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Oscar Pistorius chucked his life away on the 14th of February 2013.

He had it all! An Olympian who took part in the Olympics at the top level even though he had a "disability" and was classified as special Olympian, he had a nation who praised him, a world that admired his tenacity a future so bright he would have to wear shades , oh and he had a knock out beauty as a girlfriend.

So what the hell went wrong with him? When did he first believe that he was special and not regulated by normality and rules that every other citizen has? His "blades" did not give him any entitlement to special treatment and his pugnacious attitude for sure did not give him any latitude under the law to carry on as if he was "immune" to the rule of law in our country.

The stories of his gun mishandling have been made very clear and hell let us all just face it who has not erred and shot out the sun roof of a car for shits and giggles? The big difference is that those who did were not on trial for shooting an unarmed woman who was in bed with them and went to the loo, then LOCKED the door and was in possession of two phones( I believe.) The only plausible reason Reeva went to the toilet with phones in tow was because she was scared! Perhaps Valentines day did not quite go off as planned and Oscar was upset about something in their relationship. I have heard that the relationship was not all honey and pixie dust.

I cannot ever recall that I ever went to the crapper with phones in tow. I for sure do not want to be on a call while my arse is ejecting faecal matter... Just saying! Reeva obviously went into the toilet and LOCKED the door because she was under duress. We are all adults here and as evidence has come to light from Oscar's iPhone and Reeva's phone that there were anger management "issues" with Oscar. Hell the cops even flew over to America to unlock Oscar's iPhone because he just happened to have "forgotten" his password! Yeah right!!!!!

Reeva was a knock out looker and had a fabulous career ahead of her, she was picture perfect pretty and was intelligent. She had made it clear that Oscar's temper had been a problem from time to time. Oscar "gunned up" as a desperate measure to make himself seem more masculine and manly due to his OBVIOUS issues at being classed as a paraplegic or some such lame moniker even though he was dating a stunner of note!

The prosecution and media have however demonized Oscar's choice in ammunition and made him seem like a killer in waiting due to the choice of hollow point ammunition but that is just plain balls! Hollow point ammo is often used to create a devastating wound in order to bring about immediate incapacitation without the worry of over penetration and striking a third party. Hell I had to shoot a dude in a very populated space and if it were not for my Winchester silver tip hollow point ammunition, the round would most certainly have passed through the target and struck an innocent bystander. The dude I slotted by the way was a very , very bad guy who was holding a hostage and was about to shoot her. I needed to incapacitate the target immediately and the hollow point was then the only logical and acceptable choice. There were members of the public on the other side of him and a full metal jacket round would more than likely have passed through with minimal deformation and struck an innocent bystander.

Hollow point ammunition has one task. To create a huge temporary cavity and extended sized permanent cavity causing massive tissue damage leading to instantaneous "detente" so to speak of the target. When a suspect or target is drunk, high on drugs, agitated or in a fit of rage it is known that full metal jacket rounds can pass through the target or do not have the desired shock value to put the criminal down which means that even once shot they keep coming so making use of hollow point ammo to incapacitate an attacker makes sense. Unfortunately for Reeva she was hit by several already semi deformed high velocity rounds that inflicted non survivable wounds.

It is noteworthy to mention that the rounds fired by Oscar would have already started to "mushroom" or deform passing through the hollow core inner bathroom door. Reeva was struck in the hip and that would have grounded her as the round would have shattered the hip .The shot that hit her hand which is a defensive move motioning toward the door and shielding her face in a desperate attempt to perhaps call out and stop Oscar from shooting further rounds. The round would by now have deformed even more and lost some of it's kinetic energy but would have still made a huge entry wound into her head after penetrating her hand.

A standard 9mm Parabellum (Luger in America) full metal jacket round flies at around 1300 FPS *(feet per second) and a "Black Talon" would be up there at around 1600 FPS give or take.

I used a 45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) Winchester silver tip on the target I slotted and that round traveled at around 980 FPS as opposed to 850 FPS for standard full metal jacket rounds in 45 ACP caliber which roughly works out to an 11 mm bullet. My shot was also a head shot fired at contact range, we were up close and the bank was chock a block with month end Friday customers. The last thing I wanted was for my bullet to over travel and wound or kill a bystander. That day in Standard bank in Jules street back in 2001 was challenging but the bad guy bought the farm and the hostage albeit rattled and traumatized by being held hostage by an armed bank robber was unhurt. The bad guys 38 special and cash bag was recovered. The bad guy expired on the spot at the inner door of Standard bank.

Reeva was not in control of this particular tragedy and was a victim of a CRIME! Oscar was out of his mind and acted with disregard, he was emotional and acted way out of control. The telephone records to security tell it all. He was trying to do damage control and gather his scattered thoughts.

The prosecutor in this case Gerrie Nel is blatantly trying to sensationalize the case and his tactics may just get him into big trouble. He has to realize that this is not Law & Order on television! Cool down and stop with the over the top antics Gerrie, you are hurting your case and making Oscar's case stronger. You are ambushing yourself you twit! You are becoming the bad guy and Oscar is gaining credibility through your television antics. A large portion of those watching and commenting on social media are branding you the bad guy and not the tool that committed the crime in the first place.

Just a quick note here Gerrie there are no day time Emmy's or Oscar nominations in your future with this little acting stunt of yours! You are shooting yourself in the proverbial foot with Black Talons no less.

Oscar did it, he shot an unarmed woman multiple times through a locked door then went "BOS" and bashed it down with an autographed cricket bat while scooting around on his stumps (most likely seeing that he was in bed). There is no doubt in my mind that Oscar was having a "jealousy moment" and that had triggered his outrage.
Oscar prances around and acts like a mean "MOFO" shooting guns and being tough but down deep he is simply an insecure child with no legs so he amps up his bravado with his guns.

Oscar has ruined his life and the life of Reeva and her family, There are few outcomes that will be in his favour. Oscar murdered an unarmed woman in his home in his toilet in his "security" complex" with his own gun and he then plays the part of the wounded deer in court. Dude you are not fooling anyone!
Oscar. Go to jail , directly to jail, do not pass begin and do not collect $200.
Oscar, "The Blade Runner" you retired the wrong replicant dude!

Mike Da Silva

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