal people to join and post pictures of their kids which they are proud of but the images are used to entertain a bunch of sick sadistic paedophiles.

Steer clear of “anonymous” sites like Tor because you can be very sure that the American intelligence agency out there in Utah at the data centre make special efforts to monitor those who use Tor and believe that they are anonymously conducting their online habits.

No one and nothing is truly anonymous any more in today’s hi tech world. Even our love for things like smart phones and tablets makes it easy for not only the government to track our every move even when we are not on the device. Today's smart phones all have geo tracking and we can be pinpointed to a few feet at any time. Supermarket chains are starting to use smart phone locations to monitor their customers shopping habits and offer deals so as to draw feet into their stores. If supermarket chains can do this just imagine what the intelligence agencies can do?

Get rid of that Samsung S4 the Samsung Gear and go back to the old “brick” phone if you do not want to be traced! Get off dubious questionable sites and servers and simply be careful what you post. Using Tor just raises red flags end of story.

I am adding a blog post verbatim taken from Eeben Barlow's blog page

Almost two decades after closing its doors due to international pressure and concerns at its successful activities in support of legitimate under-siege African and other governments, Executive Outcomes (EO) continues to be used by conmen and criminals alike to serve their purposes – and deflect blame in my/our direction.

I have written about and exposed numerous of these conmen and criminals on countless occasions yet they seem to continually pop-up somewhere and by virtue of their actions, seem to imply that EO still exists and was/is involved in criminal activities – something the company never entertained. 

My attention was today brought to a company calling themselves “Executive Outcomes” who claim “to be the biggest gun retailer on the Dark Net. ‘Our shops and warehouses are located in Midwest U.S. and our international re-shippers are located in the following countries . . . ’ “

The Dark Net, also known as the Tor Project has some interesting funders and backers who purport to campaign for “liberty and free speech”. It is a pity these organisations don’t campaign for honesty and truth as well. See

Some information on this bogus company can be found on

Also see for more on this company.
I can only shake my head at these wannabes and conmen. 
I suspect that it is no coincidence that they claim to be “Executive Outcomes”.


Herewith a link to a piece written about the smart phone snooping at the super market level to turn another buck.

Michael B Da Silva

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