Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MH 370 the plot sickens,, oops thickens!

It's name is Patsy. and like miss Kline she too found her end in a plane.

Okay it's official the world is led by idiots who truly believe that everyone is totally blind to their lies and their cockamamie renditions of what they want us to believe is the truth. I write this not to diminish the pain the families are feeling or to poke fun at tragedy but to simply make truly outrageous claims and statements just like what the authorities are feeding the public and the families of all those on board flight MH370.

Every government on the planet is guilty of political inaccuracy, meanderings and straight forward bull shitting of their citizens. Why should the Malaysian prime minister be any different? He is rushing a finding into "law" so to speak to appease the media and the distraught families of those poor people that were on board the flight so the illustrious Prime Minister declares that MH370 has crashed in the ocean without 1 single solitary confirmed piece of wreckage having been found yet and he informs the families of this by, wait for it, wait for it, SMS text message!. The Chinese are hopping mad and NEED closure so the Malaysian Prime Minister extraordinaire declares the plane to have crashed in the Indian ocean Frikkin hundreds of nautical miles of where it was going , even after it originally changed course as confirmed by military radar and headed decidedly West!

Radar confirmed a sudden left turn ( West) and then the 777 adopted a new flight altitude of 12000 feet that is low enough to defeat civilian radar. They then fly many , many miles due west zig zagging between way points as a means of counter surveillance. The Malaysian PM and "others" then unanimously decide that the plane then hangs another sudden Left turn (due South) and then continues to fly way into the Australasian waters to crash! Okay, that is just stupid!

If the pilot was suicidal which this will be found to be the case then why fly an arse about face route to go and crash into the middle of exactly nowhere?

If the pilot did commit suicide by plane he would have simply crashed the plane as soon as he turned off the transponder and then went kamikaze into the South China sea, hell that is of course a suicidal pilot would bother turning the transponders off to start with. Now terrorists would have only turned the transponders off to take the plane to a pre planned destination for a pre planned reason and not to crash the plane anonymously so we can instantaneously discount the notion of terrorists purposely crashing this plane and not oddly claiming responsibility for it which goes everything in the "terrorist handbook".

My guess is that if the pilot did commit suicide he would have more than likely turned due East so as to pay homage to Allah. Why go walk about all over the show to crash the plane? Why? Because he was not suicidal, unless he suffered from ADHD and could not concentrate enough to pick a place to go submarine with a 200 ton plane. Balderdash , the pilot was not suicidal or a terrorist as the crash would have been his signature and he would have been spewing all manner of terrorist bull schtein over the radio as is the norm with terrorists.

This plane was diverted rendered invisible to ground tracking civilian radar landed somewhere refuelled and then flown "cloaked" to some arbitrary place on the other side of the world to misdirect the authorities. We will never really know what happened to flight MH370 but the "spin" that the authorities will give the public will be as realistic as the Chupa Cabra and Big Foot sightings.

Hell for all we know the pilot was the father of Kim Kardashian's illigitimate child named South West seeing that is the "route" we are supposed to believe the pilot followed. Suicidal people do not ponder or pander about their offing for 7 hours, they frikkin get all Nike and just do it.

Can someone please do the math on the fuel on board (7 hours) and the route taken including the left turn then the weaving and left turn again and then the long flight via the Maldives where a positive sighting was made by islanders to the supposed crash site? They could have made Socotra island which is under Yemeni governance and the West knows just how non radical the Yemeni's are! They never get all crazy and blow holes in ships, harbour Somali pirates and hold people hostage for unrealistic ransoms. Nah never, they are just misunderstood radical freaks with a penchant for among other things rape and lopping peoples heads off!

This plane is an enigma and I suspect that the "black box" will never be found among any debris as it would have been removed to negate all investigations in the crash. I have stated before that the plane will be found crashed but I truly suspect that forensic investigation into wreckage may show less than two weeks in the ocean along with any corpses recovered. A certain amount of water borne decomposition will have had to take place that would be very different from a body decomposing on land in a hot humid region. This is the bodies could have been killed before ending up in the ocean and a half decent autopsy would pick that up.

Adding to an already sad story is that the authorities are going to take the families out to the site of the reported crash, I really do hope that the families are not going to be sent there on an air Malaysia plane though. Air Malaysia is just not having a good aviation month with their Boeing 777 going missing and then one of their Airbus birds has to make an emergency landing in Hong Kong due to electrical failure. It is starting to look like they are not paying attention to their fleet.

Naturally I am merely partaking in tin foil hat thumb suckery of the grandest order but I am sure that this will be a lot more plausible than the crap the authorities are going to force feed the public. Rule number one with governments when it comes to events they cannot explain logically, they lie! All governments do this and it's called plausible denial which is a way of offering piss poor excuses to clear them from knowledge of wrong doing. Just look at Iran Contra, 9/11, NASA's Nazi scientists space program after WW2, The war on drugs, the war on terror, area 51, Colonel Sanders secret chicken recipe, the list goes on and on and on and on.
Quick people put on your tin foil hats and protect your car too!

One thing for sure is that if something looks like a turd, smells like a turd , feels like a turd and tastes like a turd you can be assured that it is a turd. We are being lied to.

This is yet another misdirection and that you can take to the bank, maybe even the world bank!
Michael B Da Silva.

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  1. Dear Sir , MH370 was a made to measure Helderburg special along the lines of Samora Machels. If you know what I mean .Nudge nudge , wink wink .